Sunday, February 01, 2009


One week of holiday is one heck of a gooooooddddd thing!! *hehehehe*

So I didn't get to go back to Terengganu due to some last minute plan.. regardless, I had a great time at home and got to meet some friends.. What else would you want, no? Half of the week I was lazying around doing nothing.. Well, not "nothing" but nothing extravaganza.. Went out with my parents, doing some home chores, got to finally cook after a long time being away from the kitchen *talking as if i'm a good cook :p* and yes people, I do cook.. *ngehehe* thought I should clear that point out.. kan Jurai & Nabilah kan kan kan???

I got to finally play bowling, watch movie and jalan2.. Got to meet with Nisak's debate friends.. They are so nice! Why are they different? errr.. they are.. urmm... some, not all that is are "soft" people if you know what i mean.. I have always want to know that kind of people.. Though they are them, but they are so nice at heart.. and definately they have a different way of seeing things.. That's one of the things i seek in people.. Its good to know and learn something different.. of course, with a good session of explaination..

Tomorrow is a working day for me.. So some are on holidays, I'm not jealous people.. I got a week cuti ok?? :p But thinking going to work tomorrow cam.. urghhh!!! Malas!!!! :p :p


Blogger juraiza said...

haha I to have a looong holiday. siap pegi penang lagi.

and yes I miss cooking cooking in others kitchen feels so weird and last time I cooked was during raya itu ari.

yeah that long!

and plus as usual aku malas nak masak.hahahaha

Sunday, February 01, 2009 7:24:00 PM  

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