Sunday, November 18, 2007

have you ever

Current song in mind: Over it by Katharine McPhee

Have you ever thought of something you thought you're over it but you don't? Then comes the guilt, the fear, the whatever feeling you felt before..

Which is better... let the feeling haunt you and make your life miserable or think its something at least, you don't regret doing? Though the way i wrote this clearly define the difference... some probably think it differently..

Some probably think, since this thing is making my life miserable, i probably SHOULD let it go and just move on... Doesn't matter if its regrettable or not...

Some probably think... I don't regret doing it because i learnt something out of it.. or because i really mean it.. or for what ever reason you have..

But it is hard to get over something.. as for me right now.. I can't get over my snapped black-beads-necklace.. I miss that necklace... just because i love it sooooo damn much... *just bcz watched Jdrama, and the girl love her necklace so much too*



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