Thursday, January 10, 2008

Happy New Year!!

Alhamdulillah, a year past and hope this new year would be better than the one we had before in life..

Yeah its been a month.. Break already ended.. Its my second day of my last semester.. so far so good.. Taking few classes and its only on tuesday, wednesday and thursday.. at least i have longer weekend :D

my break was awesome!!! it was definitely 2 weeks i rather not trade with anything else.. Got to meet my dearest and and dears...
Meeting him was like a refresh to my life.. so to speak.. I even shut down everything in this world that I have to think about while I'm there.. I even got to meet my dear Tuckey and Lized.. they rawkss like always... again, nothing better than meeting these peeps..
I went to Spain and it was one heck of an experience.. Went there with not a clue of how to speak spanish.. but survived and had a blast!! I'll probably show more pictures of spain later but not now.. Also got to meet Lin.. Again.. gosh how i miss her celoteh and bubbliness :D
Going back was definitely something I didn't want to imagine the whole 2 weeks till the day itself.. I even begged Aisamuddin to let me stay there couple more days.. But it's best for me to go back earlier or I won't go back to states for good :p

I hate to write more cz i am damn clueless dah.. :p

Hope u guys had a great new year and maal hijrah..


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