Saturday, November 21, 2009

love life is like..

was listening to a song that i never knew it was in my playlist.. checked out the lyrics.. and came to my own conclusion..

love life is like the river..

it started out as a small stream.. sometimes it stops somewer but out of no where, it comes out again..

same like human, we started out with a simple "like" feeling.. sometimes its there, sometimes, nothing..

the best part of it, it's always there without us noticing it..

than, at one point, the small stream leads to a river... sometimes it's big, sometimes it's small... regardless, it is still a river and profound than a stream...

the small feeling dat's in the heart started to grow bigger and now, it's deeply felt.. the like has transformed into something we call LOVE.. and everything seems good...

as time goes by, the river started to come by with big rocks.. rain that turns the calm river to a big, strong and dangerous river.. and sometimes, the river splits into few small streams, and more rivers..

human can't run from trouble, problems and challenges in life.. there's always ups and downs.. and of course, you can't run from getting your heart hurt... just like the river, your love don't stick to one only.. it will get diverted.. you will fall in love and you will get your heart broken.. but life still moves forward...


river can lead to a waterfall.. river can lead to just a lake.. river can lead to the big ocean.. either way, you don't know untill you follow it and see it yourself to what it merge to.. neither no one noes how long is the river..

human? we will end up with someone cuz god created man and woman such that, they are meant for each other..but no one noes how long would it take for someone to find his or her life partner..

sometimes, u thought it's the end, but you don't know for sure cuz u can only plan..

and now, for me, it is something only god knows and best to keep it a mystery.........

Thursday, November 19, 2009

kelapangan masa

i'm bored... i'm also sleepy.. but i have stuff to do.. *sigh*

was reading my old entries... damn it sounds so fun to be a student.. so carefree.. seriously.. dah keje nih.. haihh.. tonnes of stuff that i hafta think of.. pening2.. but i'm getting better at it.. as long as it's getting better and not getting worst, no?

i wanna write stuff.. but i have no direction of where to start.. lets make it into points, shall we?..

1- i'll miss jenab's wedding though i want to go BADLY!!

2- annual dinner company is coming soon.. not so soon but soon enuf laa.. and i have no idea what i want to wear.. usually i do have an idea but this time is like clueless.. or should i say, i couldn't careless? =p

3- i'm still amazed with what people are capable of doing.. like seriously..

4- i am definitely someone who you really don't want to make me hate you cuz i can hate you for good >)

5- i'm indenial

6- i have doubt on my own self

dah.. cukup laa untuk malam ini.. saya mau buat keje saya yang dah tertunggak lamenyer...

toodles and nite people~

Monday, November 16, 2009

How much engineered are you?

What do you know about engineering stuff?

what are you good at in engineering? Theories? Fluid? Thermo?

what do you know about this term or that term? it's a basic engineering terms and you should be able to even explain it with simple daily life application..!

What kind of engineering work do you want to do?

Do you have what it takes for an engineer?

Are you sure???

*Damn i feel so stupid now~~*