Monday, March 05, 2007

what's my plan for spring break??

Tomorrow I'm going camping!!!! yeah yeah!!! 5 of us are going; Jurai, Daia, Hisyam, Lan and me!!! yayy!!! can't wait for that!! will definitely tell you more bout that..

More about the camping.. We're going to Cumberland Mountain State Park.. It's nice from the pics i saw.. but who knows how it looks like now.. They have few hiking trails, place to fish, animal viewing, picnic and other stuff.. Our plans are like barbecue, fishing, definitely hiking and animal viewing.. Since its spring *almost there*, the weather should be just nice for hiking and sight viewing.. i just love nature ('___')

The last days jugak.. i did a room makeover.. It made my room look smaller in a way but more room to move around.. I have a problem with my room cuz i have this one small area which i can't barely put anything but my drawers.. but putting the drawers in the middle of the room will make my room look smaller.. but.. i just need to change the room.. too dull for me now.. so i discard the thought of the room look small... It is pun.. but after the makeover was done.. It was just nice and i like it! That brings me to a point which i just had a discussion with Jurai..

Its about how some things we just don't want to change or fear in life.. i doubt anyone in this world who doesn't have any kind of fear towards anything.. *of course God is an exception since we should be* Things as small as don't want my room to look small is an example.. i don't want to because i don't really like small room.. in other words.. i don't want to accept the fact.. but when i went ahead and did that.. it was not that bad.. It was even better i guess..

My point in a bigger point of view.. There are just some things in this life we are afraid of.. but we just have to go ahead and hit the paddle and decide later.. if its totally bad, not that bad, neutral, not that good or great.. We'll never know if we don't try it... Yes we might have cons as an outcome.. but it would be something you would not regret later on.. Jurai and I have done a few.. some.. yes it didn't go that well.. but we never regretted doing so.. again.. it's only what Jurai and i think..

orite.. need to get ready for tomorrow.. need to get some stuff done.. so yeah.. till then.. wait for my camping update (o",o)v


Blogger PeNdEkA said...

hoho..aku rase as we grow older lg byk rase takut untuk berubah or mengubah sesuatu..and rase takut to try that thing as we already know what the possible outcomes are. Terase cam xberani mati cam dulu, xkesah ape2 pon outcomes die. It is true, if x try kite tatau which outcome we might end up with tapi itula, aku rase perasaan takut tu dtg dr pengalaman kot. We might have experienced the same thing and dont want to make the same mistakes again..Anyway, aku dpt rase I'm not as fearless as I was before..huhu..well, life changes..

Tuesday, March 06, 2007 8:48:00 AM  

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