Wednesday, November 22, 2006

so... emotional?

I am not a big TV watcher.. I have no idea why but i am a BIG movie watcher.. anyways.. last 2 nites, and today.. i was watching some dramas and stories.. and it seems that they have this one theme going on.. and i was so touched that i actually cried.. well.. only one drama out of a lot.. (",)

It's about how guys think about their kids.. about their feeling to be a father.. and the fact that kids can make them cry and mollify themselves from these ego and kinda self-centered guy they are.. These guys.. really "wow"s me..

I know it's weird to see guys cry for some stupid reasons.. *which i cant really think now*.. they look so wimp and helpless.. not kinda guy a lady wants i guess.. oh oh!! i have to say.. i dont really like guys cry for girls.. especially after the girl actually dumped him.. i mean.. hey!! u'r a guy and u can go and find other girls maybe even better.. why do you have to wet urself with your own tears??

But guys who cried for his wife and kids.. really dazzles me.. why does a guy crying for a girl and a guy crying for his wife different? simply because a wife is someone the guy had devoted his life to live and have it together with this girl.. It is a big leap for a guy to do that.. I suppose to hanging around with his buddies and do all the guy's stuff..

Why does this guys charmed me but not the girls? *because i am not lesbian* and because.. it is so typical to see girls cry.. girls do things while getting their emotional involved.. That's why girls are so easy to cry.. and so predictable.. how stone-hearted-soul-headed girl she is, eventually, she would cry for the most predictable thing ever.. *again.. cant think of something*..


oh oh!! got one.. i was watching this story, and she was known as the hardest lady ever.. heartles.. no sense human being ever... then.. one day.. she broke down just because her dog died... My point is, ladies have their emotion involved in something they really like and even things you might not even know about..

Question is.. are guys really like that? when would they actually act like that? or is it all about acting since i watched it on TV? but again.. acting is all about acting things that happen in life.. i guess there are guys like that.. no doubt our fathers are those guys.. but kinda doubt guys around my age.. maybe they havent develop this feelings yet? would they, eventually?

Who knows~~


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