Saturday, October 28, 2006

Mctyeire mixer

On October 19th, there was this one party at my place.. Mctyeire Mixer.. it's an annual thing they have every year.. As this year is the 25th anniversary and its during the homecoming week, it's SOMETHING.. All the alumnus *who were Mctyeire-aits* came and celebrated with us.. It was awesome!! The foods were marvellous! they had all the foods from all countries which the languages are spoken here.. It was still Ramadhan that time but i made a brilliant move by taking the sushi first.. by the time I break fast, all the sushis are gone.. everyone was standing around the table since that is the only dish that they often get for dinner.. and plus.. they were great.. *you can see all the sushis i had on the plate =b*

After the dinner, all the current Mctyeire-aits did performances.. one from each hall.. The Chinese hall did a moral-to-learn sketch, Spanish did a sketch about a future gathering like this one.. they were hillarious.. German hall did World cup thing.. It was funny because they had all the stupid commercials and also the part where Zidane knocked down Miterazzi.. that was really funny..International hall did the history of Mctyeire.. It was ok *ngehngeh.. actually kinda lame.. but at least i learnt something* France hall did a investigation kinda film.. One of them is a flim making major and he did really well..

Lastly.. Japanese hall did a someone-watching-Japanese-TV-show sketch.. we had Hidora *Japanese evening drama* with Soap opera touch.. the funny part was.. the actor&actress didnt say a thing.. we had translators and they translate it way different from what it should be... then we had anime; pokemon!!! then commercials on Sado *Tea ceremony* and the one drinking said it taste bad.. and they put Sweet N Low in the drink and of course.. it taste better.. people laughed when they actually pronounced the thing; Sweetto ando Roo-u *japanese+english* and then.. there was japanese game show.. and we had the Nininboari.. hard to explain but basically.. 2 person in a big jacket and the person behind will try to feed the person in front with food..

Basically it was fun.. so much fun.. This really made my stay here spice-up.. with all my friends here.. they're awesome.. oh oh.. i forgot to tell the last part.. after the game show..
we did another commercial.. Its a poky commercial *mcm nini biskut celup tuh*.. all we have to do.. it just walk around... and at the count of 3, we'll shout "POKY!" i hold the bod since im the smallest and need to be in front.. suddenly, when i was waking around as planned, one of the guy said, "I'm going to pick u up" and i didnt have time to say anything.. and he picked me up and all of us said "POKY!!" it was so funny~~!!


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