Saturday, November 25, 2006


Last nite.. the last thing i remember was watching 'Nine Months' .. well.. that was before i woke up after an irritating but nice dream.. but that's not my point.. My point.. that movie was about a guy *Hugh Grant* who cant accept the fact that he's going to be a father.. and how he never wants to let go his youth and all his single life.. and he started to accept the fact after watching his son's ultrasound tape *hehe.. this movie also reminiscence the 90's*.. gosh~~

Woke up this morning from a phone call.. It was my dad.. the same routine.. how are you.. dah breakfast.. lame tak dengar news *oh yeah.. i havent called home like 2-3 weeks i guess*.. and because i just woke up.. he asked me to wake up and smell the morning breeze.. as i am trying to get everything to reality.. my dad started to talk about stuff..

" Papa tengah duduk ngan mak kat luar nih.. minum air teh..
Semua tak de.. *pause* tengah tengok bulan.. its nice..
Even though tak full.. but its nice.. remember dulu2?"

That was when i realized.. gosh.. i miss my dad!!

No wonder i love to watch the moon.. felt so comfortable.. relax and feel.. so at home even though i am far from one.. especially to watch it with your love ones..~

Missing the laughter.. the smile.. the happy faces.. the familiar faces.. the stupid jokes.. the past..



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