Saturday, April 19, 2008

after shock surprise

I wasn't that composed for few days just because of the shock, the stress and all that might contribute to my ego and self-confidence.. *whatever that means* i was hoping to get a really good weekend, and just get a real sweet time composing myself.. yet, my composing days so to say came earlier than i thought..

I've been postponing my dinner with Noel, Syaf and Zuljoe for awhile now.. though i have a final on Thursday, I couldn't turn them down again.. So we went to Kobe Restaurant.. a hibachi-style cooking restaurant.. basically its the hot plate kinda cooking..

The food was... okeihh~~ but heck its one expensive food!! but to think about it again, the price includes shrimp appetizer, green tea, salad, soup, rice/fried rice, entree, sorbet/ice cream... it was something..

we *syaf, zuljoe and i* were late but noel reserved and already waiting for us there at 8pm.. though there's no line or anything like that during the weekdays :) i was surprised by a graduation gift from Noel.. I didn't expect he's going to get me anything.. Just because.. he doesn't have to.. And he even treated me for the dinner we had.. I felt so happy and touched i guess.. And I was happy with the gift and card too.. It really helped me..

It was a frame with our pictures during spring break.. we had fun.. yeap.. we did..

Though I'm not sure if Noel reads this, but i just have to say this..

Thank you Noel!!!! \(o'-'o)/

Next rejuvenating thing happened to me.. Its Rites of Spring weekend!! oh yeah!! basically, there's bunch of good, great and awesome singers performing.. and this year.. *I shall only list the awesome singers ;p* Cupid, Colbie Caillat, Feist and Lil Jon.. BUT!! I'm not writing about it yet.. later..

For now.. the best surprise ever...

A news from him!! *weeeeeee!!!*


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