Friday, June 01, 2007

Midwest Games 2007 @ NIU

Alhamdulillah.. one more Midwest Games successfully done by the Malaysian students *cheh.. ayat habes skema* anyways.. It was fun.. like always.. It was different in a way because have to say, we came with a doubt feeling about everything.. well, at least for me.. Soccer guys.. last year, almost all in the first team were seniors.. soccer girls, its our first game and definitely not sure about winning.. though our volley team practiced intensively everyday, we are still not sure how far they can go.. i mean.. there's no volley-o-meter to scale them..

Again, Phrase to Allah, our soccer team played well.. no.. they played awesomely.. good job guys!! good job Captain!! ;p you guys maintained the post of being the marked-team again this year.. I know this from some guys i've been eavesdropping :D Though you guys got second place and lost by penalty, I am definite the Vandians are still proud of you guys! Soccer women, well.. we got third place.. :) I am totally happy about this fact.. Satisfied too.. but we will definitely do come-back and grab the gold medal next year! *winkwink* As for volley, we did manage to get into semi but we had to surrender and rest in 4th place.. But still.. good game guys!! They were sad but hey.. that's part of the competition.. Like Reza put on his YM status, "We are one of the best, if we are not the best" ... Other than that, Afiq aka Kambing got third place for single men badminton... Oh! and we got first place for parade competition.. *ehehe*

During the games, some peeps got hurt.. but Alhamdulillah.. everythings fine.. nothing THAT bad happened.. but have to say.. there were people who were really scared if something really did happen... and that reminds some of us, that we forgot to asked for HIS protection during the games and we kinda forget about HIM.. Just a reminder to all, everytime you start something, games, competition, whatever, ask for HIS protection from any physical, emotional and mental illness.. insyaAllah, he will protect us..

Met more ssp-ian this year except some girls yang either gedik tak pergi or tak terpergi *which was forgiven.. hehehe* met kak ika, kak ama, kak nabilah, kak habirah, yati, and mar.. of course, other friends too.. aa.. other than that, i dont noe what else to write.. just writing because Nicky asked me to.. *hehehe*

Next week, seniors going back.. Totally sad about it.. TOTALLY.. too much reasons.. one thing for sure.. I like em so much.. luv 'em loads! so here's something for them

>> I love you guys a lot.. take care.. never forget us here.. stay in touch.. cherish our moments together and we'll be close forever.. millions muahxx!!<<


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