Saturday, February 28, 2009


It's March.. wow.. that fast huh?

2009 seems too fast to be true for me.. I thought it was only last few weeks when my friends asked if i want to join them for New Year eve.. I still think I'm new at my work place but I'm already *almost* a year employed..

Anyways, March will be another fast month for me.. *I hope* I have plans every weekend and looking forward to them.. Next weekend will be filled with outings and movie dates with friends and sisters.. I might as well go out with my mom and do some mother-daughter bonding time.. *ngeh ngeh* Plus, it's going to be a long weekend.. Thought of going back home to T'ganu but just remembered, already have plans with some friends.. so yeah.. might as well use that weekend to do some activities.. and I mean real outdoor activity! I'm thinking of rollerblading, taking outdoor portraits of my models *you know who you are people =)*and sports!!

The next weekend, I'm going to Melaka! with some of my officemates.. I really hope it's going to be fun!!! It's going to be my.. err.. second time to Melaka.. yeah i know.. pathetic.. baru 2 kali???? and my first was 10 years ago.. *hahaha!* that's why i'm kinda excited about it.. Plus, told you i need a vacation right?? so yeah.. i'll treat this as a good getaway.. I'll be there for the whole weekend, staying at a friends place and will be visiting those places which i have no idea where.. for sure, we're going to Ayer Keroh.. mandi manda!!

The next weekend, my "recreational" club at office decided to go to Sg Syiling *betul kan?* for camping.. yeayy!!! Now that is something!! Last time was Tapah and after that, we got too busy to do any camping or getaway.. Just ade laa sket2 sports like futsal and badminton.. anyways, we're going to camp there, and do some tracking.. and again, mandi manda!! *splash splash!!*

Last weekend tuh, takde idea lagi.. tapi I'll try to find something to do.. I might as well duduk rumah since 2 minggu berturut2 buat activity.. time to spend time with my family, don't you think? (o^,^o)

oh and this 2 weeks, if you feel like asking me out for dinner, please do.. *hehhe* I've been going back early now and can definitely join for dinner and some catching up.. I have to say though, I'm not up for night movies.. but yeah, call/msg me!!!


Blogger hdyh.t said...

ayer keroh mandi manda???
kt mana??
kt taman buaya eh? haha

Monday, March 09, 2009 8:52:00 AM  

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