Saturday, May 05, 2007

what about?

Thought of writing on the 10th.. meaning i've been away from blogging a month.. but i guess.. i might be busy by then.. i'm moving into a new apartment this 7th.. but still on campus.. so.. yeah..

What happened for the past few weeks.. had the worst weeks ever.. finals.. it was super stress for me.. but got through it.. yatta!! *Alhamdulillah.. :)* finals weren't that bad.. but i think i might screwed it.. well.. things are in the past and i'm not thinking bout it.. i wanna have fun.. *heee..* i guess most peeps are finished with their finals too.. *im just guessing* for those who are still struggling.. I pray you peace and luck.. insyaAllah.. for those who's like me.. have fun but not too much.. you'll just give your brain a shock once you started new semester..

Last week also taught me something.. have no intention of telling what happened.. but just moral to the week story.. When you have a doubt feeling or this feeling but you tend to just ignore it or think.. "oh.. it won't happen" or something similar.. you're in denial.. what u have in mind.. that's exactly what it is.. yes we don't want to believe it.. but you are hurting yourself more when u know the truth.. especially if you know the truth from someone else.. just get a grip of yourself.. things won't go your way all the time.. everybody knows that :)

enough of that.. what else.. though semester's done.. i still have stuff to do.. need to do a business presentation book.. helping a grad student with his research.. midwest is coming.. yeah.. the one nicky and i always chat about in tagboard.. *ngeh ngeh* so need to practice and practice.. what else.. commencement..

Talking bout commencement.. woww! I'm a rising senior!! my last year!! how does that feel? excited? yeap2!! *jump2* scared? a lil bitt.. *biting nails* neutral? not at all *lol*

ok so i have no idea of what to write.. just for the sake of updating my blog.. toodles~


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