Monday, April 21, 2008

Definitely one of my best...

Rites of Spring was generally sweet...~ Though I didn't get to watch Feist that close, it was still the greatest considering I am a fan of hers.. Colbie Caillat is HOT!!! she's definitely my definition of hot.. and the drummer too :p

shall we start from Friday?

Friday was raining.. not that heavy but it did make some people skipped their Friday Rites.. I don't have an umbrella but i did tumpang under Jurai's or Myn's.. but since it's kinda, uncomfortable.. I decided to play in the rain.. It's been awhile and I did have fun =D

Well, Cupid... He's so fun!! He's for me a very goof performer, just because he interacts with us.. He has some sense of humor, and the songs were awesome.. Obviously he sang Cupid shuffle and all of us can't stop ourselves from dancing to his singing.. Thanks to tinikling, I know the steps to Cupid Shuffle :)

Next was Colbie Caillat.. Like I said, she's so hot!! though some say she's.. a bit chubby.plump, i still think she's so hot!! And yeah, the drummer's hot too!! :p She did a good job singing live and she gave a great performance.. some say, she gave a very warm vibe that made people love her.. charm i could say.. probably.. she was kinda humble by sight.. oh oh!! obviously it was raining while she's performing.. the rain and the wind made her look more gorgeous and pretty!! loved it!! *can i be that hot??? pleaseeeeee!!!!* (o^.^o)

We didn't stay for Spoon, though people said it was the best of the night.. just because, i'm tired and cold at the same time.. I'm definitely.totally soaked by then..

The next day, it was kinda cold during the day but thank god it wasn't raining.. i don't feel like getting soak again.. we went there at 2215 because Feist starts at 2245.. but we had to line up for 45 minutes!!! how crazy is that?? it would have been faster if those drunk.wanna-get-drunk people lined up in the BYOB line.. it was only 10 minutes, after they're out of the line.. *sheessh!!* by then, Feist sang a whole lot of her good songs.. of course i still got to listen from the line but obviously I want to take her picture up front..Thanks to Cammoe, he snapped some nice pictures of her... But again, she sang so good!!! Even the sea lion song sounds great live.. FYI: I hate that sea lion song just because i think it's annoying..

That night, the main attraction was Lil Jon.. am not a fan of him.. but since we're only there for 20-30 minutes of Feist.. we probably want to stay there a bit and just watch Lil Jon... When he came out, people started to get wild and crunk-ed up.. I didn't know it was a public event too, so you can see high schoolers and some random adults :p.. They were so rude!! they smoked in the crowd, they even smoked weed in the crowd!! I was so surprised felt sick immediately..

Lil Jon's songs were a bit.. heavy for me.. It is style anyways.. but very club-ish songs.. so people started to jump, hands in the air.. getting drunk... it was crazy.. wasn't the best for me though.. But again, he was.. nice.sweet.good person in a way.. just because, he had fun entertaining us and performed more than he should.. Even he was cut by his manager.teammates *whateva they call themselves* he was kinda sad, from his face and body language but he needs to listen to his people i guess..

All in all, it was a great experience.. though there were some incidents that i would not want to apart of, it was still nice..

Then, yesterday *sunday*, my Mctyiere friends invited me for dinner.. it should have been a potluck but it was kinda last minute, so I didn't get to prepare anything... There were Indian food, and also tomyam and fried crab, courtesy of Aasritha and Zuljoe.. of course, Emily and Drey baked cookies and Ritsuko made salad..I don't remember what Christie did but its fine.. :) yeah, i basically came, sat and dig in :p The food were delicious!! It's been awhile since i last hanged out with them and it just added to my wonderful weekend.. I had backache for the whole day, and Emily did a good job massaging.. It was sooo good that I could sleep right there and then.. then, after dinner, Zuljoe and Aasritha have their own surprise event.. They brought in a cake, and switched off the lights, leaving on the "romantic" lights on.. They planned on a super early birthday surprise for me.. How sweet is that???? It was definitely a shock.. I mean, I don't usually get surprises that often and this was definitely one I will remember forever!! They also fed me the cake, indian style.. At least, that's what Aasritha said.. So, i had to take 6 bites of cake, and I was sooo full by then!!

I just love 'em so much.. Definitely will miss them big time!!!


Blogger Zul Joe said...

hehehehe...perasan x kek tu masin..:) gomen2...nmpk sedap...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008 2:08:00 PM  
Blogger *~AnieSoniC~* said...

masin eyk??? takde laaa!!
best jerrr!! :p

Tuesday, April 22, 2008 6:34:00 PM  
Anonymous Sya said...

eyh awak...bday awak yeh?
hmm..sorry.i was js breezing through your post.
if it is: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
if its not,whoopseys... =p
and eeeeiii...jealous!!!u saw feist.NOT fair! =(
*ye saya sgt penyibuk check blog awak* ;)

Friday, April 25, 2008 2:06:00 PM  
Blogger *~AnieSoniC~* said...

hehehe.. no, not my birthday.. YET.. :p

you're welcome to check my blog bile2 ajerr.. not that im gonna stop you ke ape..

tp saye pemalu laa *bleghhh!*

Friday, April 25, 2008 2:55:00 PM  

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