Monday, October 02, 2006

islam is not bad!!!!!!!

one day last week.. i was lining up to take my food.. and have Maricell in front of me and Mosha behind me.. we were talking bout languages and stuff when suddenly Mosha asked me.. " So i heard from my Indonesian friend that Malaysia is not really a religious country.. is it?" I said directly.. " Yeah i gez.. there are muslims who drinks and do stuff that Muslims should not be doing" He then told me things he knew and how Islam in Malaysia is actually a mix of Islam, Hindu and Buddha.. I then corrected him saying that its not that Islam in Malaysia is a mix of them but Islam in malaysia is mixed up with traditions which were adapted from Hinduism and Buddhism.. those tradition bit by bit were accepted by the community.. and he started saying bout stuff like.. Indonesia is not a really religious country too.. like Bali.. so we went on talking bout how Christianity also have that kind of mixture here and there so on and so forth.. he then kept on talking bout Islam saying like Arabian here are all proud of their country.. they said Egpyt is the most religious country compared to other Islam country.. i said.. i dare not comment.. and the word after that striked me and kinda made me mad when he accused Islam is a cruel and harsh religion.. i said why? and replied "well.. u see.. people who are not Muslim in Egypt will be forced to go out of the country.. or they would be killed" i was shocked and dare not accept that statement.. i mean.. i really dont know how far it is true.. i then told them bout Maccah.. how it is the forbidden place for non-muslim.. and no offense bout that.. and Maricell who had always been nice and good to me said " no! not that!" and i tried to defense saying that.. i dont think and that was it.. Mosha and maricell kept on saying bout Islam being hard and cruel and they listed the country which did the kicking non-muslim from their own country thing; Iraq, Lebanon and Egypt.. but one thing that made them stop was when i said " Islam is not a cruel religion.. cuz if it does.. do u think i am cruel? and if so.. tell me when and i will say no more.. Even christianity has their own hardcore.. including Islam.. and i hope this is not true but if there were things like that to happen.. they are too hardcore and making a bad impression of Islam for definite!" but Mosha said the last thing >> They sure did give the bad impression of Islam..

I went to Sarrat Student Center today to bank-in some money thru the atm machine but there were no envelopes.. really wanna get that thing done today, went to the Medical Center.. was writing on the envelope with my mp3 on.. but i still can listen to what people around me were talking and mumbling.. there were also a policewoman and a technician or what ever he is around the atm machine.. after 5 seconds after i reached the atm.. the policewoman started to talk to that technician " Did you watch the September 11th on discovery channel? it was horrible! i will never forget that!" and the technician replied yeah; short and simple with not much interest.. the policewoman kept on saying " those people were soo cruel!!! they are just hard to deal with!! so hard and cruel!!" with a sarcastic, anger and discust tone.. then i realized; i was wearing a scarf..

Is Islam that bad in the eyes of the world? why cant they accept the fact that those people from September 11th are hardcores and they are them.. we are the others who dont think like them.. Islam has its own dignity and way of living.. and its not the one they are looking currently.. it was a big bang on my head.. and that was when i felt so sad.. as in very-very sad.. other Americans can accept that.. they can accept us Muslims.. but why cant others do the same thing? Why are we punished? Americans used to slave and treat the black people badly.. why arent the white Americans being punished? The black community are now as par as them too.. they can do the same thing to the white Americans.. but why arent they? buzz off if they have veto power.. i dont give a damn..

tell me about people.. is it true egpyt and other Islam country actually kicked and even harrased non-muslim out of the country? on what basis? what is the reason? tell me people..

I am so mad.. pissed off!


Anonymous Tahir said...

Well I don't think that's true. And even if it is I wouldn't be surprised, from what I've heard you ain't allowed to keep a beard in Egypt :O But I think it's just people who got nothing better to do coming out with these bullshit. Inshalah people will see Islam for what it really is one day ;) So don't worry bout it too much sis. Tara!

Friday, July 18, 2008 12:05:00 PM  
Anonymous tahir said...

I just realised it;s been two years since you wrote that topic! ahhahaha!

Friday, July 18, 2008 12:06:00 PM  

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