Saturday, June 30, 2007

In bed and thinking

Woke up when the first sunlight lit me on the face. NO!!! its still early to wake up!! but no i can't sleep again. The only thing i can do is seduce myself to think about my life and bore myself to sleep. Sounds pathetic? kinda..

How do people wake up and think about how screwed their life are? easy!! just a handful of stupidity.. no.. make that 2 or more handfuls of stupidity, as much as possible painful memories of the past, and A LOT of ignorance of how important GOD and IMAN in your life. That would just do it.. mix them together and make them bug you all the time, 24/7.. yeap.. that was what made me woke up . SO much of getting myself bored *or is it my life is so interesting that i can't bore myself anymore?*

Sounds like i have a problem or problems... nop... Well.. not to the extend i would hate myself but i do have problems with these kind of people... Everybody do stupid things,and that should not cost them everything in life.. Well at least, not everything, but it usually does. I guess that is the truth. But nothing should let yourself be in such hideous situation.. hideous makes you feel like... slug *just random s and 4 letter word i can think of* that made u stink and ugly.. Cheer up and you're more likely to be what u seems like and you prolly think like that too..

Ok.. so enough of that emo situation.. Was in bed the whole day.. Well, theoretically, i was.. only out of bed to make myself a cup of coffee, shower and solat.. No plans.. more of malas to make any plan.. :) had a shocking news.. My till death do us part friend had tragedy in the family.. It hit me like it was mine.. Death is definitely the worst thing to know about and to learn about.. Hope the soul is blessed.. Al-Fatihah..

When you are in bed..

rephrase.. when I am in bed.. I tend to think about a lot of things.. How people can be so ignorant was one of the questions popped in my head.. they just don't realize they are being one? tell me about being naive... They just don't want to mess things up? tell me about being selfish.. What's up with just like being ignorant?? I don't know.. Its one of those things like being brave, being nice, being sarcastic.. You were born with that?? nopp... definitely nott..

I really wanna go ahead and continue this.. but talking to myself and not have a normal two ways conversation makes me feel so... bored :)

Done for today.. going back to watch marathon of HOUSE


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