Wednesday, May 31, 2006


just got back from Wisconsin and it was not that bad after all!! *hehehe* vandy won
2 golds
2 silver
2 bronze
i met a lot of people.. frens... ex-sspian.. Umi!!.. i was so shocked for i met people i nvr thought i wud meet like kak ama.. she's my senior (batch 9701).. tetibe terigt kat sumone.. *milo.. igt tak minah jln stret tuh.. SA aku?? nganganga*
wut i learnt ther..never be stuck up.. u have to linger around and try not to be with only your fren.. try to meet new people.. it's nice to meet new peple.. even though i am not that gewd with meetin up new people.. i was able to make sme new frens and meet some frens yg tak penah jumpe.. it was fun *again*
And i can see typical malaysian's attitude there.. how we can never leave that behind.. being late.. being rude in a way..tryin hard to look gewd and 'american' *pffft!!* it sux u noe.. and there's a different being modernized.. *wuteva! mls nak elaborate*
anyways.. Midwest was fun.. *and again* especially with 12 cars of vandy FC.. *duhhh!!* hope midwest wud get better n better every year.. actually.. i hv a lot of pics to show but unfortunately.. i cant put it all ere.. gez i need to use flickr or sumthing to get it done huh? will do later.. still lazy *hehehe*

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Rain Rain dont go away.. but not too long.. (<,>)

yeah.. its raining again.. *goshhh...* and yesterday was so hot and sunny and the heat.. my.. i havent felt this kind of weather for almost a year.. feeling torpid bcz of the heat.. at the same time.. it feels gewd cuz it reminds me of Malaysia..
*wanted to write the BM quote of hujan batu and emas but.. hehehe.. u noe wut i mean*

gettin back to my topic.. its raining like it has been raining since yesterday.. i mean.. i remember waking up this morning.. around 7-ish and the sun was so bright that it woke me up from my land of nod.. *my bed is right beside the window and a big one too..* and by 9 am.. the dark clouds started to gather.. and pour all its burden of water to the earth....

I like rain though.. i mean.. i like the smell of the rain.. the gloomy weather.. the wind and the makes me feel so calm and comfortable.. but not the one with heavy rain.. strong wind.. thunder.. i like the one before and after the rain the most.. *that's y my room is always gloomy and explains y i hv very high astigmatism* and with the smell of nice rain shower.. *this is what we call aromatherapy?*

sometimes i wonder y for some people.. aromatherapy is nothing.. it doesnt work.. well.. maybe.. depends on wut u r tryin to cure or use it for.. if you are tryin to heal a big stress of yours.. you'll be dissapointed.. i mean.. aromatherapy will help you in a way.. ease the stress and get yourself back together to overcome the stress or problems..Not gettin it solved and have nill stress in yourself.. u need it to go on with urlife mister! There is also a fact where i read somewhere.. aromatherapy can help some physical illness and even wounds or cuts.. *yerpp!! believe it! (",) * but not big ones like cancer or wut not.. the least it can do is *like i said* ease your mind, get yourself in control, change your mood... *isnt it nice? ~wink wink~*

had enuf things said.. anyways.. im goin to Midwest game 2006 in Wisconsin tonite.. till monday.. its where all malaysian students in the states gather and play some games like tennis, soccer, basketball etc.. its goin to be fun.. My former teacher also will be there.. *Umi!!* and we're gonna hv a small sspian gathering there.. *hehehe..* cant wait for that.. aite.. people.. toodless~~

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


YaYyy!! im done with making my own skin!!! suke nyerrr!! its not that gewd laa but gewd enuf for me kutt.. *hahahah* anyways... hope u guys like this skin like i do.. comment comment!!
Anyways.. i really wanna do this..
Congrats to all Batch of 2006 for graduating.. (^_')// *clap clap*

haishh... *dreamin my time in 2 years time*~~

Sunday, May 21, 2006


2 weeks without an update pun.. woww!! *hehehhee* sorry people.. was busy with moving out and in and moving in again.. i will be movin out and in again but gez that one is still 3 months to go.. anyhoo.. commencement was last May 12th.. it was nice.. with great weather.. i mean how often would u get sunny day with cold breeze.. *uuuuu* plus.. the fact that the days before were kinda terrible; raining cats and dogs.. strong wind etc.. suddenly that particular day.. sunny and all.. alhamdulillah..
the seniors were sooooo dammmnnnnn happy bout that day.. *duuhhh!!* ramai parents were around too.. and for me laaa.. i can see how the kids are the way they are... see the ones who raised 'em laa kan.. a lot of 'em really reflects the kid.. *or is it the other way around? (",)7* i wonder if i am similar to my parents *hurrmm~~*
I didnt get enuf sleep and rest but yet i had an awesome time.. Weda's parents were funny.. and they are great parents.. *of cuz laa weda kan??* i brought them around to someplaces where Weda tak tahu jln.. *hehehhe* and accompany Aisamuddin's parents here and there.. was fun too.. really.. i had a great time.. they are not like wut Aisamuddin described for sure.. *and for some other reasons.. they are almost like my parents ('-')v*
Now im living with jurai and weda.. well.. till end of May laa kan.. then.. weda's goin back.. Jurai's goin back too.. everybody's leaving me alone.. but im sooooo lucky to hv a GREAT DAD!! *nganganga* IM COmiN BAcK PeoPLe!!!! warwarkan ke seluruh alam.. bahwesenye.. sonick's comin back!!! *woohoo!!!* well yeah.. for my birthday.. my dad says come back and he'll pay for the ticket and stuff.. at first kinda reluctant.. of cz laa kan.. its not like goin back from tganu to kl kan.. but he insisted and i really wanna go back.. so.. insyaAllah.. early july laa kut.. i noe i noe.. y not now.. since i really hv to take this one class in june.. i hv to come back after that..
aaa.. ape lagi.. oh..
May 19th was my birthday.. *yayyy to me!!!* and im already 20 * tue nyerr... (!-!)* i tried to make it as discreet as i can.. n kinda berjaya laa gak.. i dunnoe y i wanna do that.. maybe bcz im not into this birthday thingy anymore.. orite.. kinda bluffing aa.. but.. partly.. it was fun.. especially the day before but im not goin to elaborate more on that.. its a personal thingy *winkwink* anyhoo.. Thanx to all the wishes and presents... really thrilled u guys still remember my birthday.. even though belated.. hehehe.. i dunt mind.. bcz me myself forgetful (^_^)
orite.. i'll update later... chiow~~

Saturday, May 06, 2006

days after finals~~

done with my finals on thursday at 4pm.. there was no feeling at all when im out of the class.. mayb because i was so happy the day before.. that i didnt feel a thing after that paper.. anyways.. it was kewl to not have anything to think for a while.. my brain started to get all messed up and slowwwwwww *maybe thats the cause i have a lot of pimples on my forehead.. sheeshhh!!*
till today.. i didnt do much.. helped the seniors with their stuff here and there.. helped pack some stuff for lil boy *hehhhh*.. oh.. and im in this thing *which i am soooo not gonna tell.. so malu laaa :"p* and hafta practice for it.. went fishing with lan and mud... didnt get any fish though.. *adehhh* wanted to go shoppin but didnt have the time yet.. mayb today.. shud find a car~~~
im still in the middle of figuring out wut to and not to put on my blog.. its goin to take a while cuz im so not gewd with the html and wut not.. still taming myself.. (",)
got an email from a friend.. it was kinda funny.. thought i might share it.. HidUp Bahse T'gaNU!!

Terdapat sebuah keluarga yang berasal daripada
Terengganu, tetapi telah
berhijrah mengikut si ayah yang bertukar kerja di
Kuala Lumpur sebagai seorang guru
besar. Keluarga tersebut terdiri daripada si ayah,
ibu, dan kelima-lima
orang anaknya, jadi kesemuanya ada tujuh orang.
Menjelang hari raya aidiladha yang lepas, mereka pun
hendak balik ke
kampung mereka di Besut. Mereka pun berhimpit-himpit
di dalam kereta proton
milik si ayah.
Lalu si ibu berkata, "Guane nih..penuh kete. Dok muak
ayoh mu wey!"
"Betul jugok. Guane nok buak nih? Lamo dok sapa
kampong", jawab ayahnya
Si ibu berkata lagi, "Tujuh oghang dokleh sumbak masuk
kete kancil nih.
Kecik do'oh".
Lalu ketujuh-tujuh mereka pun berfikir dan berfikir
bagiamana hendak
menyelesaikan masalah tersebut. Hendak sewa atau
kereta yang lebih besar agak sukar, tambahan pula
dalam masa suntuk
tersebut, musim hari raya.
Tiba-tiba anak yang bongsu pun meminta hendak meminjam
telefon bimbit
kepunyaan ayahnya. Si ayah pun memberikannya, sambil
bertanya kenapa.
Jawab si anak, "Abah, umi... Awang tau doh guane nok
buak. Awang nak
panggil sorang kawe Awang, join skali balik kampong."
Si ibu bertanya," Guane mu nih? Tujuh oghang dokleh
sumbak, nak panggil
lagi sorang?"
Si Awang membalas, "Kite skarang kan dah ade tujuh
oghang? Tamboh la lagi
soghang. baru jadik 'LAPANG'...!!!"
Lalu si bapa, ibu dan keempat-empat abangnya pun
meluku kepala si anak
bongsu kerana lawak bodoh ciptaan sendiri.

to be honest.. the dialogues were kinda fake bcuz.. if the person was to write it in complete bahse tganu.. u guys wont understand kut.. *hehehhe* mayb im the only one who just read this thing but its funny.. i had a not-so-bad laugh laa jugak.. feel free to ask the words u might not understand but i bet u guys can figure it out by urself.. aite.. got stuff to do.. toodles~~