Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My black beads boucing on the floor~

My favorite black beads necklace snapped again.. Darn~

That time when my necklace snapped.. i give up.. picking up those small beads and putting them all together again... It's the second time.. as much as i love it.. i can't redo it again.. maybe i should just buy a new one.. but checked it before.. sold out.. and the feeling will never be the same...

Gosh.. i like that necklace soooo much!! writing about it makes me wanna redo it.. but i've thrown the beads away.. so.. not much i can do about it kan? If only the beads could jump to me and ask me to pick them up.. i would! definitely!!

Why am i writing this? sajer~ :D

but yeah.. truly.. i like the necklace so much... it was a birthday present too.. the first time i got it.. i was soooo happy! like really!! and i have never love something this much..

takpe laa.. i give up jugak.. but i don't think nothing can replace that necklace.. *sedih~*

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Because i was tagged..

These are 8 things about me, thanx to Yati, i got to unleash some about me you guys probably know/not know about..

1- I love to bake and cook

2- I have a red car here in the States, and its a stick shift *manual*...

3- I dear, love and adore my car soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much, that i really don't want to sell it but i have too..

4- I love jerseys.. any type.. any kind.. *so if u haven't bought me any super-belated birthday present, u can now ;p*

5- I LOVEEEE this one ice cream but I only got to eat it twice... Its "Energy sorbet" by Maggie Moos.. Made out of redbull.. *ok.. prolly not really an ice cream but u know what i mean*

6- If i were to go shopping for groceries, I would spend more on drinks than snacks.. say, like my last groceries shopping, i bought pringles and a bar of chocolate and i bought 4-5 type of drinks for myself... and that would be like, maybe, 6 bottles of juice, 2 mid size bottle of Powerade, 4 cans of Redbull.. milk.. and mineral water.. i wanted to buy more but i thought.. too much..

7- I really really really really wanna go to Japan!!!

8- I am graduating next year!!! So happy!! but I prolly continue doing my master.. insyaAllah... pray for me, ok? Thanx~

So there you go...

Thursday, August 09, 2007


how screwed is our government???
From what phrase of Quran is she reviewing to???
MasyaAllah... *sabar sonic sabar~*

That feeling.. of clinging

I hate the feeling of clinging.. clinging to someone.. make u feel like so helpless.. don't you think so? Sometimes its ok i guess.. but too much.. c'mon! be independent once in your life time!

But if you were to think like Karl Marx, power is everything.. therefore, we can't do much about stuff when we are not up there, controlling people under you.. Having said that...

NAK DUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

A day more to the end

3 weeks till fall semester.. My last fall semester as an undergrad college girl.. wow~

I guess it is true that 4 years is not that long.. Think about it collectively, yes it is not that long.. Think about one year, you'll think its too long.. I wonder why... I mean you always hear people say.. "this week seems too long".. or "its only noon and i don't know how much more i can take for the rest of the day!"... at the same time, you always hear people say, "its been 15 years but it seems like it was just yesterday".. or something along that line.. Maybe there are some psychological, sociological or medical explanation to that but that's not my point..

My point is.. i don't have any point.. :D

It's just that to think everything i do now is all prolly the last time i'm going to do in Vandy.. last Merdeka Celebration in vandy.. last august-summer experience.. last summer class.. *unless i fail a class which Na'uzubillah* and this is only a part of it..

See it in a different angle, everyday is prolly the last day of your life.. I mean.. you never know when death will come and summon you.. So, basically, you need to treat everyday of your life as your last one.. Of course.. we as human, won't think of that every day life.. Unless when we want to persuade a friend to go out for a party or just hanging out.. then you'll remind them "C'mon! Life is short, live like you're going to die tomorrow man!" true in a way but so wrong at the same time..

But yeah... Definitely i have my own plan of what to do next after graduation but its so hard and stressful to think everything is still vague and like.. so... enigmatic.. I never thought i could be so stressful like this just to think about your future.. I guess that's it.. Its my future im betting on.. wrong call.. there go my nice shining future..

Daijoubu dayo! gannbatene, sonicku-chan! *hiyarghhh!!!!!!!*