Saturday, October 24, 2009

lumrah hidup... random title obviously.. =p

dah lame tak tulis blog gune bahasa.. sometimes bosan jugak tulis blog dlm bahase omputih nih.. sbb i tend to jage my grammar.. tak mau laa tulis2, grammar kantoi.. bughok bona...=)

was really bosan so cam bukak itu ini on the web.. pusing2 blog.. main2 ngan facebook.. and baru realize how fb cam best jugak laa main game die.. tp mase nih jer laaa.. come one time, i will be damn malas to bukak facebook langsung2... but as of now, i'm on it almost everynite before tido and before pegi keje.. mind you but i don't get internet access on my desktop at work.. intranet jer to get mails.. lain2, haprak.. so nak taknak, layan keje laaa all the way..

last nite the girls pegi sambut jurai's birthday *happy birthday girl!!!!!!!* i didn't join.. not feeling that well.. actually dah brape hari dah tak betul.. weng2... betul.. mungkin too stressed out or penat.. low blood pressure ke.. ape2 laa.. but this weekend, i'm all hyped to do some fun stuff.. I hope..

On thursday, i was listening to and diorang interview these people who are comedians and they;ll performing a show today and tomorrow.. they call themselves MACC; Malaysian Association of Chinese Comedian.. They seem ok and as they were promoting it, i was influenced, called the PJ Live Arts... Long story short, I'm going to the show today *yeayyy!!* i loveeee the part i do that on impromptu style.. gimme the.. excitement =D

And tomorrow, I have date!! yeayyy!!! no... not that kinda date.. A date with a friend to go out for photography session.. yeahhh!!! we'll see how it comes out.. He should be good laa... I know he is.. (o',^o) and i'm kinda excited about it too cuz i've been longing a photo session.. if not of myself, me taking good pictures jugak.. Tho i'm lack of gears.. Like, i only have a point & shoot but a good one.. banyak berjase okeii!!!

fuhhh.. dari tak tahu nak tulis ape, i got to write a lot and ideas are pouring in my head...

nextt... i've been wanting to write something buat me think of life.. how it's darn hard for some and easy for some.. I've been updated by a friend of her life.. Seriously.. Sangat kesian.. like.. susah gile if i were to live her life.. Tapi, being me, walaupun die tak mintak, i'm giving her a hand on which ever i can.. though i don't think i helped much but still.. hope it will at least give her the impression of there are people who cares and can help...

You are not alone...

then, read a note in facebook by a bro.. that totally gave me an impact jugak laa.. i malas lerr nak terang ape die tulis.. tp basically sangat menginsafkan..

kesimpulan yang saya boleh buat: bersyukur dengan apa yang ada, terima dugaan seadanya kerana hanya kau yang mampu melaluinya, and kalau rasa tak mampu, kembali padaNya..


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