Thursday, October 19, 2006

Fall break

After a while.. i get bored writing.. heh.. its just not for me.. NEEEHHHH!!! *hehehe*
oh oh.. before anything.. i need to make an anouncement.. i just knew.. my nephew.. his name is not Ahnaf Qayyim.. that was before anything happen.. The parents changed to Mohd Ahnaf Arif.. Mohd Arif is the grandpa's name who passed away.. so.. yeah~ they didn't tell me.. not my fault!!! *grrrr~*

anyways.. last weekend was fall break.. it was great.. Jurai and I went to Gatlinburg.. it's where smoky mountain is... we didn't go there for hiking or what not.. *well.. i wish i could.. also i wanna go horse back riding there =( * but we went SHOPPINGGG!! *ngeh ngeh* yupp.. i went shopping.. but let me first tell you.. on the day we wanted to get the rented car.. things happen.. so it kinda delayed our trip.. but it was ok since only the two of us jer pun.. when the lady attended us *mase tuh.. Aiman rented for us since i am still under aged~ pfft!!* drove out the 'car', i was totally shocked.. i mean.. me.. driving a truck!?? woww!!! it was great!!! i was totally totally happy about it..

just imagine.. we were stuck in a traffic jam and people around us looked at us as if we were driving a carriage with horses on the road.. they were staring at us.. laughing at us.. and even smiled at us.. we just dont care!! *hahaha* we love that kind of attention! it was a great truck.. even though some may say it uses a lot of gas *which i dont deny it* but it was one great experience.. obviously i wont buy a truck for my own usage.. but yeah~

so.. we went shopping.. we didn't get the opportunity to snap any pictures since we were too busy shopping.. but I bought some stuff.. then.. we searched for a place to stay.. it was bad since there were a lot of people there.. for some reason.. i went there already twice and that was the first time to my knowledge.. gatlinburg or pigeon forge *that's where i shopped* were full with people.. we end up at a kinda expensive place but worth spending..

The next day.. we went up to smoky mountain.. we didn' t buy anything there except some stuff at hardrock.. *weda... if u r reading this.. i bought u one short glass =)* it was nice.. i mean.. the weather was great.. it wasn't that crowded as i would imagine.. *mayb people started to go back already since it's sunday* we head back on that day itself.. and FYI.. this trip is the third time i went to gatlinburg.. I hope I dont have to go there anymore.. ~~

oh.. and JURAIZA~~!! *ok.. sangat pelik to call with your full name*

HapPY BIrtHDay!!! TanjoUbi OmedETo!!!

*ok.. its belated*

Signing off!! *quackk!!!*


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