Sunday, October 01, 2006

a lot

something i really want to do before i start with my work..

so.. last 2 weeks, we took raya pic! like always, to send it to utusanonline.. was not that excited like before i gez.. partly i got no camera to take pic with!! sedeyh~~ but no worries... Jurai still have hers and i tumpang2 from her laa.. *hehehe* this year, we didnt take a long time to take the pics.. seems people got so bored waiting too long and taking picture at the same spot.. like come on.. dont u have any other places?? but who am i to say anything..

personally.. i dont think the pics look that good as before.. well.. before, we have pros.. and now.. aa.. not that saying they are not pros but amateur.. but as a whole, they were nice.. they even did Hari raya card from this pics but... heh.. not interested buying one.. im not the type that write Hari Raya card every year pun..

what else.. after that.. we ate at India Cuisine.. *FYI, it was not Ramadhan yet k!* last year, we went vietnam.. but this year.. Pergi India Cuisine jer laa... its a walking distance pun..

i am trying hard to put all batch pics.. but yg lepas due nih jer.. sorry laa yer freshmen and sophomores.. when i can.. i'll squeeze them in... *ehehehe* aite laa.. dunnoe wut to write anymore.. more pics in my flickr..


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