Tuesday, August 29, 2006


got this from Jurai's blog.. dunnoe wer she pasted this from but i have to say.. had fun doing it :B
>>Put your music player on shuffle
>> Press forward for each question.
>> Use the song title as the answer to thequestion.

1.) How am I feeling today?
Ning Baizura-Awan yang terpilu

2.) Where will I get married?
Seether feat Amy Lee - Broken

3.) What is my best friend's theme song?
Kiley dean - Who will i run to

4.) What is/was high school like?
Frank Sinatra - Come Fly with me *yup!! i flew out of school.. couple of times (",) *

5.) What is the best thing about me?
Peterpan - Kukatakan dengan indah *oh!! watashino kuchi wa amedesuyo! >> sweet mouth i have hehehe*

6.) How is today going to be?
ZOX - Canon

7.) What is in store for this weekend?
Her Reverie - Close your eyes

8.) What song describes my parents?
Peterpan-sahabat *waaa!!*

9.) How is my life going?
Ning Baizura - Kepulangan yang terindah *hehh??*

10.) What song will they play at my funeral?
Ungu - demi waktu *adehh~ pilu nyer*

11.) How does the world see me?
Pretty Ugly - Diari seorang lelaki *whhhhaaaatttt!!!*

12.) What do my friends really think of me?
Misha Omar - Tak ingin lagi (T_T)

13) Do people secretly lust after me?
Agnes Monica - Tak Ada Logika *lolz guling2!*

14.) How can I make myself happy?
Agnes Monica - Awan & Ombak *yessssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

15.) What should I do with my life?
Ada Band - Kau auraku? *feels like a stalker..*

16.) Will I ever have children?
Big Brovaz - Baby boy *muahahahhahahahah!! creepy and totally hilarious!*

17.) What is some good advice?
Laluna - Selepas kau pergi *how does that makes a good advice? anyone?*

18.) What do I think my current theme song is?
Camelia - Rindu padanya *acecececcececececce... aiyoooo~*

19.) What does everyone else think my current life?
Norah Jones - Somewhere over the rainbow/what a woderful world *oh yeahh baby!!*

20.) What type of men/women do you like?
Disagree - suicide note *hey! i like guys that thinks of suiciding ke? that leads me to a young and hot janda >> kewl!!!*

21.) Will you get married?
baby bash - sugar sugar *aaa.. is that a yes or a no?*

22.) What should I do with my love life?
Ziana Zain, Ning, Nora & Dessy - Di akhir garisan *huk huk huk.. that pethatic ke?*

23.) Where will you live?
Garasi - DKAD

24.) What will your dying words be?
Shazzy feat Lah - Kenapa *hishh.. should put nasyid in my playlist.. at least.. bismillah ke ape ke.. ade ke "kenapa" ~shaking my head~*

25.) this song reminds me of my ex?
Nikki - pinta *aaaaa.... ?*

26.) i listen to this when i'm heartbroken?
1900 yesterday - oh apa yang akan terjadi *hohohoho.. thats nice*

27.) they play this song at my funeral.
peterpan - kukatakan dengan indah

28.) And this song on my wedding day.
Baby face and Des`ree - Fire *awwwww!!!!!!!! seems it should be then!!*

29.) My best friend slept with my bf/gf. So I dedicate this song to him/her
misha omar - pulangkan *ewwwww!!! no way!! u can keep him!!!*

30.) I sang this song with a stranger at a café yesterday.
jaclyn victor - tiada lagi indah

31) when i dont listen to my parents, they will sing this song to me 20 times.
rain drop tear drop *wahh! my parents speak jap!*

32) me and my bf/gf was on a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant in paris. while i was eating, he/she suddenly sang this song out loud.
ning Baizura - awan yang terpilu

33) when i'm having sex i say
misha omar - bunga2 cinta *pffftt!!*

34) when im flirting with a guy/girl, i say
Teacher's pet - Warisan Wanita Terakhir

35) when i'm horny i say
Antonio Carlos - Agua De beber *it means water to drink....... enuf said*

36) if i'm a superhero, this will be my theme song.
Linkin Park & Jay-z - Numb/ encore

37) when i'm down, this song will comfort me.
cokelat - teman saja

38) when i fart, it sounds exactly like this song.
rihanna- selfish girl *hohoho.. i gez its the trumpet then*

39) i think this song was written about me.
azharina - elegi sepi *what? dont even like it!*

40) this song was written about my parents.
brandy & monica - the boy is mine *wow!! my mom dont look like a possessive woman.. or is it my dad's too hot?*

41) when people look at me, they will think of this song.
stacie orrico - more to life *woww!! that special?*

42) i'd sing this song to my husband/wife everynight.
nelly, p diddy & murphy lee - bad boy *uuuu!! naughty naughty! *

43) i'd sing this song to my neighbour everytime he/she parked his/her car.
Amy Mastura - siapalah aku *being down to earth or buat die rase bersalah for taking my parking slot? winkwink*

44) i'd sing this song to my teacher everytime he/she gives me homework.
Crossfade - the unknown

45) i'd sing this song to the birds and the rainbow.
3 doors down - just like you *aa.. gez when im appreciating the nature?*

46) i'd dance in the moonlight with this song in the background.
toploader - dancing in the moonlight *aaa!! good song to dance!!!!!*

47) i'm a serial killer, and when i kill people, I listen to this song.
Radhi OAG - generasiku *hohohoho i hate 'em so i kill 'em!!*

48) i'm a stalker, and when i stalk, i listen to this song
matchbox20 - closing time *hehh!! u dont just give up when u stalk people!*

49) i play the guitar in this song.
rihanna - break it off

50) this song reminds me of myself.
cokelat - janji *yeah.. have a lot of promises to myself*

*everything that are here are just coincidence and nothing to do in the real life.. just have fun reading it people!*

Monday, August 28, 2006

have u?

have you ever felt like you are the
dumbest, ugliest, stupidest, unskillful, the worst of the worst
and all those *negative*~est ?
those are just one step of knowing who you really are
dont just accept it as it is
God created everyone with something
*unique and special*
whether u realize it or not
it doesnt matter
other people might realize it
and they might envy it for that matter
dont feel bad, think positively
its time to change that thought of yours
its time to appreciate yourself
its time to love yourself
but the for most important thing is

>>Re-S-P-e-C-t y-O-u-R-S-e-l-f!!!<<


Sunday, August 27, 2006

last weekend

*Sorry Arie n others.. lame tak update.. and yes Arie.. already in states..* but smpi2 jer.. i slept almost the whole evening, and that nite, need to sleep early as class starts the next day.. then.. class ended in the evening.. sbb jetlag, tdo.. mlm kemas bilik.. and that was it laa.. tak settle down sgt lagi.. skang br bleh lepak sket.. *hehehe*

anyways.. meh saya update.. Last weekend was my last weekend and it was fantastic!!! a great closing for my holiday!! went PD with my siblings and Aisamuddin! *yeah i noe i've told u guys this part* it was funny tapinyer.. on thursday, my second sis who's currently 9 month pregnant terase mild contraction.. my first sis and i dah cuak dah.. it wont be the same of course.. but because she was so excited and so looking forward for this, she actually said it was nothing and head to PD jugak the next day.. *determination tahap cipan or in other words degil =D*

so we checked in on friday at Ancasa apartment resort *or something*.. Aisamuddin came later that day after work.. that first nite, we didnt do much.. just went to see the playground, the garden and sitting around chatting and do nothing.. but it was quality time.. so it was nice; after like what.. years of not being together anymore.. and seeing my nieces and nephew play together.. felt so gewd.. really! and the beach.. the wind.. it was fantastic! chatting.. and even just keeping quite was one of the greatest moment of all.. *missing that moment already*

The next day, went to the beach early in the morning.. did sand+small pebble castle.. men air sket.. then breakfast... afterwards, the kids wanted to swim.. so yeap.. went to the pool.. we had fun.. *every minute pun actually* petang sket.. my first bro in law beriye nak main volley ball.. in the end, khrozz... but around 5pm went to the beach again.. different one this time.. kat situ.. br laa ade real sand.. and also HoRsE!! one of my wishes blk msia was wanted to go for horse backriding.. and i did!!!! yay!!! eventhough it was not as fast that i wanted but it was good enuf! then.. did the banana split and jetskiing.. so muchhh fun!!! *felt like minah rempit air* that nite.. again.. chatted with the sisters with my second bro in law and Aisamuddin... of course, after the kids slept laa kan.. it was nice.. *ended the conversation with cter hantu that creeps me out sket*

Last day tuh.. melepak.. need to pack up bcz need to get out of the apartment by 1pm.. after dah checked out, went to the beach again.. the kids played sandcastle which in the end, Aisamuddin and i finshed it up.. a big castle!!!! *hehehe* when i was small... i didnt have those fancy stuff and buckets and shovels... so balas dendam aa lbih kurang.. *hehehe* but it was great.. head back to kl around 3pm.. had satay kajang for late lunch.. and basically.. that was it.. again.. it was GrEaT!!

the next day.. i went to klia around 1230pm.. my flight was at 6 pm.. but u noe bout the thing happened and the security thingy.. need to be on the safe side laa kan.. was kinda sad bcz none of my siblings can make it.. but.. my parents and Aisamuddin were there.. so.. not that bad laa.. the best part was.. my ticket was upgraded to business class.. imagine.. big seats, good foods, good sleep.. syiokk!!!

so.. yeap.. that wraps up my summer holiday this year.. a great one..

and now, starting a new year.. as a junior in mechanical engineering and mathematics..
gambatene, sonick-sann!!

*hope to be with my love ones.. again..*

*missing them a lot now*

*luv u guys a whole bunch*

Sunday, August 06, 2006


waaaa.. its been weeks since my last entry!! *hehe* betapa lamenyer i didnt update my blog...
i/ i didnt noe bout lized's new blog
ii/ i didnt realize yati and intan's new look on their blog
iii/ didnt noe laily questioned why she cant draw human's tissue
iv/nina pun dah tukar blog skin
v/ didnt even ade link to GLACE9903!!
i cant get internet at my house.. modem rosak... i cant use bluetooth with my laptop, my sis took the other laptop which ade bluetooth.. and i can only get connection when im at my sister's place.. im at her place almost everyday actually.. but when i'm with her.. i tend to not stay quiet... will chat with her all day long.. plus,PS2 mcm memanggil2 my name and i just cant resist its tenderness and manja-ness calling my name *sheeshh!!!* but hell yeah!! i cant resist myself not playing it.. i have drafted like a lot or entries and *and deleted a lot too* but not now.. will hold myself from playing for you guys yang suruh den update *piya jer yg suruh for now :)*
anyways.. my last three weeks were great! marvellous! *huhuhu* occay.. exaggerating.. but yeap.. had great and loads of fun moments laa.. have a week to go before im back in States.. anyways.. here are the pics hari tuh.. i didnt snap a lot.. was too lazy to snap pics.. so stakat ini ajer that i have.. lepas that day.. thought i cud go for the pangkor thing but i didnt get any news bout it.. was left out.. *sob sob* but my bad gak cuz people dont noe my number or how to contact me i gez.. *hehe padan muke* i wonder how the pangkor thing goes.. *lalalala* next thing... was in terengganu last week.. that's why cant be at flamingo on saturday.. sorry guys.. sorry intan.. aku tahu aku yang beriye cakap nak jumpe ko and all but my plan for the week lari sket.. but... gewd play guys.. dpt laa one packet of cucur coklat brand adabi *bragged piyah* and congratz balqis for being lucky dat day and won something which i dont remember what *hehe* actually.. shud be back in terengganu on monday and back in kl on thursday.. but friday me goin to PD with my siblings.. but my sister got dengue and also her husband.. so we cancelled the pd trip and the plan for saturday was up... suddenly my dad said im goin to terengganu on tuesday instead cz didnt get the tix yet.. fine with me but i'll be back in kl on thursday.. so.. on tuesday.. my flight was at 2005 with Airasia.. seriously.. i didnt noe bout LCCT.. so did my dad.. we only knew bout it on monday.. when we actually booked the ticket.. so.. on tuesday.. my dad sent me to kl central and i asked around what's the best way to lcct.. the info guy said by bus cuz im a first timer and to go round and search for the bus bla bla at klia bla bla would take me more than i just get on the bus from there to lcct. so i did.. i took the bus *approx an hour 10 minutes* but kan.. my dad hantar me pun dah lambat actually.. was at kl sentral at 1810pm and the bus took off at 1830.. smpi2 was already 1940.. was rushing to the counter.. thank god i dont have any luggage.. just a bagpack.. but the fact that i was there, they can just let me board the f***ing plane.. the counter peep said they just closed the counter and they cant accept late comers.. im like.. "plzz.. im just late like few minutes and i dont have any check-in luggage.. i just need to board the plane.." the lady just smiled and said "i'm sorry miss.. we just cant" *demmit~* so nak tak nak.. hafta go back *yes.. all the way back to kl central again* and bought a new ticket with MAS.. if i were to buy Airasia ticket.. the difference is just rm30 so better off buying MAS which i noe the way and i noe the approx time i'll be there and what not.. haiyaa~~

moral of the day
: be sure to go out early kalau dah tak sure of something especially time wise *sighh~*
: dont just try something new.. noe all the pros and cons.. then, think again. you might as well safe a lot
*in my case.. rm240!!!*

oh and i hafta cancel my thursday tix jugak.. kalau tak will only be in terengganu like what.. a day? so... basically.. both tix burned.. *BIG bummer!*

that's that.. yang sekian kalinyer.. aku sangat sedeyh bout the pangkor trip.. didnt noe a thing bout it.. but my fault again.. but still.. ARgHHHhHhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chewa's goin on monday.. even though i noe she wont read this.. but

congratz chewa!!! gewd luck and take care bebeh!!!
*so much of saying something to her*

only have a week in msia and im starting to miss people.. but still have time to do things here and there.. have a date *hehe*, have an outing with a girl i promised to go out with.. and pd trip with my siblings and Aisamuddin!! yayy!! something gewd before im off to the states.. talking bout Aisamuddin~

special note for Yati:
Yati... kami mintak ampun laa yer.. *hehe* its OUR idea to do the prank that we did on you.. but at least something funny to tell others one day.. and of course.. thanx for the thought of buying us something.. *hehe* shud just go on and buy something actually.. but let this be something to remind us of this unforgetable event and will tell when the time is right occay? *hehe*
note for others :
will not tell till the time is right but at least something u will ask us again and again perhaps (o^_^o)v
so.. was in terengganu.. met all my kezens.. nenek sedare.. aunts and uncles.. well.. not all laa kan.. time constraint and transportation takde.. so.. yang mane mungkin jer laa.. funny thing is.. al kesah...~~
Negeri Darul Iman amatlah terkenal dengan perkahwinan yang diuruskan oleh pihak keluarga dan kadang-kadang TIDAK DIKETAHUI oleh yang diuruskan.. keluarga disebelah ayahku tidak terlepas.. alkisah.. dihari ku kembali ke Terengganu.. ketemulah aku dengan kezen2 yang dah berzaman tak berjumpa.. sesungguh nyer.. antare kezen juga, ada gosip2.. rancak kami bergosip dikala maghrib time.. *lepas kene marah sbb gelak mcm setan dikala itu dan tak solat lagi* bertanye laa kezen aku nih.. " so.. dah ade blum nih?" sambil kebil2 budget cumeil.. oleh kerane tak nak menipu kerana nanti berdosa *winkwink* " aaa... ada.. tapi tak tahu laa mcm mane.. tgk laa nnt" aku terpaksa berhati2 menjawab kerna keluargaku mungkn memutar belit kan keadaan.. selepas bergosip lagi.. barulah ku ketahui bahwasenya.. aku telah pun dalam plan nenek2 sedare ku untuk diaturkan dengan sepupuku.. adehhh laaa jugak.. aku hanye sengih dan mengatakan "hishh.. tak hingin aku.. so not my type" sememang nya.. sepupu aku nih.. hensem laa jugak.. tinggi.. 24 yo.. dah kerja.. tatapi >> bukan salah ejaan.. hati ku bukan miliknya *pffftt!!! blegh!! blegh!!* begitulah.. ditanya lah lagi kalau sepupu aku itu tahu.. kezen aku hanya kate die anak mak... sayugia, tidak kisah lah dia jika itu yang dipilih mak nya.. resah gelisah aku jadinya.. kata kezen aku lagi, alasan aku dan dia ingin disatukan kerna ingin merapatkan hubungan kekeluargaan yang agak jauh sudah.. setelah aku menunjukkan reaksi yang agak kurang senang, kezen aku hanya mampu menasihati agar berterus terang dengan nendaku.. dan itulah aku lakukan.. aaa.. tidak lah berterusterang 100% tapi hanya setakat mengatakan aku sudah ada yang berkenan dihati dan hanya melihat ketentuan Ilahi.. Alhamdulillah.. telah ku brjaya menyelesaikan apa yang patut diselesaikan.. *pheewhh!!*
best tak coretan sepatah due aku? *woot woot!!* sekarang dengar cerita, selapas aku dah mengaku nih, nak diberikan pada adek den.. ehehe.. die dah tak berpunye.. the sepupu also his type.. so.. suke hati lagi bergolak riang adek ku menerima kuttt... *ahahhaha* pape hal.. im so not into this arranged marriage.. not even into marriage yet for that matter.. need to fulfill other things first.. i have everything layout in front of me.. just waiting for things to happen jer.. InsyaAllah..
*but getting engaged and getting married are not in the list sbb.... nehh!!! :b*
so.. back in kl by Airasia.. my aunt dah warned me bout the fewds in the plane are like super expensive.. was expecting it to be like.. a can of coke = rm3.. expensive enuf laa.. when i was in the plane.. thirsty plak.. so.. wth.. rm3.. bleh laa... so i opened the menu.. dem f***ing expensive! a can of soda = rm5, small chipsmore = rm 5 *which we can get it for rm1.20 jer* .. jst becz we are thousand feet up, doesnt mean u need to raise the price linearly with the height.. *haiyaaa* but was damn thirsty.. beli lah jugak.. rugi tuh ade laa jugak but.. *sigh*
Ooppsy!! my stomach starting to play borborygmi tunes.. orchestra style lagi *running down the stairs to find something to munch*
laterz people~