Saturday, June 26, 2010

Meet my housemates

Meet my housemates people... =)

This is tortie.. Eats vegies super lot..

And this is iggie.. likes to crawl up things..

They are my babies now.. I love 'em so much that i'm thinking of getting them bigger homes, better food and bla bla bla... if u have inputs on em, tell me yea???? =D

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Buang yang keruh, ambil yang jernih...

Oh yeah!! That's my azam tengah tahun!! woot woot!!!

no reason for me to be all gloomy and stuff.. And thanx to those who keep on saying i'm not myself, i finally realized that.. It's been awhile but I don't know what to do or how..

Enough said..

I actually had great times for the past months.. I didn't update jer.. Lets start bit by bit then..

I went to kelantan last weekend and it was an awesome getaway.. It was meant for Raihan's wedding *Congratz dear!* and of course, jalan2 cari makan and jeram kat Kelantan =D it was obviously fun fun fun!!!!! oh yeah, cari tudung as well which i didn't regret at all..

Raihan was gorgeous! and of course the husband too.. i like her in her dress.. ala2 ala grande lagi u... =D the girls drove from kl but me being gedik, i took flight there.. the best part of the flight was i was piloted by one of my best guy, kojact.. he even got me to seat at the jump seat.. That's where to-be-pilot or new crew would seat on their first flight or something like that.. basically, u got to seat in between the pilot and the co-pilot.. it was fun!!!!!!!

That's how it looks like... for real!! =)

Such a lovely morning.....

That's definitely me =D

So yeah people.. I wasn't that gloomy.. I had fun with my girls.. They actually helped me alot to make me smile and laugh again..

that's friends are for, right? ;)