Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Graduation and all the shabangs

I know this story macam dah basi but i still want to write everything about it.. well.. almost..

SO.. 2 days before the big day.. Like every year.. the sophomores were busy organizing the farewell party for the seniors.. This year.. it was way different from what we had before.. the theme was Red Carpet and everyone dressed as if they are the star of the night.. Obviously, the seniors wore nothing but fabulous and remarkable clothes.. Though there were Best Dress Award for us.. its not that we're aiming for it but excitement of dressing up as the stars of the night..

We were driven, welcomed and ushered like stars i tell ya! Then there was the red carpet entrance.. with all the paparazzis', we can't stop smiling and even posing.. feeding their cameras with super stars poses :p It was the best night ever.. We thought it was going to be grand but not extravagant.. especially when we think we don't deserve it as much...

The night went on with buffet dinner, karaoke, and some other fun stuff.. The sophomores also gave us 3 cute cupcakes with our.. err.. i could say initials on it.. That was when I was touched the most.. then it was slideshow presentation.. It was so sweet and hilarious to see our old pictures.. takde laa that old but.. 4 years ago.. that's long enough.. :p

It was the greatest party ever! We had a blast!

On May 9th.. Me and other 21 comrades are officially done with our college years.. I finally graduated with Bachelor of Engineering *mechanical* and Mathematics.. Alhamdulillah! It was a mix of feelings alright.. Happy.. sad.. excited.. scared.. everything! Once my name was being called.. I felt a rush of excitement and to walk with the booklet, and cert inside with your name.. wow.. Bangat happy laa wa cakap lu!! :p

The thing was on Alumni Lawn.. yes, an open lawn.. Alhamdulillah the weather was great though it was quite hot as the sun shifted.. but the cold wind balanced it out.. To be sitting with other graduating seniors wearing in black robes was a bit nerve recking.. i don't have any reason to that though.. as i walk to the stage and on it to Chancellor Zeppos.. that was the most exciting moment.. I can hear the Malaysians shouting.. and my other friends shouting my name out loud.. It was the best feeling ever... Yet no one actually caught my picture on the stage.. :(

That day went on with tonnes of picture takings.. Definitely with some of my bestest people in Vandy.. I'll start with Zuljoe.. he's too nice to me that i have no words to say how i appreciate it alot! and he gave my favorite; tulips!! Qayyum.. I can't hold myself from not posting this picture.. just because.. you look so much like your dad laa weyh! *hahha* ok.. prolly a much more handsome version of him.. *winks* Then it was the whole clan of my favorite kiddos.. and they also gave tulips!!! They were so pretty!!!

And then it was us.. lately, we're so close and taking a picture together is a must..

I then treat myself with Strawberries at strawberry and champagne event.. I heard some say, the strawberries were specially ordered and taken care of for this event every year.. No wonder they were humongous and extremely delicious! Then, I was off to FGH to take a picture with Doctor Veillette.. he's our Dean so to say.. no.. associate dean.. *hehe*

The day is not over yet..

That night, we had our last farewell dinner, but this time, its with the parents.. Its more of a formal dinner and the sophomores.. again, presented us with another slideshow.. it was so nice and well done..

kudos guys!!

All in all, it was one of the best time ever in my life and I am definitely not planning to forget it..

*I have too many pictures to post.. enough for now.. i've posted some on flickr (o^,'o)*


Blogger Abdul Q said...

eh tidak! any post from this night will never be basi! lol, true though, great event. Go to ashwaq's page, die nyer take on the occasion sgt menyayat hati.

anyways, i do look like my father. Man, tak suka nya. Nanti gemuk lah dah besar nanti. Tak bole ni, kene jadi bapak yg hensem bergaya.

Sunday, May 18, 2008 12:20:00 PM  
Blogger *~AnieSoniC~* said...

lol on the last statement Q! :p

takpe2.. be one and i'll tell your kids you look better and better :D:D

Sunday, May 18, 2008 3:40:00 PM  

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