Monday, January 30, 2006

BigGer F0nts?

Testing testing...
testing new font..
1.. 2.. 3..
~~~~ yayayayyayaya~~~~
sweeettt!!!! ;p
*ok tak kak nisa? hehehe*

Sunday, January 29, 2006

is it??

i said i wanted to continue with the question i had before.. " do we luv sumthing bcuz we have to or do we luv bcuz we just want to ".. well.. i wont say this as a continuous of it though.. but sumthing to do with it laa gak.. the main words there, are 'have' and 'want'.. 2 words with an obvious meaning.. one is with half of self will and the other one is 100% self will.. the first one... i said half will cuz if u were to do it without a lil bit of will.. u might not do it at all.. i mean.. who wants to do sumthing without liking it or at least a lil bit of urge.. u do it bcuz of a reason and u accept it for that matter.. * i gez that is call will or insist*.. how about 'want'? First situation i can see is like.. liking sumthing dats cute.. u just luv 'em.. full stop.. the feelin thats in urself since before you know it.. secondly.. its like liking a tv show or a movie bcuz theres a cute hero or maybe, u like the plot or wutever.. u can explain why u like 'em and the list can go on and on and on.. but can u not luv sumthing that u luv bcuz u just want to? *too complicated? i dunt think so* for myself.. no i dunt think so.. when i luv sumthing.. i would luv it till the end.. even though i might not get it.. its not wrong to like it aite? even though i want to not-luv it.. i cant lie to myself that long.. but in some cases.. u might just teach urself to 'hate' it rather than keep on liking it without no reason.. one might say.. why luv it if u wont get sumthing out of it.. well.. that statement.. in a way... shows that u are actually meditating urself to accept a fact that u just dunt want to accept.. *urghh!! y am i writing this so complicated thing!!* like i said in my previous entry.. one of the blogger said actually.. y bother luvin it.. and the answer was bcuz u just want to.. yes.. bcuz u want to and u cant do anything bout it.. so y not just luvin it and let it be? instead of struggling.. trying hard to forget about it.. ~the problem to the "y not just luvin it" part is.. you tend to put hope towards it.. hoping for sumthing to happen.. u might say "no laaa.. i wont put any hope.." but deep inside.. u said to urself.. miracles do happen.. *y in the first place that 'miracles do happen' exist??* again.. one more human feelin that we as human cannot help to prevent it.. it is just there.. hoping.. but what makes it differ for each people is.. how a person overcome that feelin.. some people can be soo emotionally and mentally involved that they can just go crazy bout it.. some people can be partly emotionally and mentally involved but then.. later on.. they would just live with it.. and some just dont give a damn bout it.. *uuu.. uber rock hearted* .. that is what makes the world so colorful.. a lot of people with a lot of personality, mentality.. how God created variety of people.. the peculiar individuality of each self is a result of the peculiar combination, never the same for two people, of the attitude of others that form the generalized one.. *wow!! never thought i could make that kind of sentence..hehe* i gez i've been mumbling a lot ere.. its better to stop now.. *plus im running out of things to say.. ahahah* i noe im ending this discussion without any conclusion but its too general to make one.. till then.. toodles~~

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Luvin it bcuz we have to or we just want to?

I was reading this one blog that leads me to another blog.. seems that world is very small.. *hehh.. everyone noes that.. duhh!!* the owner was actually sumone i knew.. so..i was reading.. and one entry really made me read it over and over again *plus the entry was short pun* .. the entry was actually sumthing about if u luv sumthing, luv it hard cuz u might not own it.. and it came to me one sentence *kut* i read from an ad.. the longer you keep it, the harder to take it away.. and the blog's owner also said sumthing like, if u noe u wont get it, y bother luvin it? *gewd question!* and the answer to the question was we just luv it.. *well.. i'll keep the answer short cuz.. sumone who might be reading this might noe whose blog im talkin about ;p* anyways.. the question is.. do we luv sumthing becuz we have to or we just want to?
we luv it bcuz we have to..? hurmm~~ doesnt sound gewd but in a way.. a student has to like *luvin* the subject he/she is taking to get a hang out of it.. a worker has to like his job in order to get a gewd... *occay.. ilang vocab* ..... impression *the best i can get for now ;p* from his employer... i can think a lot more but every and each of the thing that i can think including these 2 xmples.. they end up luving it bcuz the feeling would grow within them.. is it 100% true? nop! bcuz u might just hate it till the end... *like me.. hating history till today.. urghhh!! allergy to history* but part of it.. yes.. u might just luv it in the end.. but still.. is there anything that we luv.. bcuz we have to?we luv it just becuz we luv it..~~ now that is true!! i mean.. how come people can go shopping without knowing what to buy and all you know, by the time you are in KLCC, Midvalley, Sunway Pyramid *if it is in msia* or Opry, Greenhills even carrefour aka walmart.. u'd be suprise to see wut u can buy.. just bcuz.. u look at sumthing and u just can help but luvin it.. so?? it's not wrong.. but its not even right.. how 'kelly ng' can it be? tp bukan ke itu sume nafsu? yes.. to things.. properties.. how bout luv towards sumone..? bukan ke itu sifat manusia? maybe i cant categorized things.. materials.. with human.. two totally different things.. kan kan? but still.. both can be applied the same thing.. we just luv it so.. we luv 'em! *hehehe* y cant we just stop luvin it if we noe we cant get it? or is it just us saying to ourselves "no.. you cant have it bcuz.. this and that reasons.." is it? sbb.. all i noe.. people slalu kate.. u can get anything u want in this world if u just work for it.. well.. again.. even though kite usehe pun.. kekdg.. we just cant.. Kite merancang.. only God noes the best for us.. entah laa.. in this world.. there is too much maybes here and there.. we never can figure out which or what is coming ahead of us.. we can only hope for the best and work for it.. if anything happen.. its just part of this drama.. our own drama.. dats y laa kut.. always expect the worst but work for the best.. and of course.. try not to luv things first.. when u do.. u cant go back.. unless u have a very gewd reason that u can just put it aside.. and that is, biase nyer.. u found sumthing better or equivalent but a lil bit different that caught u.. *instead u caught 'em* think bout it.. ~~ i got lots more to say but i am sooooooo sleepy that i cant go on anymore.. maybe i'll continue.. later.. *NiteZ!*

Batik Keris, INDONESIA

last week.. like always.. i went to check my mailbox.. there it was.. 3613.. "but eyh.. apsal mcm dpt parcel?" *uuuu.. i got parcel!!!* so pegi claim mende tuh.. looking at the stamps.. aaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! its from indon and br terigt!! KORIN ELSA!! huhuh.. before that.. kitorg penah lerr.. agreed on swaping presents.. for christmas and Raya.. *huhuhu* bcuz im too excited.. on the way pegi rand tuh dgn rakus.. aku bukak parcel tuh.. wah wah.. gle teror Korin memilih... hehehe.. KERIS BATIK's bag *i dunnoe laa.. bag ke.. pouch ke ape ke.. but its a small bag to make it general :p* and fan.. uuu...~~~ Thanx a lot babe!! siap ade gambar and surat cinta.. *ooowwww!!*
Bcuz penah laa gak i said.. if i were given a bag.. i would wear it kan.. so kene laa fulfill.. i did!!! *hahahha* dgn bangge nyer.. Sonic berjaye pakai beg kecik cenggitu!!.. but to Eckerd jer aa *Eckerd is a normal drug store :)* and i dunt think im gonna wear it in this short term kutt.. :).. tak gheti jugak.. *hahahha.. agak hopeless gak aa* but again.. Korin!!! Thanx!!!! ko mmg suke buat aku rase ayu ... *uuuuuuuuu* wait for my stuff plak.. it is on its way!!!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

My P3T!!

mY P3T!! ~~

hehe.. my friend got this on her My Space.. so i got one for myself too!! *hahaha..* i got a hedgehog!! *uuuu* Thanks Azira!! :)

my pet!

AUntY s0niC!!~

I called my family today because my parents are back from Haj.. So.. i was talking to my lil sys.. hows my mom and stuff.. like before.. she is still sick.. asthma.. and she said my mom got eye infection or something.. *i hope she would be better back at home.. less dust and stuff.. i gez* my dad was so exhausted that he only said "How r you? alhamdulillah we're back.. everything went smoothly.. here's ur sys.." that is so not him.. but understandable laa aite? anyways.. i was telling this and that to my sys.. and she was complaining this and that to me.. i asked my sys hows my cousin whos 4 months pregnant.. and telling how im gonna miss that moment *bla bla* and she said.. " alaa.. thats not the only moment ur gonna miss.. our own sys punnn u r gonna miss.." while grinnin.. Im GoiN T0 bE aUnTY S0nIc 0F 4!!!.. wowwy!! this is sooo exciting!! i dunnoe y.. *hahaha..* but yeah.. im gonna miss that moment.. by the time im back in msia, that baby is already like.. 1 and a half years old.. *urghhh...* so i asked to talk to my pregnant sys.. we were like goin omg all the way.. *hahhaha.. i noe2.. my sys and i are a lil bit crazy* maybe bcuz before she was soo excited to have second child.. thats y we went so crazy suddenly.. oh.. the sad part was.. she said to me before.. i would be the second person to noe bout her pregnancy but i end up being the last.. *adeyhhhh*.. well.. it doesnt matter.. as long as i noe.. gewd enuf.. tak nak laa balik2.. " eih.. sape bdak kecik ni? anak sape plak ni?".. jadi cam tuh.. gle bertuah lerr my family.. Now, i could only pray for my sys and her baby.. InsyaAllah.. she would go through her 9 months pregnancy better than the last one she had before and hope both of them well taken care of.. Amin...

*oh oh.. these are my nieces and nephew.. Hasanulanuar, Nisa Izzati and Noor Hana Danish..*

Thursday, January 19, 2006

ApPl3 PiE~~

Requested by Miss Daia.. here's the recipe.. *ntah pape aa daia.. :p*

Basically.. the dough tuh... buat jer like karipap's dough.. the fact that i dunt really noe how to make one, so i dunt dare to write it here :).. anyways.. here's how to make the filling..

Things you need..
~2/3 apples *red or green.. up to you... but i gez red laa better kan? and 2 or 3 depends on how thick u want the filling to be*
~1/2 spoon of corn starch
~cinnamon stick/powder
~3 cengkih *was thinkin.. ape in english hek? cloves is it?tell me tell me!!*
~2 cups of sugar

What to do next..
~cut the apples to your desire.. *cube ke.. triangle ke.. ape ke.. up to you..*
~pastu.. rendam the apples in water.. water tuh.. about half of the apples.. the fact that nnt.. the water from apples tuh akan add up the volume..
~biarkan on the stove.. till the water agak2 mcm dah boiling..
~have the corn starch to desolve in a cup of water and mix it together also with the cengkih and cinnamon powder ngan apples tadi.. cinnamon pwder tuh.. up to your liking..
~add the sugar together and always stir the apples.. takut hangit di bwh.. ;p
~dunt let the cengkih terlalu lame in the mixture.. takut nnt rase pelik.. so.. bile dah naek bau, buang the cengkih..
~biarkan till u think its dry enuf but not too dry cuz u'r gonna bake it later..

actually.. sugar tuh kan.. its up to you.. maybe 2 cups can be too sweet for sum people.. but sum peeps just luv very sweet apple pie.. so.. up to the cook.. same goes to the cinnamon powder... just to add the taste and the smell.. klu tak nak pun takpe.. and then..

~the dough tuh.. *i dunnoe laa.. uli ke ape ke.. but then..* roll out the dough laa basically.. *hehehe... i noe2.. teruk gle vocab*
~then.. ltk laa in the pie pan.. make sure no air bubble.. and have about an inch overhang the pan
~put the filling in.. have the second dough to be put on top of it.. then.. u can cut off the left over but bear in mind.. the dough might shrink.. so.. cut it a lil bit so that ade yg overhang... sket ;p
~then.. press the sides with a fork to make the lines *u noe kan.. the one yg mmg slalu ade kat tepi2 tuhh*

again.. u can also alter urself to ur liking... tak nak tutup pun bleh.. :) oh.. and of course.. sapu telur on top of the dough.. and nak nmpk lawa.. sprinkle a lil bit of sugar.. hehe.. oven should be heat up around 400 degrees F.. have it bake for 40-50 minutes..~~~
Dats it!! try it people!!!!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

WAsSuP wiF mOi!?

in my whole life.. well... as far that i can recall.. i never listen to peoples advises.. cuz for me.. its more to criticising then improving myself... then, as i get bigger and wiser *insyaAllah ;p* i have to accept that and improve myself.. and to think bout it, the only people who would tell me wut to do are my syss.. and they are the only people who realized i changed.. the fact that i accept it dengan hati terbuke instead of pissing off.. *mind u.. i kinda easily pissed off dulu2 ;p*
and sekarang... they are not the only peeps laa kut.. the fact that people remind each other.. especially if u are close.. in a way.. lagi senang nak accept.. but in a way jugak.. susah nak telan.. *got it?* its hard cuz its from sumone close to you.. kemungkinan the judgmental thoughts would take over their rational thinking *huhuhu.. i wonder if i am using the judge thing correctly~~ adeh adeh* but itu dah lebih to wut u might think rather than wut they think.. but again.. ade laa sumone told moi.. *orite.. this is not the real sentence but its almost like this aa* .. "y listen to others? just be urself " .. or sumthing like dat laa.. anyways.. my point is.. i always tell people that.. y listen to others? just be urself... be confident.. bla bla.. but never wanna reflect to myself.. *well.. sometymes..* but then.. to some extend i gez.. we want other people to tell us that.. kuttt... everyone noes how to tell other people what to do.. they noe because they apply it to themselves jugak.. but again.. sometymes.. nak gak ngengade tuh.. y? because we want to noe that we are being taking care of.. sbb basically.. the person that would advise u, tell u what to do, is the one that is close to you.. *maybe, kan?*
i dunnoe y am i making a big fuss over all of this.. *actually tahu.. ;p* jap jap.. wuts my point actually hek??? *aiyakkkk~~*


oh oh.. my point.. rite.. so.. urmm~~ actually.. my point is actually.. entah!! * hahahhahaha* maybe wut i wanna say is actually.. i am not easily advised but if i were to, i might take it.. but i have to learn to apply it.. btul laa kut like someone told me.. maybe its just me who dunt wanna change.. generally pun camtu jugak.. advice tu tak gune klu oneself tak nak dengar and ubah diri tuh.. wuts the use telling other people wut to do but they are not willing to do it.. kalam2 Allah ada mengatakan, Allah takkan mengubah nasib sesuatu kaum tuh, melainkan mereka yg akan usaha mengubah nasib mereka sendiri.. so.. after this if i were to tell people what to do, i would remember to tell that to myself too.. dalam usehe.. to change myself ;p *wink wink*

*ALLAH did not promise that life would be easy, but HE did promise,
to go with you every step of your life, with HIM by your side....*

RaYe CelebRatiOn~

Alhamdulillah.. raye celebration datang lagi.. *mcm lagu raye plak* .. anyways.. we had white rice with simple lauk pauk.. dessert.. heh.. ade laa bubur kacang and bubur [tepung+barley] *hahaha tak tahu name die pe..*.. caramel pudding.. andddddddd... APpLE piE!!! sape buatt??? bbdak towers!! *huhuhu* dah aa sume tk tahu buat.. so we just threw everything inside 4 bowls as we need to make 4 pies.. each of us uli2 the dough.. then.. presto!! we have 4 pies ready for the occasion!! nampak cam lawa.. but then the taste.. *hehehe* up to one tongue aaa *hahahah* i like the tomyam.. because ade squid!!! i like squid so much!! *sorry nazerique.. its not because sedap pun.. hahaha gle kejam* anyhoo.. ayam pun sedap digoreng *hisyam kate die nyer recipe or was it deep frier die punyer? ;p* and... ape lagi hek.. bubur [tepung+barley]; i like it so much!!! but because i ate too much, i cant go on anymore.. *sedeyh sedeyh* hope to have it again.. nak buat sndr... *hehehe* mcm tak percaye gak aa im goin to.. so.. hope for it jer laa...
actually.. i wanna put pictures.. but i gez.. they are not up yet... well i gez.. i'll update the pictures kemudian.. ~

Thursday, January 12, 2006


i just came back from dinner when my aunt msged me.. asking if my parents are occay.. i was like.. "huh?" so.. i went on and there it was..

345 jemaah maut dipijak * 300 lagi cedera * Belum ada rakyat Malaysia dilaporkan terlibat
Ya Allah!! i was so scared!! mmg laa no malaysian reported lagi.. STILL!! Alhamdulillah my dad brought his phone.. lame laa jugak die nak angkat and that made me more cuak.. *adeh adeh* and then, right after he picked up the phone.. i thank god sooo muchhh... alhamdulillah... diorg sehat.. the one i worried most is my mom because the day before, they called me.. and she was kinda sick.. asthma.. she said shes occay but hey.. mom never wants to make u worry.. *duhhh!name pun mak*.. my dad is a big guy.. i noe he would survive tp my mom.. *ish ish..* .. again.. alhamdulillah.. they are ok..
and then bukak laa cter.. my dad wants me to come back this summer.. so i told him.. "takle laa pa.. kakak nak amek kelas.." he was like.. "hurmm~~" .. sedeyh plak die buat bunyi camtu.. baru jerr berazam.. i'll only go back after grad.. seems that i have to think again... * tsk tsk * but i successfully made my dad think bout comin here instead.. *hahahahaha* .. kewl gak.. then i can travel this summer without using my own money!!
wut ever pun.. itu sume.. kemudian.. all i noe now, my parents are safe..~~

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

SPriNg seMeSTer stArtS!!!

aaa... This would be my 4th sem here in Vandy... *urghhh*.. i have 3 mechanical classes, one math class and a japanese... *uuuuuuu* anyhoo.. praying me excel this sem,better than before.. {GaMBaTey0!!!} nak stat kelas jerrr.. malas.. *heh.. mcm b4 dis tak malas jerr*.. but cuti pun penat.. better off goin to class, have sumthing to do, inputs, gewd for ur future *and the list goes on* rather than being in my room, doin nuthin, chattin, watch tv *and the list goes on too ;p*.. wuteve.. but really.. alwiz make urself better than ever.. like this one.. i dunnoe wut its called; simpulan bahasa, penjodoh bilangan wut not but.. ~berada di takuk yg lama..~ heheh.. heard it yesterday.. *see! i learnt sumthing new!*

"Ya Allah, i ask from you
asking for today is better than yesterday
asking for tomorrow is better than today
and the days after are better than the days before
For if tomorrow is worst than today, shame on me.."

Monday, January 09, 2006


haaa.. ade laa sorang bdak ni.. asked me to write bout her.. fine laa.. cuz im soooo nice.. here it goes.. this is Nabilah Fatin.. my rummate.. but slalu nak halau me from OUR room.. *tsk tsk* .. i wonder y~~ *wink wink* wut bout her hek.. hurmm~~~ orite.. so.. i like her smile.. *yer nabilah aku tgh puji ko ;p* there's sumthg bout her smile laa kutt.. *tp tak cukup utk dipanggil jelitawan* she can be very entertaining.. well... if u r close to her laa kut.. but again.. yeah.. well.. i kinda missed her mase die g Florida.. like she missed me mase i went to DC and road trip during thanksgiving break.. *hehehe* she can be a gewd listener in a way.. shes smart.. oh and one thing bout her that she just cant accept sampai skang is.. she has BIG ego... *muahahaha* hurmm~~ i never had the chance to be close to her wen we're in freshmen year.. but i gez.. being rummates helped a lot.. comfortable enuf laa to be wif her... wah wah.. byk nyer aku puji ko Nabilah.. *hehehe* bile lagi.. klu tak.. aku kutuk ko jerr.. kan kan?? *grin*

not fair if i were to just story bout u nabilah.. so i decided to tell bout Jurai too!! hahaha.. bdak kecik ni.. *adeh adeh* she can be very chicky.. hard to see wuts comin from her.. *hehhehe* once shes with nabilah.. urghhhh~~ kalah memane bdak kecik.. i like her name.. Juraiza Jais Jantan.. nice combination of J's.. ok.. tahu.. ramai jerr yg camtu.. but i still like hers.. oh!! oh!! shes one of the die hard fan of korea drama or wut not crap.. *urghhh* sanggup tak kemane.. sanggup tak buat pe just to watch those crap dramas yg ntah pape sumtymes.. *sorry Jurai but yesssss!! ;p* saying me takde life.. but instead.. ko yg takde life.. *hahahhah* like nabilah slalu kate.. lame gle~~ :D oh and the 'lame' is in english and its not 'lame=old' .. just in case needed... *huhuhu*

And last but not least.. Tengku Yasmine Kamaruddin.. and mind u.. this is not her full name.. well.. without the 'binti' i mean.. anyhoo.. shes a vegetarian to be.. i hope so.. hehehe.. i wonder if she can restrain herself from eating all those meat and chicken like rendang.. *huhuhuh* i can insure you.. if u live with her... u'll eat all those healthy fewds.. and i mean... really healthy... *hehehe*.. shes a gewd salsa dancer.. smart girl too.. aaa.. pe lagi hek.. oh!! oh!! she bought me adidas perfume wen she was in boston!! *wpun tak suke sgt adidas but wuteve laa ;p* really appreciate it yasmine!!! *hohohoh* tetibe terigt.. we use to call her ~tanjung~.. sweeeet kannnn??? *hahahhaha* and Nabilah, jurai n i alwiz make fun of her vandy username ~tengkut~ *hehehe.. sorry yasmine!*

so there.. 4 dara pingitan of Vandy.. i like to use that.. dunnoe y.. *hehehehe* we are alwiz together.. wut ever happen.. we would refer to each other.. basically.. i like us.. *hehh.. ntah pape aa ayat* Frenzz 4eva u three!!

Sunday, January 08, 2006


aa.. This is my kezen.. dah tunang dahh!!?? a year++ before.. kak beina.. her sys got married and i was already in the states.. kali ni.. die plak.. *huk huk huk* she is 20 if u are gezin the age... i noe i noe.. early aite? but better do sumthing gewd cepat.. mind me.. but not that i want to get involve that early but in a way laa kan... baguzz perr.. btul tak?

"it was great".. thats wut my sys said.. they look so sweet together.. *kan?? kan??* bende ni kat permate bangi.. on January 1st, 2006.. its kewl diorg dpt that date.. nnt.. klu kawen.. ade tak kemungkinan on June 6th, 2006 (060606)..?? kewl gak kan? huhuhuh..

Lepas ni.. sape laa lagi my kezens nak tunang or wut not.. sume nyer.. den terlepas.. takpe.. yg sure nyer nnt.. mine.. sume takle terlepas.. sume WaJIb ade.. hahaha!! *grinnin* to think again kan.. adehh.. dah tue dahh rupe nyer.. kak fah is like one of my kezen yg mase kecik2.. maen skali.. sleep over umah.. borak2.. raye.. mesti jumpe.. Long (her mom) pun cam my mom gak.. any problem pun kekdg ckp ngan die.. even my mom call Long 'adek' even though bukan adek sndr.. see how rapat we are!!??

suddenly missin my family.. my big family.. sume laa.. sepupu sepapat sume.. raye adha ni.. sure gather round.. makan daging *like i eat meat jerr ;p*.. tak kesah laa kan.. but the fact that get together pun beshh.. wah wah.. dah melencong..

anyways.. kak fah.. CONGRATZ!! insyaAllah.. berkekalan sehingge anak cucu cicit dan keturunan.. amin..
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aa... is it a success?

so.. in two days.. i can write 2 entries.. wow!! thats sweettt!!! i can never write 2 entries in 2 days before this.. heh.. talking kinda early but will see and hoping it would go on like this.. well at least.. u noe wut i mean..

what do people write in their blogz anyways.. dah laa panjang2.. me not have much to say..
*saye seorg yg pemalu*
hehehe.. orite2.. so what if im not? still.. i really dunnoe pe to write.. mcm skang... just nak buat pepjg biar org pun tgk.. "wah.. pjg nyer blog die.. ape die tulis hek??" >> or is it me jerr yg slalu ade feelin nih? *krukk krukk*
ok laaa.. really laa.. gettin blurrer and blurrer.. till then.. chiowz!

Saturday, January 07, 2006


Dah berape kali i dunnoe laa blogger ni.. but hope dis one stays.. gambateyo!!