Saturday, December 20, 2008

Bye Bye 2008, Hellllooooo 2009!!

10 days till end of another year of full experiences, challenges and emotions.. So many people, experiences and encounters taught me things about life.. Somewhat reality check.. I've grown wiser and mature by time.. How can I not? If I'm what I was before, darn, I'm so dull :p

Here's a recap of my doings..

JANUARY : Welcomed 2008 in London with Aisamuddin.. We didn't go out or anything but more of having
that moment to ourselves
: Step foot in Spain and had a blast!
: Final semester!!
: New born family member, Fatimah Alzaharah

FEBRUARY : Last ANYF- marvellous!
: Started on my senior design project

MARCH : Spring break with Zuljoe, Noel and Shaf - One of the best!!
: InVUsion with my fellow tiniklers!!
: Busy, busy, busy!!

APRIL : Presentations, tests, presentations!!
: Got lucky and had a treat at Pancake Pantry with my dear Dollah!
: Rites of Spring - FUN, FUN FUN!!
: D-Day!! and last day of school!!! *wuuhooo!!*

MAY : Commencement!!!
: My one hella birthday surprise - Thanx Zuljoe!!! luv you bro!
: Shippingggggggg - shopping, packing, shopping, packing.. ooopss!! terlebih shopping :p
: Midwest games!!

JUNE : Hellloooo Malaysia!!!
: Potato couching at home *grinss*

JULY : He's back from Thailand, on his birthday :)
: My first work!!!!

AUGUST : Work.. work.. work
: Camping in Tapah - Greatttt time!!
: Accidentte :p

SEPTEMBER : First Ramadhan in Malaysia after 4 years
: He's back to Thailand for God knows how long
: Iftar.. iftar and iftar

OCTOBER : Raya in Terengganu!!! FUN!! GREAT!!
: Busy with work.. personal work..
: Emotionally unstable *urghhh urghh.. don't want to think about it*
: But covered with open housessss!! Nyummm2!!

NOVEMBER : Head spins almost everyday :p
: Work work work!! but because i love this work so much, it helped me to be happy everyday
weird? not really... :p

DECEMBER : Combat Annual Dinner - my work place.. It was fun but a different fun :p
: Different kind of Raya Haji :D
: surprises.. sursprises and SURPRISES!!
: D-rose Engagement!!! *update is on Glace's blogspot*
: I am no longer under probation.. Received my confirmation letter!! *woohoo!!*

Of course, there are things off blog's limitation *at least mine* so yeah.. 2008 really had a great impact on me.. I'm Looking forward for the new year and what it has for me.. God knows what's there for me but I'll get myself ready for them, InsyaAllah..

Like every year, i don't have any resolution but i do pray that it would be a better year.. Ameen...


Blogger Wahida Fauzi said...

oh man..dlm byk2 gambar,1 pon takda gambar weda ish ish :P
ok gurau je..
n u r back!hehe
reality check huh? hihi

Sunday, December 21, 2008 2:11:00 AM  
Blogger *~AnieSoniC~* said...

byk sgt gambar nk letak.. gmbr iftar tak letak pun.. hehehehe..

ya ampunnnnnn!

Sunday, December 21, 2008 6:00:00 AM  

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