Tuesday, March 31, 2009

people come and people go.. and people go somemore

Rocket by Yuna is on my player and hurmm~~ have to say, she's good...

life oh life...

random thoughts of the day..

1- I am in DEEP GRUDGE with someone.. yeap.. and i don't do this that often.. *or should i say i dont =)* God forbids but i don't know how to forgive this person...

2- I hate people who asked me to do something or join her.him do something but end up doing something else.. like.. heck..! i'm anticipating something else and let me do something else instead???
let me give you an example..

A asked B out for movie.. then once they are out, A said "hey, lets go sunway lagoon!!" and when B asked why A just said, "oh, i've watched movie last night.."

Like what the heck kan????

3- I LOVE my work SO MUCH.. *darn it.. i'm officially a workaholic..*

4- If life is like a wheel.. Life cycles can stop at one point and skid.. in other words.. it's moving forward, but it's fix at one point all the way..

5- I don't understand how people, even myself, can see problems so complicated when it's so straight forward and simple.. KEYWORD: be calm...

6- I'm not in a calm mode...

7- Hanging onto something that's vague is worse than not hanging onto anything..

8- Live life as if there's no tomorrow.. true~~

9- Smile is the key to all happiness... *regardless what's inside =p*

10- I love him... damn much..

Sekian terima kasehhhhh~~


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