Sunday, March 22, 2009

weekend oh weekend

So the first week of March didn't go like i wanted to.. hence, i've decided to do what ever i feel at the moment.. I told someone that i'll just do whatever without plan, guided by guts at the moment.. but i hafta reconstruct it.. I still hafta plan but later, just do what my guts/feet/head feels like doing.. (o'-'o)

So what happened last weekend was quite an enjoyable one.. saturday night, played futsal with my officemates.. i actually went to Sg buloh just to play futsal ngan diorg.. ngeh ngeh.. semangat, i know.. but itu laa.. wanted to play in Ampang, but saturday night is futsal night in SP Ampang.. So yeah... saturday plak, melepak2, had lunch in One Utama *lunch ONLY* oh went to visit Camp5 jugak.. thought of doing wall climbing thingy... since I'm lack of stamina, less fit and REALLY need something to build up my muscles balik *ade muscle ke?? errr... tak kutt :b* the next day, went to my sis's place and had a small siblings reunion.. it was FUN!! we didn't do much.. makan2, masak2 sket, but the best part was, apart from my first sister's family, we are all together with my mom.. including the unofficial family members =D

this week.. another round of futsal with my officemates.. oh.. did i tell u all of them are guys? *hehe* yeap.. lantak, i didn't buy my boots for nothing.. best2... this week, my personal manager said i dah improve with correct guidance from people around me.. jeeyyahhh!!! yesterday was my malas day.. slept the whole evening and slept like a baby last night.. cam gile best.. but once i woke up this morning, Ya Allah, dunia bagaikan berputar dgn laju nye.. nk muntah2.. nasib my sister's a good masseuse.. keluar semua angin in my body.. and my day came back to live :p cook mashed potato that she's been craving since last night, gravy yang tak cukup rase *no chicken broth* and my mom made our old-time-favorite-breakfast, lempeng nyior.. dip it in curry fish and i ate with udang bakar...PERGHHHHh!!!!!! sedak gile!! habihh sume oooo!!!

what else should i be doing today......~~


Anonymous Anonymous said...

waa best2 men futsal n true if main ngn dak laki leh improve skills!

Sunday, March 22, 2009 7:13:00 PM  

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