Sunday, July 15, 2007

The wind and the smell of grass~

The wind was great.. As if you are the baby in the cradle and your mama singing you to sleep.. you know, as long as you can hear your mama singing, you are in a good care.. You feel so comfortable.. That's exactly what i felt.. Comfortable and feel so safe in his arm..

Nothing can be better.. the wind... the just-nice-weather.. being in the arm of your love one.. and all you can think of is nothing.. I stop myself from thinking them though.. I don't want anything to spoil this moment..

Playing water gun before adds up to it.. What can you ask more than being a kid again? You play all day long without any hesitation..

I want this to stay all day long.. i want this feeling to stay like this forever.. I want this again~

*A feeling to share, by someone, from my own words*


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