Friday, March 31, 2006

My personallity?

Went to Daia's blog and saw this thing she did.. "shortest personality test".. was so bored, thus tried it.. am i like this people? * (''-)7 kruuk..kruuk * any commenters? *hehe* feel free to comment.. i apply free speech in my blog.. *hihihi*

Your Personality Profile

You are nurturing, kind, and lucky.
Like mother nature, you want to help everyone.
You are good at keeping secrets and tend to be secretive.

A seeker of harmony, you are a natural peacemaker.
You are good natured and people enjoy your company.
You put people at ease and make them feel at home with you.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

SOOO ShweEtt!!

This would be the sweetest song ever for me!! *hahaha* at first.. it was nothing.. the fact that.. its a typical song.. mintak maaf sbb ada org laen.. *bla bla bla* .... then tinggalkan that girl/guy.. ikut org laen.. *yada yada*.. but then this one.. terdetik nak tgk the vc... and here it is.. and its soooo sweet.. what i understand.. the man was married to this one nice lady.. and he asked for apology for he met someone else.. but the fact that the guy asked for apology to his dead wife.. itu yg buat the song interesting.. hurmm~~ dunnoe for y'all.. but for me.. its just.. nice~~~

Saturday, March 25, 2006


yAyy!! its weekend again!! *aaaa!! (^-^)* even though its weeken... i still cant wake up late *bummer!!* bcuz... for those who don't know.. im working.. as a reeve.. i dont noe how to explain what i do *bcuz there arent any.. just sitting around and wait if anyone comes by to ask questions*.. so its simpler if i say.. sort of like a receptionist thingy.. answer the phone if it rings, answering questions.. *yada yada* anyhow.. the place whare i sit.. i can see people walking out from the main aisle to the lobby and out the door.. and today.. something.. i could say.. "gotcha!!!!" moment.. *hehehe* there was these 2 guys.. walking out.. to play baseball i gez.. they have the ball, the glove, the bat and even baseball hat *i dunt noe what's the significant but its baseball!!* and i can say they are baseball freak.. anyways.. the guy with the bat was swinging it when i looked at him.. i then looked down on my book again and then gave a quick look at 'em again.. and there he was.. trying to swing the bat as if my head is one big baseball.. not that he swings it right over my head.. but from a distance aa.. he went "syit!! darn!!" cursing himself.. ashamed.. he then put down his bat and looked on the floor while walking as fast as he could.. and for me.. i was smiling.. grinning.. as if my face had the word GOTCHA written clearly *capitalized and bold*.. looking at him goin out the door.. with his white cheeks starting to blush.. that was so funny!!! well.. at least for me laa kan.. to remember his face.. full with arrogant and this i-am-so-gewd-in-baseball kinda style.. swinging the bat in front of me.. his 'baseball'.. and walking out like a lil boy who just dropped one whole stack of items from the shelves in a drugstore.. *hahaha* anyways.. gottogo..

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


It's march.. *hehh.. obviously!*.. i was goin through my organizer and bile tgk list birthdates.. perghhh... there are a whole lot of peeps nyer birthday i missed!! That is sooooo not me!!!! plus.. milo and piyah also did this shout-out thingy to all birthday girls *and boys*.. so.. here it goes..
I wiSh HapPy BElAteD BirthDaY to...
:Zally, ASma *im So sorry Bebeh!*, D-Rose, MomO, TuckeY *omg darling!! so sorRY!*, ChiK, BalQis S, LIZeD *aiyooo!!!*
:AfiQ AmsYAr and Epi *SorRy banGat awAk!!*
oh..! and alSO my brO-in-Law!!! Abg EimAn... HappY belAteD! *hehe..* and my niece!! soRry Danish!! *even though u cant read but.. courtesy.. ;p* To Jenab.. HapPy ComIn bIrthDay!! *ish Ish*.. daH duk jAuh camni.. i cant forget my peeps aite?? I'll try to remember after this.. I hope.. *hehehe*

Monday, March 20, 2006

Dete.... whAt?????

why oh why!!! i still cant pronounce deteriorate!!! dh blaja.. but still.. i have to think.. pause for awhile before i can even say it.. itu pun.. still.. i cant say it!!!

Sunday, March 19, 2006


hehh.. done with my week.. sungguh tensen dan tak besttttt.. *hohoho* but here i am again.. writing and mumbling bout stuff.. *but u guys still read it.. nICe!* but anyways.. ColORaDO.. it was awesome!! but the trip.. was quite a journey.. 24 hours in the car.. like Milo said.. gle patah blakang gak aa.. *huhu*.. This is what i concluded from this trip

: to have a WHOLE LOT OF FUN.. Doesnt matter if i noe how to snowboard or not but i just wanna get out of Vandy..
: trying hard to learn how to snowboard..
: got it!!! its all about focus.. no slouching.. its all on ur knee *said my guru*
: cmon!! dunt give up!!! u can do it!! just a lil bit more and u can do it!! *its all about patience and how much u wanna do it and achieve it ;p*
: Get to noe more peeps
: Learnt to snowboard (heels.. toe.. grind..)
: Everything was achieved and even more than expected ;p

*ngangngna* pape laaa anis solihah.. the fact that i can snowboard is gewd enuf.. i didnt even wanna try skiing just bcuz i wanna really snowboard.. A whole lot thanx to Aisamuddin, Fadli, Khalis, Faiz.. these people really helped me a lot and also paling patient with me *Thanx to whom terase tuh*..

The first day, we were brought to a wrong place >> Loveland Basin.. not that we cant play but wrong level aa.. it's for the intermediate/expert.. kami ni.. terkial-kial laa blaja.. Alhamdulillah.. nuthin bad happen.. the worst was just someone was knocked down and the person who knocked tuh patah kaki.. not one of us though.. thats the worst i gez.. well.. for the first day..the second day.. salah lagi.. this time.. miscommunication i'll say.. anyways.. we had fun..i played this thing..
kewl oo!!! i did the flipping thing few tymes.. the fact that i always wanted to play this thing and to play it was so much fun!!oh.. second day was in KeyStone.. then.. we played slide!! kali ni no more tray aa people!! *hhehehe* gune aa sume yg ade.. slide.. snowboard, sekeping getah yg i dunnoe wut it is called.. it was nice too!! *hahahha* basically after that..everyone had sore butt..

After that day.. we went to the actual place that we should have gone to on the first day.. Loveland Village for the beginner/intermediate.. it was kewl.. i got to learn more skills.. naek to the intermediate level.. it was zigzag.. scary.. really scary.. *the fact that, that tyme i still cant snowboard that gewd.* but it was one experience..
The next day.. Brickenridge.. This place was awesome!! i like this place the most... this was where i graduated aa gak.. ;p I went a whole lot of feeling just at this place and gained something in return aa.. grinding was fun!! the snow was nice but got worst towards the evening and i was freezing cold but eventually i sweat jugak when snowboarding.. was an awesome experience.. i am definitely goin again.. but i cant have the pic uploaded.. only wira has the pics.. tak dpt lagi from him.. ask me if u wanna see 'em... pape pun.. we had an awesome time..!! definitely!!!
orite.. dah buhsan bercerita.. signing off!~~

Monday, March 13, 2006

The End

Spring break is over.. second half of spring semester starts today.. *urghhhhhh!!!!* got lots of stuff to think this half of semester.. hate to think bout it.. too much.. got to be prepared emotionally and physically.. *urghhhhhh!!!* i have a lot to tell too bout last break too!! *hehehhehe* write later though.. need to study.. got test tomorrow.. wish me luck!! *finger crossed*

Friday, March 03, 2006

SpRing bREak!!

yayy!!! Spring break is here!!! *huahuahua* and people.. hold on to your seat... I'm gOInG to ColorAdo For snoWbOArdiNg!!! i am soooooooooo excited.. *hehehehe* tapikan.. itu actually exaggerate gak aa.. cuz im not THAT excited.. *huhuhuhu* im more of excited to go out of vandy and have fun.. a lot of FUN.. cuz after that.. i gotta study.. *uuuuu* gotta go.. chiow!!!! anyways... me goin fo the whole week.. ;p

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A wEek to RemEmBeR?

alarm is buzzing.. annoyed.. ear-aching.. irritated.. *urggggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!* if it is for real.. this would be the second time towers caught on fire.. well.. bunyi cam gle ganas..hehe.. but still.. the first time was last weeken.. chute terbakar.. stupid drunk people.. *suke hati fitnah*.. anyways....
*hahahhaha* ok ... its was actually a real fire.. *huahuahauha* the scary part was.. the thing was on the 9th floor aka floor atas jerr.. and the whole floor was floaded.. the water smpi drained to my floor.. *hahahahha* the funny part.. satu umah tak turun.. thought it was a fire drill.. well... except izzati sorang yg turun.. who was in joe's room.. *hahaha* the RA -resident advisor- actually masuk umah and checked the house or something.. we were so scared that shes goin to be mad.. we hide inside the closet.. nasib closet besar.. *ahhaha* janji dah laa lepas ni.. anytime.. if the alarm goes off.. we WILL go down and evacuate the building.. *hehehehe* at least we learn something tonite.. *hahaha*
ima, watashi wa "beautiful life" wo mittede hong wo yomimasu. omoshiroine.. totemo sugoii!! honto!! wakarimasuka?.. *hehe* i am currently watching beatiful life.. again.. it was when someone gave me his iriver to watch it and i am stucked to it from then.. i should never take it at the first place.. *ahahha* but watching it right now is so much different than before.. imean.. i watch it with a different point of view and taking morals here and there.. like before... it was all about Takuya Kimura.. * skang.. tak minat punn.. cam serabut ;p*
anyhoo.. i am also reading this book.. wait till i am done with it.. br i'll say more bout it.. what else..
oh.. next semester.. i'll be living in a single room *insyaAllah*.. dpt masuk this one housing hall.. McTyiere.. i'll be living in the Japanese Hall.. its a program housing package kinda stuff.. there.. i need to communicate with people in japanese.. every dinner.. speak in jap.. eigo ga inai.. >> no english.. *hehehhe*.. in a way.. kewl gak kan? *pat on my own shoulder* aaa.. dah ngantuk.. oyasumi!!