Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Rayman Rabbids

I am a fan of rayman rabbids.. Since... I played Rayman Wii.. hehe... this is a funny one... i likey!!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday

Its black friday and I'm in my cubbyhole, snuggling in this red blanket.. Few days and the semester reopens.. I am totally not looking forward for this last month.. Just because, I have tonnes of things to do, think and mess with.. BUT! I can't wait for this last month to end.. The reward is just totally worth waiting and go through for.. I'm just hoping this month is going to be short..

So far, my thanksgiving break went well.. Boredom was my worst enemy but there's always a hint of excitement everyday.. Went out with the girls and 2 sweet guys for fall picture taking.. Though the second day both guys didn't join us, it was still fun.. It actually took us two days to finish Vandy and that's not even a whole lot places.. but again, we took our own sweet time at every spot.. ;)

Yesterday was Thanksgiving and the seniors kind of pulled out a thanksgiving dinner together.. Potluck style.. It was fun, though we didn't do anything extra cept for watching PeterPan.. *Aus was so into it, that's why we end up watching it* But at least, was a great get together. The turkey was great *It took Lan and Dore 9 hours to marinate that giant bird* and the stuffing was delicious.. We had a lot of desserts, Jurai's Perfect Mashed Potato, two nice gravies.. and fried mee hoon and fried rice.. and also banana cake..

All in all, my last thanksgiving break as an undergraduate was something I could reminiscence later...

But it would not change the fact that semester reopens in 2 days time.. *blerghhh!!!*

Sunday, November 18, 2007

have you ever

Current song in mind: Over it by Katharine McPhee

Have you ever thought of something you thought you're over it but you don't? Then comes the guilt, the fear, the whatever feeling you felt before..

Which is better... let the feeling haunt you and make your life miserable or think its something at least, you don't regret doing? Though the way i wrote this clearly define the difference... some probably think it differently..

Some probably think, since this thing is making my life miserable, i probably SHOULD let it go and just move on... Doesn't matter if its regrettable or not...

Some probably think... I don't regret doing it because i learnt something out of it.. or because i really mean it.. or for what ever reason you have..

But it is hard to get over something.. as for me right now.. I can't get over my snapped black-beads-necklace.. I miss that necklace... just because i love it sooooo damn much... *just bcz watched Jdrama, and the girl love her necklace so much too*


Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Have you ever experienced where the last person in this world that you can fall back on is not there when you need them to fetch you? You went crazy and you think its the end of the world.. Especially if that person is not there because somehow you made them not being there? Isn't that just heart breaking and frustrating that you feel like that's the stupidest and unforgivable thing that you've ever done?

But what if the LAST RESORT that you can depend on, even if the last person in this world is not there for you, is also not there for you? and for the same reason, YOU MADE that last resort not help you anymore.. isn't that more frustrating and humiliating?

If you haven't figure it out, what if you made God mad and He despises you? Now.. even the last person in this world can't help you... where do you fall back on?

Think about it as I am too...

So lame

my blog is lil by lil malfunctioning... I haven't updated my blog for ages.. the skin is getting too old and boring.. my entries are getting so lame to read.. I don't have that much of a thing to write either.. I have more important things to write and think of.. I would rant and babble stuff on my blog but i usually forget about it even before writing it.. and also, i am no good at telling stories.. I tend to leave out stuff and unlike Jurai and Nabilah, I don't know how to exaggerate things to make it a great story... that's when i decided *thanx to Jurai and Nabilah* to post pictures on my flickr... but then i realized *thanx to Piyah* the link i had before is no more available.. again.. REALLY need to update my blog.. maybe next week.. Its thanksgiving break.. Though I should be looking forward for it, but I dont think so.. I probably have to be in the lab.. I'm starting my senior project next week.. yeah.. From now on, it has been made official that I will be busy till the day i present this project... All i can do is take a deep breath... and like one always said to me "Don't panic"... I am not, just.. serabut~ *taking a realllyyyy deeeppp breathhh....*

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

OMG! Forgot!!

I was looking at my collections of pictures and forgot that I should have uploaded and post this entry earlier.. aiyookk~!

So here it is...

Monday, November 05, 2007

I Want To See Your Smile

That's the title of the song...

Last weekend zuljoe *one of my junior* gave me a song, a song he wrote.. he asked me to take a look, prolly do something with the lyrics and give comment on it.. So I did.. Its a sweet song.. When i heard his singing, he kinda suits the song.. at least for acoustic version.. :)

Last weekend, they wanted to do more with the song.. Together with Danny, they found tabs for bass guitar and drums.. they asked me to join them since they need someone to play the guitar too.. I did.. It was fun.. we tried figuring out the tabs and rhythm and all that music stuff.. It took them 2 days to finish up the song.. and here's the song.. feel free to listen and comment on it..