Monday, July 28, 2008

When Kambing screams "WHAT???"

no kids, kambing don't scream other than "mmbeeekk!!" *i think*.. Unless my kambing (o^,'o)v

It's been almost 2 months back in Malaysia.. So far so happy and life is getting better and better everyday, insyaAllah.. Got to settle some serious mattered issues and get to meet my beloved Glace again last weekend.. oh yes, definitely got to meet my dear Aisamuddin jugak *duhh!*

the first month was a good rest but when i stepped in my 2nd months at home, I'm starting to feel bored and the urge to start work immediately.. So, mase tuh laa, i started searching for jobs dengan sangat beriye nyer.. When you apply, doesn't mean you'll get the interview.job right away.. for 2 weeks, i've been sending resumes to random companies.. but out of all company, I didn't ask for Petronas, Shell, nor Exxon.. just because i don't like O&G.. I thought I should make it clear since everyones been asking me about those companies.. It's typical for engineers to ask those companies but yeah... I'm not that interested..

I did get an interview the first week i was in Malaysia, but its a sales position.. I went and got to the 2nd interview, but i rejected it. Then, last week, on Tuesday, I got another interview, and Alhamdulillah, the Manager Director who interviewed me right on appointed me. I started working last Friday jugak as a Project Engineer.. =D

My first day wasn't that bad accept I don't have any work to do.. Yes, tip one to those who just started working, bring a book to accompany you.. and if you're a fast reader, bring a thick one, or 2 books.. don't bring novels, but something knowledgeable.. you still have to give a good impression maa!! And try to make friends laa kut.. The thing is with my department, they are all guys, and all are senior people.. they've been working for 20++ years.. But that made me feel at ease because they don't talk that much only when all of the clicks are there..

As of yesterday *my second day* I was already occupied with some work and the day seemed faster but lot slower than friday... why? huh, I don't really know! but i was still happy cuz then, i won't have anything to do! SO you know, this place had given me the responsibility to be THE person if they are handling with Japanese clients or Japanese speaking clients.. They wrote that specifically on my letter of appointment.. at the same time, translating manuals if available.. macam handal laaa Anis Solihah!! *blekkk (@,@) *

oh, my company is a company that deals with painting and coating automotive parts... itu major business laa.. ade jugak some other stuff but not as big..

oh no!! kene siap for work!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008


God had always been fair to His creation. No doubt about that. I read some books since I was back from states and though some told something I have known, it taught me something different..

God changes those who would change themselves first *lebih kurang laa camtuh*

I perceive this as it is.. we have to make a move first in order to make a change in our live.. it’s not God’s work to change it.. If we work for it, and insyaAllah, with Allah’s will, the outcome would be promising.. But what happen if we don’t? Do God just neglect us and let us be as it is?

after reading some of the books, i realized, when we don’t work hard or if we don’t realize that we haven’t done the best, God still help us.. He gave opportunities after opportunities to change our live, to make a move about it.. And it’s up to us, to realize it ourselves..

Have you ever thought why sometimes, the same thing has been happening to you, over and over again? It can be a chores that you hate to do, or a work that you were given, though sometimes you sucked at it but people still shove you with them.. and you can only sigh and say to yourself, “why am I been given this challenge again and again?” and that’s it.. some don’t give a damn about the answer.. all they know, do it as you did it before and voila, it’s out of your way.. so getting it done is settled, but how about the main point of the challenge, challenging you back?

You neglected the main point of the challenge.. to make it better, to notice that you’ve done it wrong before.. A repeated event can also means, you have done it right before and learnt something, but this time, it’s a different trade..

Giving you a simple example, teaching a boy in kinder garden to read.. for them at that time, reading is important because everyone is doing it, parents been teaching them and probably, passing the tests and quizzes at school.. next time they learn how to read in school, the kid knows, he’ll be laugh at for not knowing how to read.. and as he grows older, he understands.. if he can’t read, he will never understand what’s happening around him.. *follow, he "thought", understands*

Giving another example, a girl who was given responsibilities, one after another.. at first, she thought its an experience to brush up her leadership qualities.. the next time she got the same responsibility, she thought it was to make her learn how to communicate with fellow leaders and also followers.. By this time, she thinks she knows everything how to lead.. next, she was in a group, and this time, she wants to experience being a follower though she was offered to be a leader *again, thinks that she’s capable of being a good leader*.. later, there she was, learning something from the new leader and saw, she was nothing near to a great leader.. she was merely a good one either.. she was just a normal and typical leader.. and at this point, she learnt to be humble..

I probably expended the examples too far apart but I think you know what I mean.. you thought something repeatedly happened to you must have something to do with that one trade you have.. but in actual fact, it can be that, or something you still haven’t learn in life..

Open your eyes, open your heart.. digest the happenings around you slowly… observe things around you with details.. You’ll be surprise with what you might discover.. and, with Allah’s will, you’ll learn to be a better person everyday…

"Ya Allah, i ask from you
asking for today is better than yesterday
asking for tomorrow is better than today
and the days after are better than the days before
For if tomorrow is worst than today, shame on me.."

Saturday, July 05, 2008

lost idea for title

sometimes I have doubts writing about what i do, my whereabouts and stuff.. but then again, blog is where you write about yourself.. update people who might not have time to just to ask "how are you? what have you been up to?" *at least that's me.. so, the only best option is to read other people's blog and you'll definitely find gossips and news.. but again.. some might be a lil bit too weird and a bit personal to write that it became the donts rule when writing a blog..

but some write their opinion about politics, environment, issues what not.. though some sides might not like it, but that's what you'll get when you have this virtual world, a no-borders world.. though some still get accused or threatened by their writings.. people still write things.. but is it interesting? some good writers convey great point of view but some.. where are you going from things you wrote? sometimes they are just bs without any base.. some might still think its interesting; to laugh at, at least :p

what I'm trying to say... what should i write for my next entry? (o^,^o)7 *teeeheee*