Saturday, November 15, 2008

a pause to blogging

Yeap.. you read it right..

i felt it's best i put this blog at halt for awhile.. for one, Im so busy with work.. got no time maa..! secondly, i'm starting to go blank with things to write.. I might have some, but not something i'll write in public.. just because.. i won't :p

Hence.. no need to visit this blog this few weeks.. months.. I dunnoe.. Be a follower to this blog and you'll know when i start to write again :D

Till then, enjoy what's left of 2008..


Sonick (o','o)v

peace out~~

Saturday, November 08, 2008


i decided that i don't care if i got fatter than Adeeb.. Cz i'll just make him grow fatter too :P

Anyways.. I finally got myself a long weekend.. I took a leave tomorrow and i am so happy bout it.. My niece is receiving a price tomorrow at her price giving ceremony and i'm attending it.. I just felt like doing something like that.. I do want to watch movie.. but watching alone? errr~~

My wedding prep... hurmm.. so far so good.. got some important stuff out of the way but of course there are still some other major stuff to get done with.. Date is fixed.. place insyaAllah ada availability.. cards jer next in list.. Pray for me so everything goes smoothly yeah?

oh oh!! i got a story to tell!!

My sister and this one person nih had made a pack; the relative will bring her kid and my niece to school and my sister will take them back from school.. But one day last week, my brother in law wasn't around hence, he can't pick the kids up.. So, the person need to send and pick the girls up laa from school.. Nak buat cerita lagi, the person tak dpt amek, mintak tolong the husband amekkan..

Al-kisah, it's six pm and he's waiting outside of the school for the kids.. when the kid is in the car, off he goes home.. and singgah to kedai to get some stuff.. it 640 pm and my sister's waiting at home, wondering where's her 7 years old daughter.. called up the person and she said "maybe singgah kedai kutt.. kejap lagi smpi laa kut"

650 pm, my brother in law called, said that Nisa *my niece* called from school.. My sister was shocked and called the person again to reconfirm.. she then called the husband and confirmed.. He forgots to pick my niece up!!! Ya Allah, when i heard the news, right after that person called my sister about this news, I was on the road back from work and i actually speed up sebab cuak.. It's dark and the schools area is NOT where you want to leave kids alone...

The husband reached my sisters place first and he apologized.. my sister can't think and ignores him.. the person searched for my niece and can't find her.. and at 715 pm baru jumpe and sent her back.. My sister by then regrets for what happened and said she won't continue the pack next year.. Thank god it's end of the year..

I just hope this incident won't happen again to any of my nieces and nephews.. And will remind my sisters and brothers not to do the same to other peoples kids.. When you're given or taking that kind of responsibility, treat the same to your kids and to the kids you're taking care of..

ok dah pasal budak kecik..

till next time...

Sunday, November 02, 2008

sudden doubt...

I went out with my mom today.. did some wedding surveying and stuff.. and all of our conversations as of today, almost all were wedding related.. hence, the wedding mind i have till just now..

I went out for dinner with my mom.. and as i waited for the food.. i looked around.. thinking about some stuff.. lalalalala.. and suddenly it hits me...

Am I going to be FAT like other wives??????

every where i turn to, the wives are all fatter than the husbands.. even my mom!! *mind you but my mom is as heavy as my dad!*

omg.. Aisamuddin, can you imagine me being fatter than you??? :P:P

I don't think so.. I hope.. Ameen~~~ (o^,^o)v

Saturday, November 01, 2008

latest news..

"seekor kambing dilanggar oleh van di KM16 karak highway"

yahhh....! Dikala Anis Solihah mengarut tak tahu how to start her blog :p

so.. let me start of by answering some of the questions asked to me..

I'm currently busy with my job because it's one of those critical time of a project.. fabrication, construction and shipment.. Yes, i'm involved in all of them.. talk about getting things on time... i have been craving to go out and cuci mata.. probably even spend a bit for myself.. but as of now, the only thing that i've been spending for myself is food... yes.. chocolates, lunch, mcD, and pizza.. and i just realized, fattening foods too :b i don't care.. at least, i'm full and all re-energized.. as of my wedding preparations, i'm listing stuff and did some callings here and there.. but not telling that much to u guys.. u just wait and see.. tak surprise maa!!! hence, just wait the update when i'll be asking your address.. but keep in mind, it's going to be a small reception.. so not all will be invited.. therefore, i apologize dari awal.. nk kurang kan cost people :p

okeiiizzz... i'm back to blurr worldd...