Saturday, May 19, 2007


Another year past by and its a fast one.. A lot I have learnt.. A lot I have missed.. A lot I had fun.. A lot I was sad.. But everything made me what I am today.. I am a year older and hope a year wiser.. *2-3 years wiser also can :D* I have to say.. last night, was a shock.. Kinda didn't expecting it from some people.. But that shows I was and never alone.. I always have people around me.. But it was kinda sad that some people are not around.. Had great presents.. REALLY!! love 'em a lot!! even my sisters, niece and nephew called ad sang me a birthday song.. which they never did.. it was just great.. but I have to say... this is my best present ever.. Though i did it myself.. but its not that.. its the words from the greatest friend i ever had.. Glad I know you and you helped me a lot for the past years.. Thank you again Jurai~

Thursday, May 17, 2007

New pics uploaded

well said title :)

its all on flickr.. not much of it.. First, its Taib's commencement.. not much.. most of the pics are in Taib's camera.. but it was fun watching something different.. As for the ceremony, its the same but when receiving the cert, the student will put on hoodie.. at least.. thats what i think they called the thing.. Its not really like a normal hoodie, but.. its something they hang on the neck to the back.. and then, they will proceed with receiving the cert.. That's for the masters.. as for the phDs, they went through the same thing but the hoodie will be put on by their advisor aka the professors.. Its something interesting and new to me.. I had fun in a way..

Next, pictures of seniors dinner with the parents.. it was a good one.. we ate nasi tomato!! *nyum nyum!!* Nothing extravagant but it was real fun..

The past days, I unpacked my stuff to my new place.. its not permanent yet.. I still have to move to a new place before fall semester.. I think its stupid but hey! what can I do.. But i like this new place of mine.. maybe partly, because I actually noe the place by now and i noe exactly what i want to do to this place.. *hehe*

aite then.. need to get ready for soccer prac.. yes.. you read that right..


Saturday, May 12, 2007

A random letter


Its been awhile you neglected me. It is true people change and i accept that you are not excluded. I am not mad, not at all. But it hurts to see you break down and fall. Crying alone and feel bad about yourself all day long. That is all you do. When u have me.. u're so different.

When with me, you tell me everything. Every single details. After that, you are that person again; smiling all day long, crazy, happy as if nothing is bothering you. You were the one that i envied most. Everyone too. You said you have problems.. studies.. family.. friends.. but you never show them.. and you would just forgive them regardless who's fault and let it be.. That's not something anyone can do to everyone.

What happen to you now though? You've changed. you left what is good for you. You became someone that is totally opposite to what you are. You know but seems like you can't do anything much or is it you just don't want to?

You can. I know the old you. It is still in you but you're suppressing it for what ever reason. Bring it out again. Please do. Show to everyone the old you again. They will definitely be happy for you, as i will definitely. You know where I am. All you have to do is just grab me again.

I know after reading this, you may or may not understand it. If you don't, just remember, I am still here for you. I will stay here waiting for you regardless how long it would take for you to change your mind. But if you understand everything, I am glad and it is time for you to make the first step. Grab me and i'll accompany you forever. A promise from me to you...

Again.. I am always here for you..

With love,
Anis Solihah...

Saturday, May 05, 2007

what about?

Thought of writing on the 10th.. meaning i've been away from blogging a month.. but i guess.. i might be busy by then.. i'm moving into a new apartment this 7th.. but still on campus.. so.. yeah..

What happened for the past few weeks.. had the worst weeks ever.. finals.. it was super stress for me.. but got through it.. yatta!! *Alhamdulillah.. :)* finals weren't that bad.. but i think i might screwed it.. well.. things are in the past and i'm not thinking bout it.. i wanna have fun.. *heee..* i guess most peeps are finished with their finals too.. *im just guessing* for those who are still struggling.. I pray you peace and luck.. insyaAllah.. for those who's like me.. have fun but not too much.. you'll just give your brain a shock once you started new semester..

Last week also taught me something.. have no intention of telling what happened.. but just moral to the week story.. When you have a doubt feeling or this feeling but you tend to just ignore it or think.. "oh.. it won't happen" or something similar.. you're in denial.. what u have in mind.. that's exactly what it is.. yes we don't want to believe it.. but you are hurting yourself more when u know the truth.. especially if you know the truth from someone else.. just get a grip of yourself.. things won't go your way all the time.. everybody knows that :)

enough of that.. what else.. though semester's done.. i still have stuff to do.. need to do a business presentation book.. helping a grad student with his research.. midwest is coming.. yeah.. the one nicky and i always chat about in tagboard.. *ngeh ngeh* so need to practice and practice.. what else.. commencement..

Talking bout commencement.. woww! I'm a rising senior!! my last year!! how does that feel? excited? yeap2!! *jump2* scared? a lil bitt.. *biting nails* neutral? not at all *lol*

ok so i have no idea of what to write.. just for the sake of updating my blog.. toodles~