Friday, January 05, 2007

*raising one eye brow*

Life is so subjective.. one can say its a one shot thing and you have to give all you have regardless what it offers.. one say its so big and hard like the tsunami.. it will hit you hard! one can say life is so unpredictable like the weather.. once you thought its going to rain but it's not.. and that is so nerve racking.. life can be so different to everyone.. though the dictionary can give the same or almost the same meaning but it would never be the same definition for each 6.5 billion people in this world.. *yes.. that much of people in this world right now* one girl can say its so hard and her life is all about struggling and suffering.. other girl can say life is all about money and you can do anything with it *woahh.. if it was that easy to print out money yourself* that is why sometimes, i think, it's hard to tell people what you think or feel about what's happening in your life to other people.. its hard for them to understand.. the only thing for me is letting it out from your chest.. it's just good to know its out from your chest and sometimes.. you can even see it more clearly.. who knows, by then you can think about it and do something about it..

And after thinking about it.. i know why i just love being myself.. nowadays, i realized i am losing myself.. day by day.. but realizing it is just great.. the feeling is just great.. i mean.. you know who you are and realizing part of you is losing, you'll be proud of what you actually have.. it's just like losing your hand one day and another.. and realizing they are great and nice and the skin is so soft *uh uh.. i can just go on and describe my fantasy hand*, make you wanna grab it and sew them all up together again but of course, its hard.. but like i said.. its one great feeling that i know i still wanna be what i really am.. you think i am mysterious? great.. i am liking it.. you think i am cocky? oh yeahh!!! look and thought i was naive and nice? well.. i can be as long as you do not unleash my tiger inside *arrrr!!* part of me might be fading but i know i am not letting it fly in front of me.. i am just letting it play in my mind to let me upgrade them for a better me..

oh yeah!!! There you go!! my resolution for 2007~~

before i forget, there was this entry that was not really meant to be understood but some did.. the one before new year.. surprisingly, i can actually see who and why one would understand it and those who might not understand it.. just something i thought.. why not share it (o^_^o)V


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