Friday, June 30, 2006

foreva fwenz

i gez some does mean it when they say.. "friends forever" aite? for some who just dont give a damn bout it would just say it for the sake of saying "yeah i WILL try to remember you but i doubt it".. heh.. sound kinda emo helyeah iam but i gez some people dont think that's such a big thing to make a fuss out of it..

anyways.. this is not true for Adian *aite? winkwink*.. he actually got to my blog and said hi.. it was great to get in contact with him again.. i mean.. after wut.. 10 years? we went to school together, were in the same class.. sometimes i wud go to his house to do some homeworks and stuff.. played.. remember his lil sis that time.. anis is her name.. for some reason i remember her name.. *well i gez the anis thingy made it clear.. duhh!*

it was kinda sweet.. he remembers me from those he does.. which is like.. aaa brape org jer hek adian? *hehehehe* i will definitely find a pic of u and i.. the least.. class pic.. *hahaha* that would be funny.. and i'll show it to you... remind me that though! my mom even remembers you! even my sis.. i gez my big sis pun.. well.. if i remind her bout the ning baizura thingy.. *hehehe.. just cant get that out of my mind laa* >> warning : only Adian and i know what i'm talking right now.. (^-^)v

talking bout pics.. im comin back in a week!! yayy!! but still have loads to pack and 1 final coming.. *haishhh!!* but then.. its worth it.. more things to think.. the faster the time.. hope its not that fast that i cant catch my breath and even pack!! yaikss!!

got paper due.. b0hsaN~

Monday, June 26, 2006


"Tidak ada kesusahan (atau bala bencana) yang menimpa
(seseorang) melainkan
dengan izin Allah dan sesiapa yang beriman kepada
Allah, Allah akan memimpin
hatinya (untuk menerima apa yang telah berlaku
itu dengan tenang dan sabar) dan
(ingatlah), Allah Maha Mengetahui akan
tiap-tiap sesuatu."

{Surah At-Taghaabun; Ayat 11}
~there's an entry before *june 23rd* which was not there before.. for some reason, i kept it.. but now its readable ;p~

Sunday, June 25, 2006

ball fever

race aa jom!!

where's the ball??

hamek! hamek!

eykk! hayaii ne!!

comin through mister :D



sekian dahulu.. macehh~ (`',)7

Friday, June 23, 2006

do you know bout urself?

was talking to jurai *like always* and she asked me these questions.. something to let you knoe bout urself i gez? dunnoe how far its true but as for me.. kinda~~
these are the ques.. feel free to test yourself and hope to hear ur stories :D

>> you're goin into a forest.. what animal wud u choose to go with you and wuts the quality of the animal that u chose.

>> you saw a river.. what wud u do?
: get wet
: just play with it but not till u get wet
: just take a drink
: just look at it and went on walking

>> saw a house.. and in the house... there was a window and a table.. where's the table relative to the window?

>> you were about to sleep.. but before that.. u drank a glass of water and put it on the table.. where is the glass? (at the edge of the table/a lil bit to the middle)

>> where's your animal at this time?

>> the next day, u saw bushes of roses.. red and white.. wud u pick one?

>> say if u were to pick one, regardless the answer before, which one wud u pick?

basically.. these are what those actions reflect..

>> the animal shows what kind of person u'r seeking for
*as for the quality i mean.. *

>> the river - obstacles in life..
: if u get wet - means u wud face the challenge and really gets into it
: a lil wet - face it but not totally into it
: just drink it - u wud just solve it and put it away
: just went away - u refuse to face the challenge

>> the nearer the table is to the window, the clearer the future is to you..

>> the position of the glass shows how careful u r in handling stuff in your life..

>> the location of your animal shows the equality you have towards your partner..

>> if you only look at the bushes of roses.. means you dont even care less bout guys/chicks.. but if u pick 'em.. you just need them or even u care bout them..

>> white rose : you love your partner more than he/she loves you
red rose : he/she loves you more than you love him/her

so..there you go.. it shud be fun.. wanna noe mine?

my animal will be a tough looking *but of course tough laa kan* cheetah.. walk with proud and dignity.. i wud get a lil bit wet in the river in order to go on with my journey.. the table in the house is kinda near to the window.. i wud put the glass right in the middle of the table.. at first, i imagine there's a bed and the cheetah wud sleep beside me.. but again, cheetah is too big.. so the cheetah wud be sleeping on the floor but then.. i dunt think i wud do that.. so i wud just sleep beside the cheetah even though there's a bed.. the next day.. i wud just look at the bushes of roses.. not something i wud stop and see laa kut.. but if i were to pick one.. i wud pick a white rose..


my partner has that kind of quality i just told u guys.. and i wud face the challenge of life in order to get on with my life.. i cant really see my future *as for me.. i think anything can happen.. so.. that's y i gez?* and I AM VERY cautious bout wut i do in life.. and see how sweet i am.. i wud rather be with my cheetah even though i noe i can be on the bed.. meaning.. i seek for equality in my partner.. *hehehe.. shweett kan?*.. and i dunt care bout guys.. *uuu!!* and i love him more than he does?? adeh~~ cannot laa camtuh!! *hahaha* thought i seek for equality.. so the love pun mesti laa equal.. *hehehe*

so iv told u guys my story.. how boutcha? =?

Thursday, June 22, 2006

feeling under the weather

was feeling under the weather today despite all the news i received these past few days.. have no idea why.. *partly actually..* but guess.. i cant think bout it that much huh? *hehehe* but hey.. i would never want to let my emotion and physical sway together with this shitty, weird and awkward feeling.. must stay tall and stand on my feet no matter how hard and strong the wind is.. *wah wah!!! ape laa anis solihah merepek nih :D*

Smile.. and the world smiles with you..
Cry.. and you'll cry alone...

All good things must come to an end, but all bad things can continue forever

Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not; and often times we call a man cold when he is only sad

Smile, even if it's a sad smile, because sadder than a sad smile is the sadness of not knowing how to smile

The word 'happiness' would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness

Monday, June 19, 2006

women's war I

can't sleep.. decided to study a bit and go through my hws.. then.. biase laa.. symptom org dah "penat" study.. *yeah right anis solihah* decided to do something else but at least something knowledgeable.. so surfed some websites and was on Portal Muslimah.. was browsing if there were any interesting articles.. then there was this article on women's war.. *hurmm.. sound interesting.. i gez* but didnt finish it up.. bcz after reading half of it.. i remember my own version of women's war and how far men appreciate it..

i once luv to ask my guy frens "which do u like most to see; girls with hijab or without?" basically.. they have two answers.. well.. three actually.. most fav answer

>> tak kesah.. mane-mane pun boleh..
my respond : tipu.. mane ade org tak kesah... mesti ade yg lebih.. dont worry.. i'll be open :)

so back to 2 answers..

>> pakai tudung.. y?
:suruhan agama.. bagus laa die ada islamic background..
~understandable laa kan.. expected reason in a way.. well.. the only reason pun kutt!~

>> tak pakai kutt.. y?
: nampak lagi lawa.. kutt..
: nampak lagi menawan *same meaning with lawa aite? pffft!!*
~but then later on.. they would go on and say~
: tp pakai tudung ok jugak *smiling at the same time* > sheeshh! make up your mind mister!
~and of cuz.. honest reasons~
: org pakai tudung nih.. sometimes look sloppy.. tak kemas.. if tudung pun nmpk tak kemas.. wut more inside aite?
: wuts the use of wearing hijab if u still act like a slut? > mind my language :p
: pki tudung nampak tak up-to-date.. very conservative > well dis was years back before there was even wardina's or any other hijab's fashion out there..

in a way.. the reasons were acceptable.. till now pun.. BUT!! its not the hijab's fault nor the rules.. but the one who's wearing it aite? if u were to wear it nicely, properly.. u would look so nice and pretty.. see how wardina actually changed the view of some people that think hijab is a conservative fashion.. not anymore aite? if u noe how to make it up-to-date but at the same time still preserve the objective of a hijab, its gewd enuf aite? *heh.. reminder to myself too*

but that's not the reason me writing this.. like i said earlier.. this is one of the women's war.. its not easy to face these kind of comments every day.. feels like an alien especially when u r outside of the islamic territory.. but bcz we r obliged to our religion, we stand up for what we are and what is right.. from all those answers i received.. i was terribly touched by this one guy.. his answer was something different..

me : so.. tudung or no tudung?
guy: tudung.. duh!
me : hehh.. jangan laa sbb aku pakai tudung.. ur answer pun shud be tudung.. be honest.. i'll be open :p
guy: nop.. being honest and always been my answer.. bertudung..
me : heh? *sambil angkat kening tak puas hati.. just to poke him around which always jd*
guy: yupp.. u wanna noe y?
me : *nodding frantically*
guy: well.. itu kan suruhan agama *i was half way smiling* and at the same time.. rase kagum mcm mane perempuan tuh boleh tahan pakai tudung utk masa depan..
me :*making faces but have my eyes saying "plz elaborate" *
guy: well.. kite tahu.. woman adalah kurniaan Allah utk lelaki.. teman hidup.. present from HIM.. the whole package was nicely covered.. mcm hadiah.. nicely wrapped.. i gez.. that's why perempuan ada lebih byk aurat dr lelaki.. so.. tudung tuh part of the wrapper laa kan? not sayin a girl tuh mcm barang.. but to show how women are so delicate and beautiful for men, Allah dah mintak perempuan cover diri mereka.. klu that girl dah tunjuk dkt semua org.. its something normal dah laa.. bukan part of the suprise dah.. sape nak hadiah yg semua dah nampak.. the more secretive it is.. the more excitement u'll have when u receive it kan?

and so it is.. was so terharu and proud to have a friend like that *which skang dh hilang contact* and the fact that i heard that answer first hand.. *Alhamdulillah* never thought to hear that kind of answer and never did after that pun..

something nice to ponder dont u think?

Sunday, June 18, 2006

last entry deletes

for some reason.. i deleted the last entry.. but let me quote-unquote again wut i've said..

read ena's blog.. came across this phrase

"sekali SSP memencak, Kejayaan pasti di puncak.."

terigt zaman itu kembali.. was hard to forget even a bit.. and for each sspian i gez.. *as far as for me alone* reading this phrase ajer dah cukup to make us proud to be an sspian..

enuf said...

"once an SSPian, forever an SSPian"


havent been writing for sometimes ey? got another writing to do.. so cant do both at the same time.. *hehehe* im not really writing person laa.. kinda hard for me actually.. i mean just to write without any response.. one way interaction.. but.. the fact that been writing for sometime dah kan.. gewd enuf aite? but merapu jer byk... *haishh~*

so the first ever ex-sspian gathering went well *guessing*.. from what i heard.. it was fun.. so much fun.. if only i was there.. surely its a blast.. *bummer!* but i gez there's a reason for it.. heh.. i heard sampai ade berebut nak dpt title sape kawen first laa.. adehh.. ~~ and of cuz.. Glace laa paling bising hek? hehehe.. i need updates guys!!! comment2!!!

last nite had a great talk with ena.. *kan ena kan??* it was fun.. the reminiscence of our salad days.. wah wah.. it was so funny.. terigt every single thing when we were still innocent.. *innocent laa sgt.. tsk tsk*

*went on dreaming bout the past*
missin glace.... :'(

Thursday, June 15, 2006


"Tatkala dunia tanpa keamanan, tatkala itu jugalah manusia ditimpa kesengsaraan.. Rakyat palestin terus ditindas, akibat bumi dipijak menjadi rebutan"

hehh!.. suddenly i was wholly taken up with reminiscences of my school years.. that was my intro for pidato.. *hahaha.. never thought i cud do that* oh and to bbdak forum esp zally.. remember this?
"yer.. kite merobek.. merobek yer.. kite
merobek... *pause kejap* merobek erti..."
*hahahha* only us wud understand that i gez.. it was actually.. cik pengerusi.. yg lupe script.. hahaha.. nasib she's gewd at giving this tone of i-am-trying-to-get-into- the-mood kinda style.. *hehehe* i miss my frens.. miss 'em so muchh!!! i even dreamt balqis yusof.. nana.. jenab.. hope to see u guys in msia soon.. gathering is up kat umah nana aite?? but not pink bj plz.. just not my color (^_`)
i remember those time when i was in this pidato thingy.. never ever thought i could do this impromptu thing.. again after storytelling.. but yeap.. i did.. i was so shocked when sir meor said i was in it.. its a big burden for me as theyear before.. kak lin had made to national.. and me.. adehh~~~ but i was up to the challenge.. got help from myto, zally, zue, ena and the most important.. my own sis.. nisak.. from one level to another.. she was there for me.. the saddest part was when u have no confident from others.. *pondering and wondering*
anyways.. World cup is every where now.. even in class the people are talking bout who's playing today and wut not.. sad for me that France played kinda bad.. *adehh~~* was never a fan of soccer before.. not that big fan.. but this all started when i was in high school;SSP.. yurpp.. that was when i learnt almost everything bout soccer.. that was.. form 3.. and then.. world cup 2002.. it was fun.. the night when the final was on.. we actually asked from Pn Tengku *our principal* to be excuse from prep.. just to watch final world cup.. *uishhh~~ sunggih tak kami sume?* and Pn Tengku of cuz laa gave the permission.. kate nyer.. it shows how girls also do watch soccer and SSP bukan stuck up sgt.. *heh.. stuck up laa jugak in a way.. hahaaha*
oh and i remember when...
omg!!!!!!!!!!!!! was watching Eng vs Tobago.. that was a close call for England!!!! that was so close for Tobago..
anyways.. i remember when we actually berebut to get the paper just bcz of nak amek gmbr our best players.. sampai berebut ggle laa.. especially izzah and Jenab.. due2 minat mamat jongang.. *erghhh.. ahhahaha* pape laa people..
alaa.. i really miss my school years.. Glace.. rindu nyer korang.. demmit~~~

Saturday, June 10, 2006

bored II

i'm back at work.. was in the room all the time that i didnt notice how hot and sunny today is.. very sunny..*squinting my eyes* well.. before we did anything, jurai and i had some discussion of addiction.. not an ordinary one though.. yet a norm to people too.. just that people didnt realize that.. LovE & CarE adDiction.. yupp.. u read it right.. believe it or not.. i just read something on it.. its funny how actually... almost all movies with romance were depicted from this addiction.. and yet people didnt realize bcz it seems a norm to us.. its actually dangerous... which can lead to rape, stalking, suicide etc.. *haishhh~~* the easiest and most famous example.. Romeo & Juliet.. such a romantic story that the romeo was willing to kill himself for juliet.. *huh??* all i noe.. love stories always end with "and they live happily ever after" not this one heyh?

As i've expected.. these people who are having this addiction are those who didnt get much love when they were small or teenagers.. black sheep of the family.. detached by their own parents.. basically... it goes back to your background.. also, someone yg used to get luv and care.. say from girlfriend/boyfriend.. then suddenly kene dump, they would think they can get use to not having someone near them but they eventually need someone.. the least pun.. a friend's luv and care.. but of course i cant deny some people can really survive without someone important in his/her life.. and i salute that person.. seriously.. its not easy as it seems.. this is a true story.. someone can also actually cheat on her boyfriend but fear to break up for she doesnt noe if the guy she likes, likes her too.. pitty that bf of hers.. free2 jadi dummy...

and then terigt.. raihan was telling to me and jurai bout her friend getting married at my age.. just got married in other word.. *yeapp!! 20 dah kawen... too early dont u think?* with my friends who are now talking bout getting married.. getting engaged.. wah wah.. kinda cant accept it.. but hey.. my sis got married at 22.. 2 years different.. i gez its occay to think bout it *not me though! dont even have the criteria to be a wife pun lagi* so me and jurai were talking bout it.. and gave us something to ponder.. when are we *me and jurai terutame nyer* to realize that we have to think about it? do we end up like jurai's sis who just one day woke up and first thing in her mind was.. "i have to find a boyfriend and get married" at 26? *or was it 27, jurai?*

we are now still in the bubble of having fun.. berpoya2.. not serious bout life *sometimes*.. even though we noe we are now at the edge of our still-teen-and-wanna-hv-fun bubble.. we still dont want to get out of the bubble.. its gewd enuf to be at the edge.. looking at the others.. popping one by one.. do we hv to wait for someone to pop it for us? do we have to do it ourselves? the biggest question is.. would this bubble pop? *hehehehe.. itu bunyi mcm nak ke andartu* anyways.. to my friends who are planning to get married and getting engaged.. gewd luck to u guys.. u guys noe better of urself.. u wont plan if u r not ready *like moi (`',)v*

woww!! woww!! did i just wrote sumthing bout marriage? yaiikksss!!!


1117am (CMT)
was so bored working.. and its been my fav thing lately to read stuff here and there.. blogs, articles wutever i can find.. started with any topic came to this empty brain and eventually... leads to lot of things.. keeps me knowledgable laa gak.. i'v been in a nutshell for like 2 years.. no inputs of wut so ever in the real world.. *and then ade hati nak ngomen2* anyhoo.. read this in someone's blog.. cant remember who.. but.. i bet this guy is a kentut freak.. but kinda funny gak even though agak nasty..
orang yg kalau kentut lalu menyalahkan org lain.
orang yg menahan kentutnya sampai berjam-jam.
orang yg tahu mase yg terbaik untuk kentut.
orang yg ingin kentut tapi tidak boler kentut.
orang yg kalau kentut, orang lain tidak ada yg tahu.
orang yg tiba-tiba terkentut bile disergah.
org yg melepaskan kentutnye dengan bunyi yg amat lantang.
org yg kentut dalam selimut dan terus dikibaskan baunya.
org yg kentut tidak berbunyi tetapi gusar org lain terbau kentutnya.
org yg menyembunyikan bunyi kentutnya dengan ketawa terbahak-bahak agar org lain tidak dpt mendengar bunyi kentutnya.
org yg kalau abis kentutnya menghirup untuk mencium angin kentutnya.
org yg boleh mengeluarkan kentut apabila disuruh.
org yg sering mencium kentutnya sendiri dan bercerita akan keharuman kentutnya.
org yang tidak kisah mencium kentut org lain.
org yg suke kentut biler berkumpul dgn teman2.
org yg gemar kentut didalam air.
org kentut sambil mengeluarkan tenaga dalaman.
org yg mengaku kalau abis kentut.
org yg menghuraikan kandungan bau kentut org lain.
org yg biler ketawa sambil terkentut.
org yg kentut bunyinya mendayu dan berirama merdu ketika sedang berdating.
org yg bile batuk dier akan terkentut.
org yg mudah marah bile terbau kentut walaupun kentutnya sendiri.
i dunnoe how far u think its funny.. but for me.. its not that funny.. but sumthing to make u think.. which category r u in when u farted *lol guling2* so.. i went on reading some stuff here and there.. and there was this blog.. that person was in LA last month if im not mistaken.. and he got the chance to take a ride in a limo.. everyone commented on how nice it was to be riding a long, exclusive, classy-look ride.. hehh... if only u guys noe.. my friends went vegas.. and they actually went on a limo.. see?? limos here are like taxis.. well.. they r!! *hehehe.. shooott!! i sound like so ngengade!! sorry2* but really.. you can have it rent for 60usd for.. a nite... well.. if u noe how to find a cheap one laa.. but still laa kan.. y do u want to ride a limo which will cost u 60 usd when u can just ride any public transportation which cost u.. less than even 20 usd.. anyways.. i might just rent one though.. at least dpt laa rase naek limo skali (^_^)...~~

Friday, June 09, 2006

dont quit

When life leaves you hanging
Anything can happen
Bend, dont break
Challenge your potential
Destiny is a choice
Effort creates opportunities
Follow your intuition
Get back up and try again
Hold on to your vision
Impress yourself
Just dig a little deeper
Keep knocking on doors
Learn from miustakes
Motivate with compassion
Nothing worthwhile comes easy
Own a positive attitude
Problems hold messages
Question what's not working
Regroup when you need to
Stand up for your principles
Think outside the box
Unite perseverance with resolve
Value knowing when to walk away
Work smarter, not just harder
Xhaust all possibilities
You can if you think you can
Zzzz's take naps as needed

Thursday, June 08, 2006

long story

its been a week without the '06 seniors.. kinda missin' em already.. yeapp!! believe it or not.. *hehehe..* i mean.. everyone of 'em.. like.. wanna watch movie? AISAMUDDIN, SHAHIR n WEDA wud be the first one to ask.. if i were to go fishing.. i'd check on FADLI, SHAHIR.. wanna eat cheesecake or breadpudding? SALA can do it for ya.. game? ESA!! nak mkn? SERI... mintak tolong.. :P wanna hv a gala and crazy time? DAYAH, ZATY, TIQAH wud be perfect!! and others of course.. wah wah.. got some other pix of them in my Flickr.. but unfortunately.. i'v used up all my space for the month to upload pics.. *kinda sux..* might wanna check on others.. but i am soooo malas to upload pics yg banyak.. but at the same time.. i want y'all to see 'em.. *haishh.. mengarut laa sgt anis solihah!!* but me missin them still~~ (!-!)

Enuf with this missin2 people.. well.. its the 3rd day of class.. summer class.. starts at 8 am and ends at 10 am.. not bad.. well.. as for this week laa.. kinda nice becuz the class is only for 4 days.. monday to thursday.. when Jurai has 2 classes and ends at 4 pm on friday.. *hahaha.. pitty u laa jurai* summer class for me is nice cuz u dont have to pressure yourself that much.. as to compare to fall or spring semester.. plus.. only 1 class or 2 classes.. what do u expect aite? the best thing bout summer for me is that there aint many people around.. i hate crowded places.. i hate seas of people.. not that i dont like to socialize but i just dont like being cramp in the middle of a lot of people.. mind u but with my size.. i am easily squashed.. that's why i dont really like goin to concerts or big events.. i rather stay at home and watch it on my couch or bed.. you can even see better too (^_^).. fine laa if u say you could see live.. but it doesnt matter to me..

what else.. i feel like writing a lot of things..

since my birthday.. i have this thought.. how time is running.. as if chasing something that we human do not know.. and as time goes by.. we human tend to change.. should i say change or evolve? which one am i? all i know.. i've turned into someone new.. if you know me from school.. i am so not sonic.. *daydreaming.. abaikan~~*

so.. like i said.. as time goes by.. people change.. but how far they themselves realize this? if they do realize.. wud they change back to what they were before? or wud they just stay as it is and hope to change again into someone better?

it is always said.. There is no one who can change yourself then you yourself.. not even god.. ALLAH did not promise that life would be easy, but HE did promise, to go with you every step of your life, with HIM by your side.. so try to change and not just go on with life without doing anything and hope miracles to happen.. stay firm and determine to what you want.. not just this.. but anything that you do in life..

wah wah.. feels like a philosopher plak... *wut the?? perasan aa sonick!! nganga (*o*)v * actually.. blogspot is gle.. its been 2 days the thing meragam.. i cant even open the site.. that's why i have like tonnes to tell yet lil to write.. my ideas just cant stay still in my head.. *hehehe..* sedangkan tgh bercerite dgn beriye nyer pun i can hilang my point of telling the story.. inikan nak menulis.. *abaikan.. only one who knows bout this... hahaha *guling2* *

Sunday, June 04, 2006


occay.. i'v did my flickr account... just for u guys to see the pics.. but.. *hehehe* i've only uploaded 12 pics.. (",)v.. will do it later.. oh and one part i didnt write.. you'll know when u browse the pics.. one hint.. umie said i was 'ayu'.. *hauhauhuahuaha* i had a big lol when she told me that.. anyways.. enjoy.. *well.. i gez.. not till i uploaded everything hehe*