Sunday, May 18, 2008

It pisses me off

It pisses me off the most when people become so depressed about themselves not being able to do something..

It pisses me off when people look down on themselves..

It's just pathetic.. who else should have the confidence in you than yourselves? At least the first person to have the confident is you yourself.. isn't it?

I know some do not have that high of confidence.. We are not perfect people.. we are born with flaws anyways.. It gives us space to be humble and to correct our mistakes.. But bragging about your weakness is not a good idea.. I hate it when people tell me "oh, i can't do that.. it's just impossible" Being a normal person, I'd say "you can.. try it out first.. You'll never know.. you might even be born for it" if that person keeps on denying and keeps on waving that white flag... oh God help me to be patient or i'll just get angry.. seriously!

geram tau~! you come to me to say something you're bad at, for what? do you want me to agree to what you said or do you want me to give you support? I just can't deal with people who accepts failure even before trying..

You know what pisses me off the most when it comes to this?

People who give alasan bertubi-tubi.. one alasan after another.. Ya Allah... rase nak cepuk jer sorang-sorang.. stop giving alasan and just do it will ya?? You have to try it out first and then, you know whether you can do it or it's just not your forte.. But please!!! don't retreat before going to war..

what else pisses me off..

Yes.. I hate quarreling, war and fights.. Just because I know I am very good at it and am not proud of it.. Therefore, I've taught myself to keep it and bersabar.. I can be quite violent and do have a bit of angry management.. Dulu2.. since I'm in high school, I know I can't be and I know I don't want to.. Though someone triggered me once.. *urghh* no no... don't want to go there dahh.. horrible horrible...

Enuf with this.. I can go on with this list but this is one of those thats been bugging me lately.. It's all about patient..

*yoga pose*


Blogger Abdul Q said...

wow nampak gayanya kita ada post yg bertubi2. best2!

yes, i agree though with what u have to say. it's so irritating kalau org tu belum try dah kata susah. lol.

Sunday, May 18, 2008 12:18:00 PM  

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