Thursday, September 28, 2006


A quick update.. conversation with my dear PIYAH, who turned 20 today *us time that is*

MOi: just wanna be the last but still ade20 minutes
MOi: as im goin to class oredi
MOi: HaPPy BirtHday!!!
piyazery: yay
piyazery: thank u
MOi: Sweet 20.. dah tue.. so act like one
piyazery: xmauuu
MOi: but always maintain small and fun inside
MOi: aite bebeh
MOi: take care
piyazery: twenteen
MOi: hehehe
MOi: bleh laaa
piyazery: ok thank u
MOi: muax!
MOi: bye
piyazery: mwxz

so again piyah.. HaPpy BirtHdeI!!!

Thursday, September 21, 2006


Am so damn busy this week.. and also next week.. no time to update... well.. a long one that is.. but have a lot to talk and even discuss with y'all bout stuff.. need opinions bout 'em.. but wait till i am done with all my hectic weeks.. *which i dunnoe when it will end* but last weekend, i went to a cheap shop that sells cd's, used books, yada yada yada.. i bought myself some cds.. and one of 'em is Enigma3.. *yes.. i'm a fan of enigma but not a big one* i love this one cuz they have these wordings.. read it.. and try to ponder upon it..~

THINGS are changing
But nothing changes
And still there are changes
Le roi est mort, vive le roi!
ALL our life we'll wait for THE answer
And the question is: WHY?
EVERYTHING is possible
Beyond the invisible
LOVE is a crazy game
It is real and pure
TNT for the brain
MOST of the energy we spend
Is like a footprint on moving sands
TRY to live your lost illusions
They are the spice of life
THERE'S no teacher
Who can teach anything new
He can just help us to remember
The things we always knew

The "le roi est mort, vive le roi!" means "the king is dead, long live the king".. i might have my own interpretation to these but again... i dont have time to write them up.. so.. just bear with me.. again.. plz feel free to give ur opinion and interpretation.. k?

Monday, September 18, 2006

Ahnaf Qayyim

people!!! see see!! this is my new nephew that ive been telling u guys about.. isnt he adorable!!! he weighed 3.65 kg when he was borned.. berat aite? yupp he is!! he looks so like my sis aka his mom.. was so happy for my sister and my bro.. but sad cuz wont be seeing him growing up into a nice, playful boy.. *sobs sobs(T-T)*

Ahnaf Qayyim!!
it's occay.. Ahnaf will wait for mak teh aite? *hehehe*my dad did send me a clip of him.. but too lazy too upload it.. so.. let it be in my laptop jer.. will definitely show more pics of him once i have them.. *i wonder when~*

Thursday, September 14, 2006

miss irda's engagement

i have been hearing here and there bout people wanted to get married.. engaged.. but none... i repeat... NONE is true.. well.. as far as i know.. anyways.. was scrolling in my yahoo messenger list.. and there.. written "miss irda - blessed.. Engaged & a year older.." *goshh.. that reminds me.. i only said congratz and didnt say happy birthday.. or was it belated?*

yes sspian.. miss irda adillasafwati *did i get this name right kak Irda?* :b she's my Topaz senior.. fifth former when i was a freshie.. yeah.. she was one of the closest senior.. nice too!! and i cant believe that she's already engaged.. well.. anyone for that matter.. i wonder who else are or even married.. that would freak me out.. i gez...

anyways.. Miss Irda will get married in august next year.. even though wont be there.. i know it's going to be great.. the engagement looks good too.. apetah lagi marriage huh?
never thought this time will come.. I like this next picture of kak irda.. That is so kak Irda that i knew from school.. Happy and cute as always!! stay you miss Irda!!! (o^_^o)v

Last weekend.. on September 9th, my second nephew was borned.. yes people.. that makes me an aunt for 4 kiddos.. *haiyoo* sounds so old but not!!! I am young as always and will forever be! *hehehe* Ahnaf Qayyim is his name.. Though the grandfather from the other side didnt make it to see his first grandson.. it's kinda sad.. he past away a day after the boy was borned.. *Al Fatihah*

So guys.. there's a quick update from me.. *though i have to make into draft at first* but just to let u noe I'm sTill AliVe anD kiCKin`!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

heart pain

sometimes.. i dont want to be myself.. sometimes its too hard to be myself... i hate when i always think of people's happiness.. think of how to make people happy.. think of how to help people.. think of how to not disappoint them.. but in return.. i never get that back from them.. yes i did that fully hearted but sometimes... u want that to happen to u too.. i guess.. that could only happen when miracles are for real.. i know i always said miracles could happen.. but the real thing is.. miracles wont happen if you dont work for it.. "nothing is impossible" is for real.. that what makes miracle happen.. and because of that.. God created people who are willing to do that for others.. Do other realize that? nope.. that is why there are still people who are not thankful with what they have.. there are still people who think miracles could happen but never want to do anything but pray.. God is not a place where we just ask and He would grant it for us.. He would listen to our prayers and make it easy for us.. not just give it to us.. what can i say more?

but i am happy to have friends that are still willing to help me in a way.. notice when i needed a hand to get up.. i am happy to have a family that is always there to help me with anything even though i know they have more to think of then my own.. i am so happy and grateful to have that one person that is always there for me..

but for most.. thank you God *Alhamdulillah*.. You did this to show to me.. that this world is not easy.. this life is not just a game... its a war.. u have to be tough.. u are also to help those who needed 'em.. needed 'em most not just needed them and let it be.. and for that..

~I love myself, Anis Solihah~