Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Have you ever experienced where the last person in this world that you can fall back on is not there when you need them to fetch you? You went crazy and you think its the end of the world.. Especially if that person is not there because somehow you made them not being there? Isn't that just heart breaking and frustrating that you feel like that's the stupidest and unforgivable thing that you've ever done?

But what if the LAST RESORT that you can depend on, even if the last person in this world is not there for you, is also not there for you? and for the same reason, YOU MADE that last resort not help you anymore.. isn't that more frustrating and humiliating?

If you haven't figure it out, what if you made God mad and He despises you? Now.. even the last person in this world can't help you... where do you fall back on?

Think about it as I am too...


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