Sunday, February 26, 2006

wHo's that with me?

so.. ade laa 2-3 people.. asked me who's that beside me in the first pic.. well.. that's my one and only-luvin her so muchhhh-missin like heaven sys... yeah.. AnIs AkRimAh.. we do look kinda-a lil bit-not so much the same.. its the gene thing.. she has my father's.. the thing is.. we dont noe if we look a like or look so different.. i mean .. not exaggarating laa kan.. one day, people asked if we are twins.. and another day, we are friends.. but one thing for sure.. never i was called the older sys.. slalu dpt lil sys.. *hahahhahaha* sorry laa nisak.. u look old laa beb.. cant help laa that part.. orite.. dah.. settle memberitahu who's that..
oh oh.. bout the dancing thingy.. it went well.. no flower terjatuh.. no rase nk tergolek.. wut ever wut not laa kan.. *hehe..*

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Wut Do u Think???

so.. i've updated my skin.. well.. this blog i mean.. maybe seems a lil bit too typical but i like it.. more to my personality and style i gez.. *hehhhh!!* anyways.. i've alot to tell but.. its just not my week and i just dunt want to talk anything bout it.. even now.. not in any kind of mood to talk or write.. (T-T)~~

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

NeW SkIn!!

its been awhile im using this skin.. dah buhsan.. i'll do sumthing bout it though.. *actually dah ade.. but need some touches here and there*.. wait laa dis weeken... *hahhaha* dis weeken.. ade Asian Fest.. the one that i said im gonna dance... jumaat.. practise.. sabtu..siang hari..prac lagi.. mlm.. perform.. dunt feel like doin it though *sudden aa gak kan?* but takpe aa.. kerna aku membawa nama Malaysia.. aku YAKIN!! *poyo aa sonick!!* aite.. im done with my tests this week.. generally.. not that bad.. *insyaAllah..* next week.. kene antar draft for japanese speech.. bout me.. *hurmm~~* any ideas on wut to 'bebel-ing'?

Monday, February 20, 2006


cuz i am so over my mind with thermo.. i decided to upload some pics about wut i wrote before.. bout nabilah's birthday, snow and stuff.. let me start with nabilah birthday..

7 of us were there... seri, weda, jurai, izzati, yasmine, nabilah n i.. jurai n i dh kasik present earlier.. at least.. she got to wear my present and brought jurai's present that nite.. izzati had her a mug n a balloon but the wind was so strong that it blew the thing on izzati's way to pf chang.. pitty nabilah.. *dpt reben pun cukup laa kan nabilah?*
anyways.. next.. gmbr maen snow!!!! *these are the best part!!* so.. that nite after hamlet.. we went to the garage.. best..
and bcuz we had sOOoOOoooO much fun.. we went again the next day.. *hahhaha* it was hilarious!!! adeeb dengan beriye nyer kemas kan ramp everytime 'jentolak2' lalu.. sala.. tak habis2 "sonic!! tolak aku!" and wira.. suke nyer amek gambar..

Like i said.. next day.. we went again.. with dayah, daia, emma, tiqah.. n mus'ab buat seketike.. oh oh!! i like this picture soOOoo muchh!! *thanx to adeeb ;p*

its a sequence of me.. pushed by adeeb.. naek ramp.. and tergolek.. *ehehhe* it was so fun!! and these are all the pics that i am already lazy to describe.. pic says 1000 words by itself aite?

ade byk lagi gambar but weda dah bising sruh study *sbenarnyer die takde keje.. ngengade!!* but yeah.. i need to.. got test maa!! chiow!!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

nabilah, hamlet, SNOW!!

it was nabilah's birthday 2 days ago.. we celebrated her birthday like we would for all housemates too *arent we sweeeettttt ;p* .. tapi i gez.. hers was better than others.. we ate at pf chang.. we got her presents *duuhhh* .. my present was officially said to be the MOST SEXY birthday present ever.. hahaha.. believe it people.. the dinner was nice though.. the fact that everyone was around i gez..
The next day.. it was snowing.. i mean real snow! *ahahha* mind u but to have snow in nashville is like a miracle... even the seniors only had snow during their freshman and this year.. well.. my year as a freshman ade gak snow.. but it was only .5 inch thick.. so.. nothing much to remember of.. anyways.. i was working that morning... to see the snow falls.. dancing by the wind... *uuuuu* really nice scenery.. there's no sun though but i prefer a lil bit gloomy than too much sunlight.. jurai n i wanted to play snow fight.. so we went for brunch.. together with nabilah, izni, adeeb and mud.. after that... we went out.. played.. but not for long.. in a way.. jurai nak maen kjp jerr... summore.. she's actually working.. so... adeeb and i were left alone.. and bcuz it was kinda lame.. so we went in Sarrat *that's where brunch is*.. *konon* waiting for the others but they end up kuar lambat and we didnt play pun... bcuz we have dancing rehearsal for Asian Fest next week.. *yes.. im dancing.. aint im ayu or wut?? bleghhh!!*
mlm tuh.. i went for a play.. Hamlet.. it was nice.. i wont say its brilliant though.. i dunnoe.. i cant feel any vibe or this im-in-the-scene feeling.. but again it was nice.. there were Hikmah, Daia, Emma, Hajar, Zool, Sala and Adeeb.. again.. Sala made the scene laa gak.. well at least for me laa.. he slept!! the first part of the play.. i gez he was not asleep yet.. during the first intermission, he slept.. second part of the play he slept.. second intermission.. he sat next to me.. *kononnyer* wanted me to wake him up if he falls asleep.. i did!! i elbowed him, kicked his feet.. but noooo.. he would just sleep again.. the fact that he knew he wont like it.. y bother comin?? *hahaha..* pape laa sala.. funny..~
and after that.. Wira, Ashwaq, Sala, Adeeb n i went to 24th Ave garage.. wut for?? *grinning* we went there to play snow!!!!!! it was awesome!!! like always.. the most popular target to throw snow is on the face.. saket gle laa gak muke ni.. but not as much as ashwaq... and then.. we took dulang from chaffin *sala, adeeb and wira 's place*.. and we had dulang-boarding!! that was the sweetest part.. but not the best.. hahaha.. the best of all.. was when i-dunt-noe-who suggested to make a ramp.. we did and ashwaq and i got to be the 'jentolak'.. best ooo!!! *hahhaha* but there was this part where i bumped on the dulang too hard i gez.. it hit my sacral nerve region or lumbar nerve region.. *not sure which one is but its right before ur butt* saket gak aa.. but as long as i can walk is good enuf.. *dats y i think its the sacral region*
conclusion.. it was a nice weeken for me but its gonna be a hard week this comin week.. i have two tests.. 1 kanji quiz.. urghhh... malas nyerrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2006


Vday is over... nuthin much but i saw a lottttzzzzz of flowers.. candies.. teddies too!!! *teddy yg tak tahan tuh* .. hehh.. anyways.. told bout the costume ball aite? hehh.. i went.. it was fun.. i gez.. *hehehehe..* i was there but not for long.. got something more important than that.. *uuuuu important nyer* anyhoo.. everyone looked good.. everyone has this BIG HAPPY face on 'em.. *aa.. syahrul cube control laa kut.. the guy in white shirt* anyways.. everything started at 8 pm at my place.. started with anum who wanted to get her hair done.. i did it for her *hehehe.. alwiz like to play with other peeps hair*.. anyways.. nabilah was in her dress.. sakina was still not satisfied with her outfit but still end up wearing something very nice for herself.. Seri put on makeup for 'em.. yeah... mase ni.. im still in my pj pants and tshirt.. its 9 and im not even half way done.. *mind u .. the thing starts at 9pm* but its a party.. people dunt go for a party that early.. anyhoo.. sume dah siap bermakeup and stuff.. and i am still in my pj pants.. tukar lerrr cpt2.. got seri to help me with the make up.. not that i want to.. jurai, izzati n weda even had me to wear contact lense.. that was the first time ever i had to wear the whole thing all together.. makeup that is... *biase nyer cukup lerr ngan blusher n lipstick.. more than that.. i would just jump off the sit* anyways.. yeah.. its 920 and i have someone already waiting for me.. *so sorry!!* grabbed my handbag *aaaaa... best kan?? sonic pki handbag people!!* and i was off .. mud cam shiot.. ade ke.. die kate " aku br perasan ko ni pompuan.." demmit mud!!
kire2 ni laa hasil nyer...
*mind our room but for 4 people to get ready in a room.. uuu.. not good* so.. pegi laa.. malu gak aa nak berjalan tuh.. segan malu.. sume laa.. hehe.. sampai sane.. sala.. wira.. ashwaq.. and some other people were already there... after dh mkn2.. amek gmbr sket2.. then.. i went off.. like i said.. got something more important.. nasib snow.. best gak aa kt luar.. *walking in a skirt.. snow falling.. uuuu terase buat video clip*

Oh.. like i said.. sala was there.. haaaaaa.. he was wearing sumthing very 'nice'.. if only people tahu ape yg die pakai.. for your info.. this ball was a COSTUME ball, SEMI-FORMAL attire party.. he was really SEMI.. everything was formal.. nice shirt.. nice shoe.. *better than sport shoe laa kan*.. yg men'semi'kan his attire was his zubonn "jap word >> pant".. he was wearing a track pant.. *siap ade bunyi u!* .. thought it was kewl though.. if he was to stayed there till the end.. bleh kut dpt top best costume.. *huhuhuh* oh.. i like this pic a lot.. i dunnoe why.. nazerique, dollah and moi.. even though nazerique didnt smile.. but.. theres sumthing bout it that i like.. orite laa.. enuf laaa... tunggu laa next year plak for another kindof party.. if i want to go laa.. ;p

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Pujaan Hati - Rossa

Indahnya hari ini
kulantunkan meloditanda berbunga bunga rasa di da.da
datang pujaan hati
mewarnai hidupku
dengan cita cintanya

Na.. na.. na..Bahagia oh bahagia aku
na.. na.. na..saat dia katakan cinta
na.. na.. na.. satu cinta hanya untukku
na.. na.. na..dan setia selamanya
na.. na.. na..suka oh sungguh aku suka
na.. dia melindungiku
na.. na.. na..kupercaya hati kecilku
na.. na.. na dialah sang pujaanku

Cerah warna pelangi
menyinari dunia
tanda seakan tahu isi hasratku
datang damaan hati
mengisi sanubari dengan cita cintanya

back to reff.
janji bersama
jalani cinta kita oh

I dunnoe why but i luv it this song soooo muchh!!! i didnt know the lyric till today actually.. cam.. if i were to sing it out loud.. i just sing.. tak tahu ape yg me said.. *hahaha..* but i still luv it.. ;p

Learning from life

i was reading this article; Learning from life.. the first sentence and i quote >> the quality of our life we live is based upon the learning we derive from experiences.. and i want to add to it.. our own experiences or others.. Not being selfish but we always say "once bitten twice shy", so if someone tasted the bitter of one experience.. why should we try? we know the consequences.. we know the possibilities.. why bother then? my dad always reminds me not to do this... dont do that.. *i bet all parents remind their kids*.. why? because they dont want us to go through the same thing.. but kan.. suddenly kan... i was thinking.. the more we face challenging situation.. the more rewarding future and life we have.. is it?~~
in a way.. if someone is not mature enuf or cant think reasonably, they would just have to deal with a unhealthy delibitating life.. aite? i mean.. obviously.. if u can't take life positively and learn from it, you'll never do things right.. you'll repeat the same mistake over and over again.. occay.. sometimes.. in simple stuff like math or test or wutever.. we tend to make the same mistake.. but if we really learn and study hard.. *with lots of prac too*.. we wont have that problem aite? Take me.. i am veerrrryyyy careless before.. i mean REALLY.. with my mom's help.. i LEARNT from it... *but i still havent learnt how to REMEMBER, (^__-)v* and if you were to learn out of wut u've been through before.. u'll remember more and wont do it again *unless u have memory problem like moi*
anyhoo.. buhsan dah talking bout this.. *hahaha*.. its gewd enuf to think bout this for a while and not think bout it too much.. *nanti people would think i need a shrink*
oh.. its already valentine month.. *uuuuuu*.. personally.. i dunt celebrate it.. *glace.. u noe why and i hope u guys still remember*.. anyways.. there's a lot of thing to do this month.. hehh.. actually.. me making myself busy.. there's a lot of performances and theatre.. oh there's this one party.. costume ball party.. me goin!! *hahaha* i think its kinda poyo.. but hey.. i gez i can give it a try.. i went shopping and stuff.. *and proved to myself.. i HATE shoppin!!!.. i just cant shop without any prep or know wut im searching for.. gewd news for.. ?? ;p * ~stop it anis solihah!!~

so.. as i was saying.. i went shopping.. and i just dunt know wut to look for.. i end up looking something for Daia.. but then.. when she went in the fitting room.. i was left again with confusion of wut to wear.. i almost giveup and not go to the ball.. because dah cakap nak pegi and kinda janji ngan people around... i have too.. eventually.. ade laa.. but then.. i am so not goin to shop like that anymore.. i mean.. if its for sumone.. its occay.. but for myself.. na'a!! its just like nagging myself to do sumthing i hate most.. *sudden emo ;p*
Nabilah's birthday is around the corner.. i didnt get her anything yet.. was too mase shopping smlm.. but no luck there.. maybe some other time *which is within this week jugak*.. got couple of butterfly-stomach things to do jugak.. midtermmsss... *urghhh*.. need a lot of luck * and kerajinan* for that.. then.. y am i still typing???

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Image Icon results:
Main Type
Overall Self
Enneagram Test Results
Type 1 Perfectionism70%
Type 2Helpfulness74%
Type 3Image Focus62%
Type 4Hypersensitivity38%
Type 5Detachment30%
Type 6Anxiety34%
Type 7Adventurousness66%
Type 8Aggressiveness62%
Type 9Calmness58%
Your main type is 2
Your variant is sexual

As you can see.. this is my enneagram test result.. hahaha.. teringat aiman told me before.. and because i was so sleepy while doing my homework.. i tried laa.. so.. as you guys can read from the brain-like picture.. i am type 2.. meaning i am helpful?? *huhhh.. yer ker??* that is so funny.. i dunt remember me being baek pun.. *kruk kruk*..and i am a sexual variant???? *wow! wow!* damn.. gle malu plak rase letak kat sini.. but hey.. its just for fun.. tak kesah lerr im an assertive person ke.. helpful ke.. ape ke.. *hahahhaa..* but i still cant see me as an assertive person.. can sumone tell me?? *hahahha*
oh and second highest scale: perfectionism... *uuuuuuu!!* i dunnoe i am a perfectionist!! omg.. i just dunnoe bout myself anymore!! hahaha.. let us see.. adventurous>aggressive+image focused>calm and yada yada..
btul ke bende2 ni? i might lie when im doing the test kan? so.. basically.. this cant be right laa.. hehehe.. wut ever.. but im still sleepy!! urghh.. i gez i just have to go and treat myself with nice dream then.. ;p
p/s: y isnt it say i am shy?? i think i am.. *huahauhauha*

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Almost everyday.. Jurai would have something to share with the whole house.. from gossips to crazy stuff she found out from wikipedia or wutever.. anyways.. this one day.. i went to her room and there she was.. giggling to herself bout sumthing like alwiz.. my curiosity started to play its role laa kan.. it was something with a lot of bright colors.. *cute gak aa..* and she told me laa how the thing works.. its from page.. basically that site is all about painttings.. photos.. the gewd ones of course.. and one of the thing there ade laa artpad where u can draw by urself.. *its fun!! i tell u!!*.. Jurai drew a picture of us *well she said.. seri tak muat so ade 3 jerr* ... cute laa gak.. *yer jurai.. aku dh cakap ngan ko mlm tuh*.. and bcuz it seems fun.. so i did one for myself.. *hehehe..* suke laa gk drawing mengarut2 like that.. you guys should try.. *hehe..*

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Things happen..

Last wednesday.. i went out to Greenhills with Wira.. tryin to find sum stuff for a fren.. it was like the normal day out for me.. jejln.. borak2.. pilih2 barang for my fren ni.. and we end up goin to Hallmark... i was sitting to read the cards *plus penat* and Wira was at the other side of the shelf.. i saw this old couple comin in, smilin as usual.. they were tryin to find birthday card *i heard the guy sayin sumthing bout birthday card to his wife* and again.. it was a normal atmosphere in a card shop.. suddenly.. gEdeGanG!! DuSh!!!.. woww!!! that was hard!! wut on earth was that!!?? so.. i crawled to see wut was it and there it was.. the 'thing' that fell.. the guy i saw earlier.. i was stuned for 2 seconds.. the wife started to call him and askin if he's alrite and stuff.. Wira was around too and he was holding the guy up.. by that time.. he was starting to breath heavily.. and as if coughing when he exhaled.. *seriously.. it wass tooooo scary* then there was this woman running out of nowhere *actually from luar kedai..* and telling us shes in nursing school.. and she noes how to handle this.. alright laa.. so she was asking people around if he's breathing.. so i put my hand at his nose and mouth.. not gewd.. but again.. he gasped suddenly for air.. and thats it.. it was like a gap of 20-30 seconds before he starts to gasped for air again.. so.. this nurse asked wira to lie him down.. she starts to give cpr and the pumping on the chest thingy.. the wife nampak macam kewl.. but i can see shes fidgeting.. so i went to her and held her.. after that.. all the drama starts.. the nurse and security kept on doing the cpr.. oh and this tyme, the security had the electric-shock thing and they were doing that too.. and near by.. there was this woman.. on phone with the 911 *like the one in 911 tv show.. they would be on the phone with you till the paramedic smpi*.. and she was saying like "no pulse.. we lost him.. still.. no pulse.. he's not breathing".. and the electric-shock thing tuh pun.. keeps on giving 'infos' like "no pulse.. do cpr..".. *adeh adeh*.. and the wife.. hearing those stuff.. asked me.. "why are they saying they lost him.. y are they saying theres no pulse... is he not breathing?.. ".. well.. to be honest.. the guys face was already blue.. wut can u say bout that? it took as if forever for the paramedics to arrive.. thank god laa.. the nurse did a gewd job that the guy's face was not red anymore but then pale plak.. *adeh adeh* when the paramedics arrived.. baru laa the wife calls her daughter.. before i asked her to.. but she didnt want to.. one of the paramedics asked her if he complained anything before.. she said "no, we were just walking around in greenhills like always... oh but he had his skin cancer removed a day before.." then.. the guy was brought away..

it was so sad to see her in that situation.. u cant do much to help ur love.. just look at him, praying for him.. the fact that she still has her guts together, stayed with her husband till the end.. not cyring.. tabek gak aa *toing toing*.. from this incident.. there are things that i took as reminders..
  • love your parents.. things happen..
  • love everyone as if today is your last day *even theirs.. bunyi cam jahat plak*
  • always keep yourself prepared with good deeds *insyaAllah* for death can never wait nor delay
  • ajal tak kira waktu.. *exactly*..

its always scary to think bout death.. always gives me goosebumps.. to think of my deeds.. my sins.. thats y laa im writing this for this can be a reminder to all.. remember.. we have not much tyme..~