Saturday, June 30, 2007

In bed and thinking

Woke up when the first sunlight lit me on the face. NO!!! its still early to wake up!! but no i can't sleep again. The only thing i can do is seduce myself to think about my life and bore myself to sleep. Sounds pathetic? kinda..

How do people wake up and think about how screwed their life are? easy!! just a handful of stupidity.. no.. make that 2 or more handfuls of stupidity, as much as possible painful memories of the past, and A LOT of ignorance of how important GOD and IMAN in your life. That would just do it.. mix them together and make them bug you all the time, 24/7.. yeap.. that was what made me woke up . SO much of getting myself bored *or is it my life is so interesting that i can't bore myself anymore?*

Sounds like i have a problem or problems... nop... Well.. not to the extend i would hate myself but i do have problems with these kind of people... Everybody do stupid things,and that should not cost them everything in life.. Well at least, not everything, but it usually does. I guess that is the truth. But nothing should let yourself be in such hideous situation.. hideous makes you feel like... slug *just random s and 4 letter word i can think of* that made u stink and ugly.. Cheer up and you're more likely to be what u seems like and you prolly think like that too..

Ok.. so enough of that emo situation.. Was in bed the whole day.. Well, theoretically, i was.. only out of bed to make myself a cup of coffee, shower and solat.. No plans.. more of malas to make any plan.. :) had a shocking news.. My till death do us part friend had tragedy in the family.. It hit me like it was mine.. Death is definitely the worst thing to know about and to learn about.. Hope the soul is blessed.. Al-Fatihah..

When you are in bed..

rephrase.. when I am in bed.. I tend to think about a lot of things.. How people can be so ignorant was one of the questions popped in my head.. they just don't realize they are being one? tell me about being naive... They just don't want to mess things up? tell me about being selfish.. What's up with just like being ignorant?? I don't know.. Its one of those things like being brave, being nice, being sarcastic.. You were born with that?? nopp... definitely nott..

I really wanna go ahead and continue this.. but talking to myself and not have a normal two ways conversation makes me feel so... bored :)

Done for today.. going back to watch marathon of HOUSE

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Old man says

Crying is not a sign of weakness,
It is a sign of strength..

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Quote of the day

I know that you believe that you understood what you think I said,
but I am not sure you realize that what you heard
is not what I meant.

*Robert McCloskey*

Thursday, June 21, 2007

28 days~

It takes 28 days to just get the side curve of your abs and maybe the center line IF you do 3-5 minutes of crunches per day.. and that does not mean doing crunches with a minute interval each..

Just so you know..

I wonder how many days to get 6 packs~

*NOTE: Its not that i want to have 'em, just wondering~*

Monday, June 18, 2007

Chocolate *nyum nyum!!*

I am one of those chocoholics you know.. For some reason.. they are so.. mouth watering and additive any time, any where.. Even saying it now makes me crave for one..*drooling* So i decided to read on chocolate.. Fun facts.. History.. maybe not all.. but a bit and some surprised me..

Chocolate was known as "food of the devil" but as for Greeks, they call chocolate as the "food of God" *winkwink* As for the Aztecs people *if I am not mistaken, they are the old mexicans*, they served cacao beans drink as stimulant and restorative props.. Even the chocolate itself was served ONLY for warriors, nobility and priests.. the drink was also used in religious things and related to god of fertility.. that's something *(o^_^o)*

And as for now.. a lot has been done to show what effects would chocolate brings.. like.. its not fattening, its a subtle aphrodisiac *explains the fertility god i suppose?* , some kind of psychoactive food, gives effect like drugs *addiction, cravings* and its funny how people say, and this as for women and men, eating chocolate itself can be more.. satisfying than.. sex, kissing, and taking drugs *since its not dangerous and legal*.. Once there was a lady who ate 2 pounds of chocolate per week and her doctor asked her to stop taking sweets at 119 years old and died at 122 years old, 3 years after she stopped.. though there arent any significant proof to it, but whoa!

I also learnt about why women crave chocolate more than guys *ladies - 40%, guys - 15%* That's because chocolate is also rich with magnesium.. When ladies have their pre-menstrual, they produce high amount of progesterone, which promotes fat storage *that's why we want to eat and that's why we are so hard to lose weight girls ;)*.. This just means, we want food and not just any kind of food; FATTY foods!! By I never know that there are certain times when the craving is most intense.. If i am not mistaken.. its in the evening.. kuttt..

Of course there are more to what I have now.. but its up for u guys to read more.. These are just some that for me are interesting.. VERY interesting.. Oh and i just knew too, that the best chocolate to eat is DARK CHOCOLATE since it has less confectionery sugar than other chocolates..

so let us eat dark chocolate!!! *and now i am craving for one.. ish ish*

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


It means run!! in japanese..

I was raised in a normal family.. I used to say i was raised in a not normal family.. Just because i wasn't aware of others.. but now, I can say i have a normal family.. With ups and downs of course.. Before, i was always the one who kept on running from my own problems.. I knew but i don't know how to over come it.. Or maybe i was just running away from that fact.. I refuse to accept some facts that I rather not think of than solving it.. And for awhile, i was that girl who never really sits and think of what should and should not be done..

I hate thinking i guess.. Its too depressing in a way.. realizing this, everyone in my family kept on reminding me not to run away from problems.. Hook or by crook, i have to face it.. taking their advise, i did.. It was hard especially those which didn't end like i want it to.. "But that's life" i remind myself.. We can't get everything we want but we can try.. Losing trying is much better than losing without even trying..

I was that girl again.. I wanted to sit, think and solve.. But I have this mentality that, why should I? and all those "why" questions.. Alhamdulillah.. I am back on my feet started to rationalize things again.. Yeap.. nothing in this world we can run from.. it will come back, just like a boomerang.. how hard you throw it to get far from you, it will turn around and find you again..

It's not wrong to let it be for awhile.. Let yourself loosen up before facing it.. It is even much better so that you can think things properly, rationalize them, and in the end, decide something..

So i was saying.. was in dilemma before.. I tried to just accept it, tried to just swallow it, tried to run from it.. and that last thing i tried, slapped me in the face and told me "you're running away miss!" i was.. And yes, hook or by crook, I have to do it.. I have to think about it.. With a lil bit of help here and there.. I have decided..

And now, I can't wait~

Yes you might not understand what i am saying or what i am referring to.. but let me tell you this.. Things that we are trying to run from doesnt mean its going to be all disastrous.. It can be something good but we cant see that coming.. everything in this world is 50-50.. it can be good, it can be the other way around.. so why cant we just go for it and see what's served for us.. I used to say nothing in life is fair.. but HE is always fair to all.. HE knows whats better for us..

make sense?

Monday, June 11, 2007

Something fun!

Thanks ayu..! got this from your Friendster page *hehe*


Saturday, June 09, 2007


I haven't really being productive if you must say.. I don't really have things in my mind about stuff for awhile.. maybe I have things much more important to think about.. and i rather keep it to myself..

Today.. I tried to come up with some stuff that i can think of.. a lot actually came to my mind.. but i don't know how to write 'em without offending some peeps.. rather than making it general i mean..

while writing.. i am still thinking and surfing for anything that would just trigger me with something.. but nope.. nothing..

hence, stopping here..

till my readings trigger me for something to think about~

Friday, June 01, 2007

Midwest Games 2007 @ NIU

Alhamdulillah.. one more Midwest Games successfully done by the Malaysian students *cheh.. ayat habes skema* anyways.. It was fun.. like always.. It was different in a way because have to say, we came with a doubt feeling about everything.. well, at least for me.. Soccer guys.. last year, almost all in the first team were seniors.. soccer girls, its our first game and definitely not sure about winning.. though our volley team practiced intensively everyday, we are still not sure how far they can go.. i mean.. there's no volley-o-meter to scale them..

Again, Phrase to Allah, our soccer team played well.. no.. they played awesomely.. good job guys!! good job Captain!! ;p you guys maintained the post of being the marked-team again this year.. I know this from some guys i've been eavesdropping :D Though you guys got second place and lost by penalty, I am definite the Vandians are still proud of you guys! Soccer women, well.. we got third place.. :) I am totally happy about this fact.. Satisfied too.. but we will definitely do come-back and grab the gold medal next year! *winkwink* As for volley, we did manage to get into semi but we had to surrender and rest in 4th place.. But still.. good game guys!! They were sad but hey.. that's part of the competition.. Like Reza put on his YM status, "We are one of the best, if we are not the best" ... Other than that, Afiq aka Kambing got third place for single men badminton... Oh! and we got first place for parade competition.. *ehehe*

During the games, some peeps got hurt.. but Alhamdulillah.. everythings fine.. nothing THAT bad happened.. but have to say.. there were people who were really scared if something really did happen... and that reminds some of us, that we forgot to asked for HIS protection during the games and we kinda forget about HIM.. Just a reminder to all, everytime you start something, games, competition, whatever, ask for HIS protection from any physical, emotional and mental illness.. insyaAllah, he will protect us..

Met more ssp-ian this year except some girls yang either gedik tak pergi or tak terpergi *which was forgiven.. hehehe* met kak ika, kak ama, kak nabilah, kak habirah, yati, and mar.. of course, other friends too.. aa.. other than that, i dont noe what else to write.. just writing because Nicky asked me to.. *hehehe*

Next week, seniors going back.. Totally sad about it.. TOTALLY.. too much reasons.. one thing for sure.. I like em so much.. luv 'em loads! so here's something for them

>> I love you guys a lot.. take care.. never forget us here.. stay in touch.. cherish our moments together and we'll be close forever.. millions muahxx!!<<