Saturday, June 28, 2008

Is it hard to be yourself?

I hate when I have to be someone who I am not.. So people said I am capable of.. But what if I don't want to do it? What if I say, that's not me and I differ to change myself? Will people say "yeah, sure.. I understand?" Nop.. people think its best for me to be that person.. a whole rounder, you say? Yeah so I can do it, but doesn't mean I WILL do it..

It's like saying, I can bake the best cake ever.. but doesn't mean I'm going to bake you a cake everyday.. or I'll be a baker for that matter.. I, myself, have my own vision and things I want to do and that, is something you can't tell me not to do..

I just want to be me.. why can't people just accept it.. If I feel like doing it, I'll do it.. No nagging, no pecking.. Why can't I just have the freedom to do what i want without anyone judging me? Why can't I just have fun with what I decide to do? so I agree that everyone and everything that happens in this world is linked to each other.. I can't be selfish.. Then why tell me to be myself?

Everything in this world can't shift as you like.. all happenings don't just happen as you like.. and time doesn't wait on you to make a history.. So I have learnt that years ago.. but for once.. why can't people around understand and just at least, once, make a miracle for each other?

Most importantly, why can't people just understand?...

*This is not a personal runt but just an issue to say out loud (o','o)v*


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