Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tell me if...

Tell me if I'm wrong..

If i did some stupid move in a decision..

But don't shunt me and take charge..

Tell me if I'm wrong..

If i should be seeing a situation in other directions rather than one..

But don't force me to see one and only direction, especially if it's to your benefit..

Tell me if I'm wrong..

If things get harder and i'm about to break when i shouldn't..

But don't tell me it will get harder and i won't be able to handle it..
*or i'd just crush your head instead =p*

Tell me if I'm wrong..

If I'm living my life gloomy and sluggish...

But don't drag me to not live life that way.. Sometimes I just need it and sometimes, you need to guide me out..

but NEVER tell me i'm wrong..

If you see me happy and having a good time with what I have and doing...

cause then, i'll tell you, YOU ARE WRONG....

p/s: this has nothing to do with anyone.. ANYONE... it's out of random... =)


Blogger niesacomel said...

i liiiiiike this post. mcm nk ckp menda yg same kat someone. tp x terckp... argh

Saturday, October 31, 2009 11:23:00 AM  

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