Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Dieting Tips..

Well.. I was reading some sites.. and I realized.. *hehe* my bad that i said honey mustard is not good.. well.. They are good for dieting..the low fat honey mustard that is.. I'm not sure about the usual Honey Mustard.. And also.. i just knew.. mustard or even honey mustard has no fat.. a little bit of calorie.. Sorry for the wrong info guys! but one thing for sure.. restrict mayonnaise.. *knew this before i read the following site* and as said.. I was reading this site.. and not saying it's a very good site for diet tips but it is something i think.. doable tips..

>Bake, roast, or broil your food instead of frying

>Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water each day. this will help flush out your body while also suppressing your appetite. *This was proven by my sis.. she's lost a lot when she did this with of course additional diet plan*

>Shop for groceries only after eating. You will be less likely to buy foods impulsively – especially foods you don’t need. *So true!! especially if you are hungry.. everything seems good!*

>Never starve yourself, especially before going out to eat... Never skip meals, you must have some kind of nourishment regularly..

>Take small servings - avoid gorging yourself

>Don't think that just because you are eating low fat/low calorie foods that you can eat all that you want. The calories still add up and must be burned off regardless of what kind of food you eat.

I like the grocery part and also the last part... there are more on this site.. read it.. They have some useful enough infos.. I'm trying to get those sites that are not that long, dull and bored sites.. tell me if you have more!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Something.. interesting =)

Well.. someone actually gave me this article saying it has something to do with the previous entry.. It was super interesting to me.. You guys should read it too.. have fun~ (o^-^o)v

Here is a funny story first... A DOCTOR from Maryland, USA is suing KFC for using a cooking oil that contains high levels of trans fat. The retired physician Dr Arthur Hoyte says "If I had known that KFC uses an unnatural frying oil, and that their food was so high in trans fat, I would have reconsidered my choices".

I find this seriously funny! How can a medical practitioner honestly think that KFC was good for him even when he was licking his chicken greased transfat covered fingers??? Or the slimy shiny grease you see when you separate the parts of the chicken, break the biscuits, or anything else served at KFC? Or... from the grease dripping on his napkins... or, from the oily layers of fat coating his fingers???

Incredibly, this lawsuit comes from a physician. How do you pass medical school without having the common sense to know that something with so much fat and oil can't be good for you? It boggles my mind!

But it also illustrates beautifully how we are eating whatever rubbish the food industry is creating for us without pausing for a second to wonder whether its good for us or not. And its not only us the "lay people" who are confused, look at the darkness our friendly doctors are in... How inspiring!

Now there is a reason why our beloved doctors are totally so ignorant about so many obvious things. Take for example the obesity problem and other weight related diseases (blocked artery, hypertension, bone problems, diabetes etc). How come we hear so little about the ill effects of these junk fast food? Yeah I know, they told you to avoid fried food. But how come most people dont pay attention?

Here is why... the trillions of dollars worth food industry employs some of the most brilliant minds to study consumer psychology and what makes you buy. The advertisements, celebrity endorsements, discounts, movies that feature a particular product etc are all designed to make you do one thing: Buy their burgers / chicken / whatever else. Believe me when I say this, these food companies and their marketing people know about hypnosis and compounding and neuro linguistic programming. They know how to show you the same advert over and over and over again to program it inside of your brain. So the next time you feel hungry in a shopping mall, you arent going to go to the little shop selling fresh fruits and juices, you are going to go join the queue on McDonalds. It just makes "perfect sense" at the time doesnt it? Who wants a banana anyway?

Here is a little scarier side to this all...

The simplest rule of marketing is this: Find more buyers, sell them more products, make them buy more often.

Got that?

More buyers, more products, more often!

Good. Now lets play a game: pretend that you are a board member of a large pharmaceutical company. When it is time to allocate funds for research and development, following the rules of marketing, for which area would you allocate more funds? Drugs that you need to take once and it cures you forever? Or drugs that you need to regularly take to keep you healthy? THINK!

Here is the answer: Over 80% of all medical research world wide is done on maintenance drugs (drugs that treat the symptom of a disease rather than cure the disease itself).

Interesting isn't it?

Now any chance you are beginning to get a hunch about who else benefits from this massive bombardment of marketing messages of the food industry? I guess I'll leave it to you to figure out.

Back to the original issue, the reason doctors have no idea about so many obvious things is mostly because they are too busy to learn anything other than what is supplied to them from the pharmaceutical companies. (By the way, we the consumers are not the target customer of the pharmaceutical companies, its the doctors. They spend most of their marketing investments on doctors who in turn prescribe their medicines to YOU and ME. And for all medicines bought by YOU and ME, the doctor gets a commission. Dont believe me? Ask your doctor.) The pharmaceutical companies educate the doctors through their sales people (attractive women usually) who give commissions to the doctors and staff, send invitations to expensive dinner and cocktail parties where they learn more about the "break through new medicines".

That is why we still know only about chemotherapy for cancer treatment, while there is a huge range of alternative, inexpensive natural cures. These cures are not only disregarded by the medical industry, its also labeled as dangerous! And we, YOU and ME, believe that its all true. How can we not? The doctors said it!

Anyway, I'll finish todays mail by telling you about the 900 cats experiment. It will show you (if you choose to believe) how we are killing ourselves everyday... both individually and as a species. Many years ago Dr. Francis M. Pottenger, while working at his father's sanatorium for the treatment of human tuberculosis patients in Monrovia, California, conducted what became known as the Pottenger cat study.

The experiment included 900 cats over four generations and was well documented by Dr. Pottenger. The cats were divided into five groups. All the groups were supplied the same basic minimal diet, but the major portion of the diets were varied. Two of the groups were fed whole foods (raw milk and meat - real foods for cats). The other three groups were given processed and cooked foods including pasteurized, evaporated and condensed milk.

All four generations of the raw meat and raw milk groups remained healthy throughout their normal life spans.

The first generation of all three cooked food groups developed diseases and illnesses near the end of their lives.

The second generation of all three cooked food groups developed diseases and illnesses in the middle of their lives.

The third generation of all three cooked food groups developed diseases and illnesses in the beginning of their lives and many died before six months of age.

And here is the best one! There was no fourth generation in any of the three cooked food groups. Either the third generation parents were sterile or the fourth generation cats were died before birth!

Does this give you an understanding of why so many children are now developing cancer? Why we have such a huge obese population around the world? Why heart diseases increasing every year? Why so many young men and women are dying of coronary blockages?

The findings were supervised by Dr. Pottenger along with Dr. Alvin Foord, professor of pathology at the University of Southern California and pathologist at the Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena.

Regarding applying his results to human nutrition, Dr. Pottenger said, "While no attempt will be made to correlate the changes in the animals studied with malformations found in humans, the similarity is so obvious that parallel pictures will suggest themselves."

Unfortunately, there is no similar experiment in medical literature for humans.

Now as you read this, you are probably wondering what are you supposed to do? Eat raw meat? No, not really. You dont have to take it to an extreme if you dont want to. There is however a lot of choices once you make a decision that you are not going to serve as a hypnotized lab rat for the multi trillion dollar food industry and medical industry and the not to mention the dairy industry (which not only enjoys the blessings of doctors and health practitioners, but mothers and grannies and so on). Once you make that decision to believe what you just read, you will see the options.

By the way, if you think all that you have just read are some new radical discoveries, let me assure you its not. World wide people are waking up and understanding more and more the ill effects of processed foods, dairy goods, junk fast food, different medical drugs and therapy. Now whether you are going to wake up and see the truth or not is your choice, but let me assure you that your decision will affect you, your children, your grandchildren, and their children (if they at all survive).

~What do you think?? commentssss~

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Not close to firm, fit and healthy?

I just don't understand why some girls who wanna be thin when they are really thin?? that is just annoying.. I mean I wouldn't mind someone who is eligible enough to say they wanna be thinner *no offense* but those who are already thin like chewing gum.. what the heck is that??

I would also understand girls who want firm body.. cuz you can be thin but not that firm at the same time.. But please.. for the sake of people's listening.. do something about it!! don't just say.. "ooh.. i want abs like hers or butt like that" and do nothing but watch tv and admire people with great abs and butt.. do something bout it!!!

I might think some sort like that.. I don't know.. But all i know.. I am doing something about it.. I am taking good care of what I am taking.. My food for example.. Since I can't eat chicken and meat at my dining hall.. I'll make sure I have something healthy... I mean.. yes i need chicken for protein or whatever.. but the least I can do is control 'em.. right right?

People also have wrong idea of eating salad.. what are you thinking when you are eating salad with a lot of honey mustard?? funny that they would say.. well.. it is salad.. veggies and all good stuff.. how can that be wrong? haiyokk~~

And girls.. don't compare yourself with guys.. guys can lose weight faster than girls.. proven.. google 'em.. We are kinda different from them.. You'll understand what I am saying when you read those related articles.. There's a lot you can do to be fit and healthy.. I am on my way to a healthier life style too.. Its kinda hard but hey.. nothing in this world comes for free.. As long as it gives a good outcome.. I'll try my best..

I'll try to put more tips on how to eat or simple workout for you to do during a 10 minutes break or what not.. you can even download Tae Bo 8 minutes workout.. I like it! Though it's only 8 minutes but it's a good workout for those who doesn't really have that much time in their 1440 minutes a day schedule.. *That's like what? 0.5% out of your whole day?*

Enough of these things.. anyone with more tips?? add to comments!!!

Let us live fit and healthy!!!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Social Cognition

Late on the evening of February 3, 1999, Amadou Diallo, an immigrant from West Africa, took in the night air on the steps his apartment building in the South Bronx. In what was soon to become a fateful encounter, four undercover police officers on patrol, in an unmarked Ford Taurus, turned down Diallo's street. One of the officers noticed Diallo and thought that he looked like sketches of a man who had committed rapes in that area about a year earlier. The officers got out of their car and ordered Diallo to stop as he entered the vestibule of his apartment building. In fact, Diallo had no criminal record. He was working long hours as a street vendor and in his spare time was earning high school credits so that he could go to college. When the police approached Diallo, he reached for his wallet. probably so that he would show some identification. Alarmed by the sight of a black man reaching into his pocket, the four officers did not hesitate. They fired a total of forty-one shots at Diallo, killing him instantly.

Unfortunately, incidents such as this one are not rare. On the night of April 6, 2001, a Cincinnati police officer chased Timothy Thomas into an alley, and demanded that he show him his hands. Before Thomas had a chance to comply, the officer shot and killed him. Thomas was unarmed.

*Source: Social Psychology by Aronson, Wilson, Akert*

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Brain Drain

One scorching day a woman pulled into a parking spot at a supermarket and noticed that the woman in the next space was slumped rigidly over her steering wheel holding one hand up to the back of her head. She felt concerned for the other woman, but went on with her shopping. When she returned to her car, with her groceries, the other woman was still sitting in the same position- hand up to the back of her head and bent over her steering wheel.

So the first woman tapped on the window and asked if the other woman needed any help. Was she feeling all right?

"Please call 911," she gasped " Ive been shot and I can feel my brain coming out!"

The the first woman noticed a grey sticky substance oozing out between the other woman's fingers, so she ran into the store, phoned for help and notified the store's manager.

When the paramedics arrived they carefully pried the woman's fingers from the back of her head, examined the the injury, and checked the rest of the car. The they started laughing. The paramedics explained that a canister of Pillsbury Poppin' Fresh (R) biscuit dough on the top of her grocery bag in the seat had exploded in the heat. The metal lid on the tube had struck the woman on the back of her head, and the top biscuit had shot out and stuck to her hair.

The sales receipt in the woman's groceries showed that she had sat there for one and a half hours before anyone had stopped to offer help. The manager gave her a new can biscuit dough.

*moral of the story : Dont just jump into conclusion*
*This is from Too Good To Be True by Jan Harold Brunvand, my Social Psychology text book. It's going to be a great subject :) Ameen~*

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

What am I?

Guess what am I?

I am small but I am not light

You can look through me but you can't read me

I am hard as a diamond on the outside, but I am as fragile as a crystal glass in the inside

I might look easy, but I am mind challenging

What am I?

*Note: Answer will not be told. =)
: It is not a CUBIC! *

being accepted or appreciated?

Anyone in this world would do anything to be accepted. Everyone living currently that is. No kidding. You might go round about not being one but in the end, you will realize this and have to agree with it. Is it good? Is it that bad as what i have heard people said? Honestly, i don't know.Like i said, i am one of those everyone.

I realize that as for me, it's not something i want to do anymore. It's like putting people's opinion first, then my own decision. It's like i need their affirmation to do something in order to be accepted in the community or in a certain group. As for myself, i need that affirmation not to be accepted but just to make sure i am doing something good and not bad. The least, i'd know what to expect, cons taking that path. Why should i? I have no idea. Maybe this is the other thing in my life i am still learning. seeking for... for the sake of low vocabs, agreement? maybe this is one of my reasoning, which in the end, actually it's a form of asking for acceptance within my circle of people? Realizing this, i will try not to anymore.

Somethings also i realized, is not a form of asking for acceptance but its actually a form of asking to be appreciated. We tend to forget bout them. We tend to take for granted. Take for granted bout things happening around us. Take for granted people who you love. Take for granted the great friends you have. Take for granted about yourselves.

We never realized that till we lost them. Until that person or event goes to other people instead. That feeling of being appreciated. How does it feels like? Does it feels like getting presents for birthdays? Does it feels like that feeling when it's spring again? It's something so fragile in your heart *well at least for me*. The feeling of being accepted of who you are and nature will adjust herself to add you in her.

I hate when people don't appreciate each other. I hate more when people don't appreciate ME. Why am I being so obsess about being appreciated? I don't know. Am I being selfish? No I am not cuz i did mention i hate people who don't appreciate others too, right? *Though it doesn't make any much diff* Having the guts saying this because i do appreciate people. I would try to include them in conversations, show i remember and i thank for what they have done or what not. I would mention their names if people ask who's my best friend. I might not reply messages or chat with people a lot but I still talk about them. *and i meant the good one not the talk-behind-them kinda talk*

It would be more hurtful if it is done from your own best friend or someone you could say close to you. I mean, sometimes, when you are to close to them, you tend to take for granted, since you are close. But sometimes, these close peeps, you need to show your gratitude. Same goes like your parents.. They might say all they want is you being successful in the future bla bla bla but.. truth to be told, they want something in return. Maybe a free trip for Haj or holidays. House where they can stay. Not saying they are materialistic. But after sharing this idea with Jurai, what they expected from you is basically something rigid. So why not kan?

definitely these two are different. But can you differentiate them?

Friday, January 05, 2007

*raising one eye brow*

Life is so subjective.. one can say its a one shot thing and you have to give all you have regardless what it offers.. one say its so big and hard like the tsunami.. it will hit you hard! one can say life is so unpredictable like the weather.. once you thought its going to rain but it's not.. and that is so nerve racking.. life can be so different to everyone.. though the dictionary can give the same or almost the same meaning but it would never be the same definition for each 6.5 billion people in this world.. *yes.. that much of people in this world right now* one girl can say its so hard and her life is all about struggling and suffering.. other girl can say life is all about money and you can do anything with it *woahh.. if it was that easy to print out money yourself* that is why sometimes, i think, it's hard to tell people what you think or feel about what's happening in your life to other people.. its hard for them to understand.. the only thing for me is letting it out from your chest.. it's just good to know its out from your chest and sometimes.. you can even see it more clearly.. who knows, by then you can think about it and do something about it..

And after thinking about it.. i know why i just love being myself.. nowadays, i realized i am losing myself.. day by day.. but realizing it is just great.. the feeling is just great.. i mean.. you know who you are and realizing part of you is losing, you'll be proud of what you actually have.. it's just like losing your hand one day and another.. and realizing they are great and nice and the skin is so soft *uh uh.. i can just go on and describe my fantasy hand*, make you wanna grab it and sew them all up together again but of course, its hard.. but like i said.. its one great feeling that i know i still wanna be what i really am.. you think i am mysterious? great.. i am liking it.. you think i am cocky? oh yeahh!!! look and thought i was naive and nice? well.. i can be as long as you do not unleash my tiger inside *arrrr!!* part of me might be fading but i know i am not letting it fly in front of me.. i am just letting it play in my mind to let me upgrade them for a better me..

oh yeah!!! There you go!! my resolution for 2007~~

before i forget, there was this entry that was not really meant to be understood but some did.. the one before new year.. surprisingly, i can actually see who and why one would understand it and those who might not understand it.. just something i thought.. why not share it (o^_^o)V

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New yeahhh!!

yeehaaa!!! *oppsss~*

Happy New Year people!! gosh.. 2007~ and next year.. i'll be graduating.. *ngeh ngeh* It's fun in a way but also sad.. mostly.. sad i guess.. leaving everything behind and never know if this kind of life will happen again *which i guess not*

celebrated new year at Universal Studio in Florida.. First time ever i guess celebrating new year.. I mean.. going out for the sake of celebrating new year.. It was fun.. expecting more from the fireworks.. but they were nice...

Like u guys knew, I went to Florida!!! oh yeah.. 10 days.. Went to Disney Magical Kingdom, MGM Studios, Animal Kingdom, Seaworld, Busch Garden, Islands Of Adventure and Universal Studios... When i went to Animal kingdom.. some went to Epcot.. Since i am more into animals then culture though i like 'em both.. I felt going to Animal Kingdom would make it more worth it.. And it did..

Oh anyways.. 17 of us went.. yeap.. 2 cars and a van.. 10 hours drive.. well.. make it 14 since we stopped for gas and nature calls.. it was fun.. i always like road trip.. one thing about road trip is.. you will get the chance to know everyone better.. everything from the bad till the good side of someone..

Sounds scary eyh? but yeap.. that's what you will gain about someone.. You are in the same van/car for a period of time which is not an hour or two.. several days.. u have a lot to talk about and a lot of drama too.. But all of this will make your relationship and friendship better and more fun.. You will know what they like and you know what to talk about after the trip and of course you will have this thing.. this notch to start a conversation anytime.. you'll go like "oh! remember that time in Florida/during our trip to..." and the conversation goes on and on and on..

But of course.. knowing the other side of that person.. the 'bad' side is the hardest.. there will always be the drama in between.. kinda hard to go through but hey.. life would be lame without drama involved.. *grinning* a lot too i learnt.. things i knew but i just need more to understand and i did.. but i'm not going into details..

I had my pictures on my flickr updated.. so feel free to click on the link on my sidebar.. you'll notice they are all pictures without people in it.. will do when i feel like it *winkwink* feel free to comment too..


Selamat Hari Raya Adha people!