Tuesday, February 06, 2007

rindu Malaysia?

Hurmm~ i never miss Malaysia.. except of course the people in Malaysia.. and of course the foods.. *droolingg* but when i was looking at some of Putrajaya and some other malaysia pics.. can't believe i actually said.. i miss malaysia.. ahha ahha.. *nodding nodding* saya rindu malaysia..

I think it's totally different feeling when you are in Malaysia and appreciate it rather than being outside of Malaysia and appreciate it.. The beaches.. tho yeah.. have to say its kind of dirty but it is still different in a way.. Maybe I am feeling too sensitive or maybe i have my own imagination to it but at least that's what i think..

But to think about the people itself.. *goshh!* remember reading lized's entry on those people.. Made me feel.. normal again.. *hehe* I mean.. just because of the people, all of those feelings about Malaysia vanishes.. Like this pic.. It shows a lot about Malaysia's identity as an Islamic country.. but.. *sigh* no need to explain more i guess..

I have some friends who asked about Malaysia.. I know how they see Malaysia; rich with culture.. great places.. *no i am not kidding or depicted any ad about msia kat mane2* and also I know some who studies Asian cultural and stuff, look Malaysia and Singapore as countries that are currently building up and all those good stuff.. Proud? kinda.. Partly because I dont know how much people look at Malaysia before but again.. to have the first hand experience with the people.. *haisshhh~* spoils everything.. not saying everybody but some.. Bak kata pepatah "Kerana nila setitik, habis susu sebelanga" *yess!! Jurai!! i got that right!!!"


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