Saturday, September 01, 2007

Random stuff; Senior Year

Its only 3 days of my fall semester, my final year as an undergraduate.. so far.. nothing much to tell.. But it was ok.. design classes, aero class, math class *advance calculus, and hoping to be a math nerd ;p* and.. heat transfer..

why did i just bore u with my classes?

but last week was a tiring week for me.. I did a lot of volunteer works and i sold my red car.. yeap.. my favorite car ever *not that i have a car before* sold it.. sold it.. going to miss it.. but at least i got money!! yayy!!! jpa still hasn't given any money.. yet.. said in 1-2 weeks.. butttttt... i don't want to put my hopes.. its just.. depressing.. But yeah.. it was VERY tiring for me..

Zul and 6 others adopted a cat from the shelter.. its a cute one.. and i have always wondered how cats or dogs can be a man best friend.. and with that cat, i now remember again about my years with hamsters.. i miss my hamsters again....

i played with them.. i talked to them.. i cried in front of them.. i laughed and giggled just by looking at them playing around.. the day they "retired" for good.. that's one of the worst days in my life.. i mean.. sitting there.. waiting for them to depart... you have no idea when they are going.. and you can see in the eyes, as if saying to you.. something.. everything you've done before together.. *gosh.. getting my eyes all watery*

wait till im back in malaysia.. Im definitely getting a hamster!! *or a cat? nehhhhh*


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