Friday, May 16, 2008

graduation and all the shabangs II

I didn't get to show you what i got for graduation!! :p

Thanks to Oya, Nad, Awatif, Zuljoe *eibeb*, Amelia, Noel for the graduation presents.. and special thank you to Aisamuddin for yours too.. Especially when I broke one of his presents /(oT.To)\ *sebab tuh kene ade special thank you :p*

Few days before commencement, I received an unexpected parcel.. I don't remember buying anything.. regardless, I went to pick it up.. I was so shocked to see the bracelet.. and it's so exotic too!! Aisamuddin showed me this bracelet before and i thought it was beautiful.. But to see it in my hand was better.. Unfortunately, I only got to wear it like.. 30 minutes before I carelessly dropped it while walking and broke it into half.. It's made out of wood kut.. and I was walking laju ke ape.. I have no idea but it did break into two.. And I was on my way to commencement!! *darn~*

Then 2 days after, I received another parcel.. this time.. I thought i knew but when i got another notification of another parcel.. i'm not sure what to think of.. Again, went to pick it up.. and there it was, a green-brown box with "Pro-flower" written on it.. Damn i was excited!! (o^,^o) It was a bouquet of irises.. they were still buds of unknown flower for me when first received it.. after 2 days, it bloomed and i got to know laaa.. They are awesome!! I am not a fan of flowers except tulips.. but someone proved I can like flowers than just tulips.. *hehe* The color of deep purple is marvelous! It's bold and some what elegant at the same time.. don't you think?

Thank you Aisamuddin...

On the day itself, I got the MSAV flowers .. carnations to be precise.. They are cute and soooo easy to take care of :p unlike the irises.. they don't need food to live longer.. :)

Thank you guys!

and, my favorites; TULIPS!! don't you think they are just more than pretty tulips? They give so much more than just what they look like.. the colors are so radiant and bright.. you can't stop yourself from smiling when looking at it.. Oya, Nad and Awatif got me the white-pink tulips and Zuljoe got me the mix tulips.. Nih buat aku sayang lagi korang nih!! :D oh and thanks Watip for the card too

Thanks kiddos!!

I just got to know Amelia.. She's working in Opry Mills, one of malaysian's favorite spot to shop *slain Wal-mart :p* But she's so nice and very friendly.. I invited her to Vandy so that she could feel more at home cause she's not that far from us pun but far from Malaysia.. But I never asked for anything from her .. the next day after commencement, she wanted to see me and wanted to give me something.. I was flattered but segan at the same time.. I love stuff from bath and body wash!! They are soo good!!

Thanks Amelia!

And last but not least, you've known this from my past entry.. Noel gave me these..

I am so happy to received these presents and wishes from every one.. Glace, family and friends.. Thank you so much.. thank you for being there for me when i'm under pressure.. thanks for giving me moral support..

thanks, thank you, thank you very much (o','o)


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