Tuesday, July 17, 2007

We thought

We thought it would be easy to decide something.. we thought it would be easy to dispose something.. we thought it would be easy to let by gone be by gone.. we thought we could depend on things... We thought we could do stuff if someone could do it.. We thought.. we thought.. we thought..

Then.. we realize..

Its hard to decide things if both or more stuff are significantly important in our life.. Its hard to dispose stuff if we think who, where, why and when we got that stuff in the first place.. Its hard to let by gone be by gone when its still there to hunt us.. Its hard to depend on something if that thing is not dependable.. Its hard to do stuff we thought we could do when we don't really know how to..

basically... almost everything we thought is hard... We can only know when we are dealing with it.. We can only say something is easy when we overcome it.. we tend to forget the hardship we went through and just live our life with what we have in the end.. period.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

The wind and the smell of grass~

The wind was great.. As if you are the baby in the cradle and your mama singing you to sleep.. you know, as long as you can hear your mama singing, you are in a good care.. You feel so comfortable.. That's exactly what i felt.. Comfortable and feel so safe in his arm..

Nothing can be better.. the wind... the just-nice-weather.. being in the arm of your love one.. and all you can think of is nothing.. I stop myself from thinking them though.. I don't want anything to spoil this moment..

Playing water gun before adds up to it.. What can you ask more than being a kid again? You play all day long without any hesitation..

I want this to stay all day long.. i want this feeling to stay like this forever.. I want this again~

*A feeling to share, by someone, from my own words*

Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday the 13th!?

Friday 13th... and its July..

Its Aisamuddin's birthday!!!! yayy!!! You're an old man now!!

*hehehe* I just love making this a big fuss.. Its your 23rd birthday!! Let me start of by saying you're one of the best things happened to me.. You've been there for me.. you've made me laughed.. you've made me smile.. you've made me feel good when i need to.. you just know me in and out..

You've done a lot in your life.. Not all I know, but I'm pretty sure they were all the best that anyone could ask for.. You have the talents, skills, and other stuff that you could make your life almost perfect.. *almost because no one can have a perfect one :)* Therefore, cherish it and use it to the fullest..

There's still a long way to go.. And be assure that I am always by your side till the end.. There's more to learn and fear of.. But whatever happens, I know you're up for it.. InsyaAllah~
Having said that..




Monday, July 09, 2007

Please do respond

Like I said.. I really wanna know..

What would you do if you feel uncomfortable with someone's comment or action, but that someone is someone you really don't want to hurt?

Share it will ya? :)