Tuesday, March 31, 2009

people come and people go.. and people go somemore

Rocket by Yuna is on my player and hurmm~~ have to say, she's good...

life oh life...

random thoughts of the day..

1- I am in DEEP GRUDGE with someone.. yeap.. and i don't do this that often.. *or should i say i dont =)* God forbids but i don't know how to forgive this person...

2- I hate people who asked me to do something or join her.him do something but end up doing something else.. like.. heck..! i'm anticipating something else and let me do something else instead???
let me give you an example..

A asked B out for movie.. then once they are out, A said "hey, lets go sunway lagoon!!" and when B asked why A just said, "oh, i've watched movie last night.."

Like what the heck kan????

3- I LOVE my work SO MUCH.. *darn it.. i'm officially a workaholic..*

4- If life is like a wheel.. Life cycles can stop at one point and skid.. in other words.. it's moving forward, but it's fix at one point all the way..

5- I don't understand how people, even myself, can see problems so complicated when it's so straight forward and simple.. KEYWORD: be calm...

6- I'm not in a calm mode...

7- Hanging onto something that's vague is worse than not hanging onto anything..

8- Live life as if there's no tomorrow.. true~~

9- Smile is the key to all happiness... *regardless what's inside =p*

10- I love him... damn much..

Sekian terima kasehhhhh~~

Sunday, March 22, 2009

weekend oh weekend

So the first week of March didn't go like i wanted to.. hence, i've decided to do what ever i feel at the moment.. I told someone that i'll just do whatever without plan, guided by guts at the moment.. but i hafta reconstruct it.. I still hafta plan but later, just do what my guts/feet/head feels like doing.. (o'-'o)

So what happened last weekend was quite an enjoyable one.. saturday night, played futsal with my officemates.. i actually went to Sg buloh just to play futsal ngan diorg.. ngeh ngeh.. semangat, i know.. but itu laa.. wanted to play in Ampang, but saturday night is futsal night in SP Ampang.. So yeah... saturday plak, melepak2, had lunch in One Utama *lunch ONLY* oh went to visit Camp5 jugak.. thought of doing wall climbing thingy... since I'm lack of stamina, less fit and REALLY need something to build up my muscles balik *ade muscle ke?? errr... tak kutt :b* the next day, went to my sis's place and had a small siblings reunion.. it was FUN!! we didn't do much.. makan2, masak2 sket, but the best part was, apart from my first sister's family, we are all together with my mom.. including the unofficial family members =D

this week.. another round of futsal with my officemates.. oh.. did i tell u all of them are guys? *hehe* yeap.. lantak, i didn't buy my boots for nothing.. best2... this week, my personal manager said i dah improve with correct guidance from people around me.. jeeyyahhh!!! yesterday was my malas day.. slept the whole evening and slept like a baby last night.. cam gile best.. but once i woke up this morning, Ya Allah, dunia bagaikan berputar dgn laju nye.. nk muntah2.. nasib my sister's a good masseuse.. keluar semua angin in my body.. and my day came back to live :p cook mashed potato that she's been craving since last night, gravy yang tak cukup rase *no chicken broth* and my mom made our old-time-favorite-breakfast, lempeng nyior.. dip it in curry fish and i ate with udang bakar...PERGHHHHh!!!!!! sedak gile!! habihh sume oooo!!!

what else should i be doing today......~~

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

weekend plan failure

so i had a bad weekend..

instead of going out with friends and some close peeps, i didn't get to because last minute thing came up on their side and last minute change of time; which i already have plan, which later, was canceled because that other person i should be going out went out to do something else.. darn.. there goes my saturday..

oh wait.. i got to redo my room.. yeap.. another redo.. but it was less hectic then before.. this time, was just getting stuff out from my room and some into my room.. it was better and i'm liking my room!!

come sunday and i'm still up with my plan.. be it doing it alone.. *sigh* but i can't.. i realize i can't go out and do something alone.. i can do shopping alone cuz done that but doing something i.e. watch movie alone.. that's a bit.. lonely for me.. i ended up stuck in front of my laptop and do.. things.. i think.. now that i think about it.. no, i didn't do anything much cept looking through my pictures again.. and layan perasaan.. by noon, i've decided to go out.. picked up my cell and speed-dialed my sister and asked her out.. YESS!! she's free and off we went to klcc to get myself roller-blade and an end to my starbux crave.. darn it felt so goooodddd!!! though, i didn't get to end my movie crave yet..

wait.. i did watch movie on friday.. watched marley and me.. buttttttt... it's a bit off my taste of movie.. but at least i got to try the premium class.. oh and dinner at YO! Sushi.. HECK!! it was soo badddd!! the originality of sushi to udon were totally destroyed by theirs.. seriously!!! better of go sakae sushi or ichiban.. so they might wanna do fusion type sushi but nahhh!!! no second chance for you YO! Sushi...!

so comes monday.. the plan was to go wall climbing in the morning.. i assumeeeddd it's going to be quite a bit *the fee* so i kinda "undo" the plan and wanted to go rollerblading that morning.. but it was raining and things happened that i didn't get to do it that morning.. then i tot of going to alamanda and watch movie there in the evening.. even checked the time but ended up tak jadi jugak.. why? first, i had a BAD ULCER PAIN at the back of my jaw.. i can't eat, talk even smile.. i even had headache because of it and baddddd mooooddd.. i even had to take a nap cz i can't stand the pain.. secondly, because my sister took a long time to bersiap and lalalallala.. we went out of the house at 3pm.. oh well.. we tot of stopping at alamanda and do some shopping first before heading to my sis's place.. but instead, syiok berborak punye pasal, i drove straight to my sis's place and only realize when i'm 200m away for hers..we just stopped and tot of waiting for asar prayers and then, we'll head to dataran putrajaya, and then alamanda, do some shopping, solat there and heads off to ampang..

instead.. we stopped, my bro-in-law ordered pizza, pizza came in right after azan asar, solat and makan and by then, it's alreay 515-530.. damn.. i ended up blading in the house.. YES!! IN THE HOUSE!! punyer laa i crave nak main.. then, 7++, went off to alamanda to get some stuff for my sis and my lil-bro-in-law-to-be yang crave for good salami sandwich.. went back to my sis's place.. my lil sis buat the sandwich for him who came later, makan2, took some pictures and by 10pm, we're ready to go back to ampang.. by then, i'm already puffed.. excruciating pain from the ulcer.. didn't get to eat.. didn't get to do what i want to do.. and on top of that, a REALLY BAD mood flunctuation..

next weekend's plan was also canceled becz a lot of people backed off last minute.. i do have another plan but that is a secret.. *or should i say, there's no plan and i'm just going with the flow* (o^,^o)

the next next weekend's plan also canceled becz it is raining season.. hence, the "wiser" one asked us to delay it to the end of month; better around that time InsyaAllah..

one of the best example of
"We humans only plan things to happen.. But in the end, Only God will decide everything for us"

Monday, March 09, 2009

Isn't it great to be a kid...?

To smile and be genuine about it...

To be happy and really feel happy...

And always look cute :)