Thursday, December 14, 2006

new camera!!

yatta!!! finals over!!!! owari!!! so glad..~

anyways.. got myself a new camera people!! since i'm not good with cameras and taking pictures.. i asked some who knew what they are talking about.. *actually.. only asked one.. :) * anyways.. decided to get myself FUJIFILM F30.. the thing is sweet.. hafta say... with all the features.. it would the best camera i ever had!! and because of that.. im trying to learn how to take good shots..

and because of that too.. i took some small steps.. like.. reading the manual!! *yayy.. woohoo...monotonously * helped to get the adrelines running in the system.. and i am all excited to learn more! so here are some of the pics i took.. they are all my.. animals~ :)

*hohoho* i'm liking this camera so muchhhh!!! but not sure bout being a good photographer.. like Piya kan... siap ade D70s.. i'm not gonna waste my money.. unless of course.. im good already.. then.. its worth it..


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