Wednesday, October 31, 2007

YYYyeeaahhh.... *Stretchinggg*

Yeap.. I had enough.. but that's it.. I'm not going to elaborate... because I know, though I had enough, I could not do anything about it.. I will still think/act/respond to it.. That is just me.. I drag myself to not had enough about it.. *killing myself*

have you ever thought of how humans are the most complicated thing in this whole wide world? Regardless how many years you have been on the planet, you could never say what a person is thinking nor the reason why they act certain way.. Scientist predict and made predictions about them.. Yes, they do that to humans too but those prediction has never stopped suicide cases.. those predictions could never make other people understand each other well either..

The thing is, humans can't predict their own species.. There are too much going on in a man's mind that it became too complicated to predict anything..


I wrote that 2 weeks ago.. Thought of talking about how people can be very different from others, and every time we try to understand someone, we assume he/she would act certain way, but end up the other way around.. or maybe just totally different from what you think...

anyway.. that's not my point writing today.. I just thought updating this blog now would be necessary.. Another month has ended.. 2 more months to another complete year.. Jurai and Nabilah had an idea of taking a picture of anything everyday till graduation day.. I feel like doing so too.. Thought of updating it on my blog.. I would probably do that.. and had already started on my flickr.. haven't done a lot yet.. like i said.. day by day.. :)

Ottei.. i'm bored writing.. Aero essay had taken all my words and I have none to offer know..


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